Cocoon Spa Facial and massage

Cocoon Spa Facial and massage



How I look after a
COCOON SPA by L’Fisher Hotel

Cocoon Spa facial and massage
So this is me after two hours at the Cocoon Spa where I had a Vitamin C facial and a Signature Massage. Taken at the Cocoon bath area. Fresh na fresh!

When I celebrated my 42nd birthday last July, I got a gift certificates to a Facial with Diamond Peel and a Signature Body Massage at Cocoon Spa by L’Fisher Hotel. I thought I will reserve it when I needed it badly.

When I got so tired and needed a break from everything, I decided to pay them a visit. I scheduled for a 4pm visit at the Cocoon Spa where I had their Vitamin C Facial with Diamond Peel and subsequently their Signature Body Massage.

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Facial at Cocoon Spa

I really thought that the facial at Cocoon Spa is just another of those spa facials where they massage your face with a cleanser, apply a mask, and that’s it. I was totally blown when I discovered that they were complete with modern equipment for a good facial service. So first, my face was applied with a cleanser and then I received the most relaxing facial massage ever. haha Honestly, try nyo.

Cocoon Spa facial and massage
The application of the facial cleanser with facial massage. Her fingers are like the touch of an angel. Sorry, I forgot the name of the attendant.
Cocoon Spa facial and massage
Extraction of the blackheads. My attendant said that I didn’t have that many so it didn’t take long for this procedure to be finished.
Cocoon Spa facial and massage
I dunno what this is but I took a photo anyway.
Cocoon Spa facial and massage
Now for the diamond peel for the face and neck.

After that, I am not really sure about the sequence of events anymore but I know that my face was steamed, then scrubbed, then the blackheads removed, then something was applied on my face, antiseptic, pores closed, then the diamond peel. After that, a Vitamin C serum was applied to my face, which was helped to be absorbed by the skin by a relaxing cold iron. Vitamin C is anti-ageing, which I sorely need at 42. My regret is that I should have taken better care of my skin back when I was younger. Oh well.

Then my facial was done.

Cocoon Spa facial and massage
My facial ended with the application of the Vitamin C serum and the cold press to make the skin absorb the serum better.

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After my facial, I was whisked away to the massage room for my Signature Body Massage. I worried what will happen to my face as I will be lying face down on the massage bed with my face in the holefor most of the time, but all my worries went away as soon as my therapist started kneading my muscles. My goodness, I was so sore from all the housework, errands, and taking care of the kids that this momma badly needed a break. Though I don’t normally do this, but I think snoozed up a bit while the massage was going on. Yeah, I was that tired. This doesn’t happen always because I try to savor the massage. But this time, I couldn’t resist dozing off.

After the massage, I emerged from the dark massage room down the dimly lit hallway going to the rest room and when I saw myself, I looked as relaxed and light as I felt that I had to take a selfie. While I know that my phone can tone down my skin problems even without filter, nevertheless, I felt as good as this so let me be.

Cocoon Spa facial and massage
Walang kokontra! 😀

You can experience this, too. Schedule a visit to the Cocoon Spa and relax yourself.

Cocoon Spa is the luxury spa and wellness center of the L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod. They offer
massage service, facials, and foot treats. It’s located on the picturesque roof deck of L’Fisher Chalet.
Business Hours:
Sun-Thurs : 1pm to 11pm
Fri-Sat: 1pm to 2am


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