Eigasai PH 2017

Eigasai PH 2017

20th Japanese Film Festival | EIGASAI 2017


20th Japanese Film Festival

Eigasai 2017 - Her Love Boils Bathwater
Her Love Boils Bathwater is the one that excited me the most. I wanna watch this!
The 20th Japanese Film Festival or the EIGASAI 2017 is happening here in Bacolod City from August 24-27, 2017 at the SM Cinemas of SM City Bacolod south wing. There will be a FREE SCREENING of the 12 participating movies but of course, it’s going to be a first-come first-serve basis so you better come early. What are you waiting for, Japanese movie fans, block off your four (4) days and take advantage of this chance to have a movie marathon in the SM Cinemas for free. Take a movie holiday!
Eigasai 2017 - Reflections

Eigasai 2017 Movie lineup

Her Love Boils Bathwater
The Long Excuse
The Magnificent Nine
Tsukiji Wonderland
What a Wonderful Family!
Chihayafuru Part.1
Chihayafuru Part.2
Sweet Bean (An)
The Anthem of the Heart
The Mohican Comes Home

A “Tagalized” film, entitled Bakuman, will also be screened during this festival leg.
The organizers of the festival, together with their sponsor, Canon Philippines, is also running a contest in Bacolod City where viewers can have the chance to win a special prize plus limited edition EIGASAI polo shirt. Campaign will run until August 24, noon. For ore details, visit the Eigasai FB page: https://www.facebook.com/eigasaiPH
Eigasai 2017 Japanese Film Festival
Eigasai 2017 - Japanese Film Festival
Eigasai 2017 - Japanese Film Festival
Eigasai 2017 - Japanese Film Festival

Check out screening schedules here:

Eigasai 2017 - Japanese Film Festival

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