Xanthone Plus mangosteen supplement

Xanthone Plus mangosteen supplement

Health Benefits of Xanthone Plus Mangosteen Food Supplement


Xanthone from Mangosteen for a healthier lifestyle

With the unhealthy lifestyle that many of us have, we need a good antioxidant supplement. And Xanthone from Mangosteen is the answer from nature. Discover the health benefits of xanthone.

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health benefits of xanthone - Xanthone Plus mangosteen supplement
Xanthone Plus sells for P12 at leading drugstores in Bacolod and Iloilo.

What is Xanthone?

Xanthones are phytonutrients that are most prevalent in the tropical fruit called the mangosteen. According to a literature, they exist in trace amounts throughout nature. In the mangosteen fruit, this vital ingredient is concentrated in its pericarp, which is the outer rind of the fruit that is not eaten.

But aside from their very rich nutritional value, the phytonutrients are antioxidants. And the health benefits of xanthone are so abundant.

Here in the Philippines, we now have mangosteen supplements in Xanthone Plus. It is in capsule form and can be bought in leading drugstores.

Xanthone Plus Formulation

Each capsule of Xanthone Plus is very rich that you only need to take one capsule at night, after dinner.

  • *Mangosteen fruit pulp powder (Garciania mangostana)- 500 mg
  • *Malunggay leaves powder (Moringa oleifera) – 50 mg

Health Benefits of Xanthone Plus

So here are the health benefits of Xanthone, with information as provided for by the supplier.


Xanthones are powerful antioxidants that have healing properties. They heal cells damaged by free radicals, slow down aging, and ward off degenerative diseases, physical and mental deterioration. Xanthone Plus is rich in vitamin C and contains about 12% RDA per 100g. Being a powerful water soluble antioxidant, vitamin C provides resistance against flu-like infectious agents and scavenge harmful pro-inflammatory free radicals.

The antioxidants found in Xanthones Plus also help to prevent cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. It is a powerful and effective antioxidant that protects our body from free radicals that cause oxidative stress. It’s also called “cellular rust”, which can lead to host of severe medical conditions.


Scientific research has revealed that Xanthone Plus contains a class of naturally occurring polyphenol compounds known as xanthones. There are two types of xanthones in this fruit – alpha Xanthones Plus and gamma Xanthones Plus. Xanthones and their derivatives have been shown to have several benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. Xanthones are an effective remedy against various cardiovascular diseases.

Weight Loss

This supplement is only 63 calories per 100 g and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. It is rich in dietary fiber (100 g provides about 13% of RDA), which can be very important for individuals who are concerned about putting on excess body weight.


Xanthone Plus aids in promoting the growth of red blood cells and helps prevent anaemia. It improves the blood flow by causing dilation of blood vessels, which helps to protect us against certain diseases like atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, heart congestion, and severe chest pains.

health benefits of xanthone - Xanthone Plus mangosteen capsules
Xanthone Plus capsules up close.

By increasing the amount of blood flow to the eye, the Vitamin C in Xanthone Plus is effective against cataracts. 1000mg of Vitamin C per day is said to be effective in curbing cataracts and improving vision.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Moreover, a diet rich in Xanthone Plus is helpful in reducing the level of cholesterol in the human body. It also helps to control the level of triglycerides for a healthy heart.

Antibacterial and Antifungal

Xanthones Plus contains strong antibacterial and antifungal properties besides being highly effective in boosting weak immune systems. Its inhibitory action against harmful bacteria is effective for patients suffering from tuberculosis.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Xanthone Plus contains high amounts of of minerals like copper, manganese, and magnesium. Potassium provides protection against strokes and coronary heart diseases, as it is an important component of our cells and body fluids that controls heart rate and blood pressure.


Additionally, Xanthone Plus contains anti-inflammatory properties that are highly beneficial for people who suffer from sciatica pains that cannot be controlled by drug treatment. Consuming Xanthone Plus two to three times a day will help to relieve pain through its anti-inflammatory and cox-2 inhibitor effects.


One of the major health benefits of Xanthone Plus is its effectiveness in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Menstrual Discomfort

Xanthone Plus can be very useful in reducing premenstrual symptoms like dizziness, mood swings, hypertension, etc. In Malaysia, a Xanthones Plus root decoction is consumed to regulate menstruation.

Anti – Ageing

Aging happens because of oxidation. Meanwhile, Xanthone Plus is filled with antioxidants such as catechin (the antioxidant found in green tea) that helps fight free radicals. Consuming Xanthone Plus will help make you look younger.

How much is Xanthone Plus

Xanthone Plus is available in leading drugstores in Bacolod and Iloilo.

  • SRP: P12 per capsule.
  • Serving size: 1 capsule after dinner
Xanthone Plus mangosteen supplement - health benefits of xanthone
Hubby and I took 1 capsule of Xanthone Plus an hour before going to sleep because the span between our dinnertime to our bedtime is quite long.

Sigrid Says
My husband and I had took Xanthone Plus, one capsule about an hour before going to sleep. I noticed that we both felt sleepy early, although we would usually sleep late, like after midnight. In my case, I work mostly when the kids are asleep, so I would stay awake until about 2-3am.

But with Xanthone Plus, it is hard to stay awake. I really needed to hit the sack. And, I slept like a log over night. I didn’t even wake up to pee.

Problem with me was that, because of my constant lack of sleep, I felt that I needed more sleep with Xanthone Plus. I guess it is the supplement’s way of telling my body that I needed more rest. I think this is especially great for those with insomnia. Just make sure you empty your bladder before you hit the sack because you will likely sleep through the night.

Note: No approved therapeutic claims.

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215 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Xanthone Plus Mangosteen Food Supplement

      1. Pwede po ba yan sa may fatty liver , gallbladder polyps , at saka enlarge spleen meron po kc ako nyan . .. at saka ok lang po ba na iinom nyan tapos may iniinom din ng steroids .. please help ma

    1. yes na yes po. my father’s taking this supplement po bcoz of his cyst at his back and goiter po. nakakagulat po kasi yung cyst nya sa likod malaki na po tlga yun then umampat na po when he started taking this supplement. unti unti na rin pong natutunaw yung goiter nya 🙂

        1. Is xanthone plus okay po ba sa may gallstone? And I have bukol po kasi sa right side ng tiyan ko may nakakapa akung maliit akala ko dati boil pero wala naman siyang mata or what? Bukol lang siya sa loob na matigas parang nakadikit sa loob ng balat Im not sure if it’s cyst or kulani 1 week nato here pero di parin nawawala medyo kasing laki na siya ng centavo or yung mas maliit pa sa centavo ganun siya, and Im so worried baka sign ito ng mga alarming na mga sakit. 😩 Help pls!

      1. My ibang klase po ba ang santhone plus na gamot sa goiter o iisa lang po ang klase ng santhone plus salamat po

    2. Ako din po. May dalawang malaking cyst ako sa ulo at likod. Nawala na po yung sa likod ko at ngayon, unti-unti nang natutunaw ang cyst sa ulo ko. Effective pod talaga sya.

    3. Pwede po ba yan sa may fatty liver , gallbladder polyps , at saka enlarge spleen meron po kc ako nyan . .. at saka ok lang po ba na iinom nyan tapos may iniinom din ng steroids .. please help ma

        1. Mabisa po ba ito at nakakatulong sa sakit sa urinary overactive bladder at lose elastic salamat po

    1. Nagtatake po ako ng xanthone gold plus po 3 x a day okey lnag po ba may bukol po ako sa breast at polyps sa ovary..makakatulong po ba ito sa akin medyo stress po ako Di makatulog Minsan.help me po

      1. Hello po meron po akong endometriosis. can it cure mam pag uminom po ako ng xanthone plus? much thanks…

    1. Pwd po ba ito sa may problem sa Cervix bakit nkta ko po sa mga benefits nya eh nkaka tulong sa pag dmi ng cancer cells sa katawan

  1. hello poh pwd poh b mka take ng xhantone ung kapatid ko kc naninilaw po ung mata nya ..mahilig po kc cya sa suka.tapos inom p ng alak.at nagsisigarilyo p cya.slm po

    1. Hello! This is Sigrid. I am not a medical doctor. But since I have experienced “yellow” eyes, I suggest you have your kapatid checked by the doctor already. It may be a sign of a liver problem. My yellow eyes was because of Hepatitis A. But if he drinks and smokes, it might be something else. Better have the necessary blood tests like SGPT/ALT. God bless you!

  2. ma’am/sir inig mag ubo ko ba kay naa spot akoa plema nga dugo og naa pud ko bukol sa thymus maayo ning xhanthone plus sa akoa?

  3. GUd pm po, mai,mabisang gamot poba itong xanthone plus sa my cyst po?
    Anung components po ohh ingredients meron tong xanthone herbal capsule para sa mga taong my cyst po?

    1. Pwd po ba ito sa may problem sa Cervix bakit nkta ko po sa mga benefits nya eh nkaka tulong sa pag dmi ng cancer cells sa katawan

      1. Talaga poh pwede sa breast feeding mom.. breastfeed poh kase ako gusto ko healthy lang tayo lagi hirap kase ngayun magkasakit

    1. Gud day po,pwedi magtanong,,,masakit kasi ang isang breast nang Fren ko left side medyo Hindi pantay boobs niya,at medyo run dawbmaskit ang likod at shoulder niya,pwedi ba syang uminom nang Xanthone plus?at magagamot ito o mawawala ang mga sakit niya?pls reply

      1. Pag gabi sya inumin pwede ba sya isabay sa maintenance pang hypertension? At ibang gamot like pang chlolesterol..

        1. puede po b ito sa mataas ang cholesterol at triglycerides at ilang g capsule po puede inumin at anong oras sya dpat i take

      2. Hi po! Ask ko lang kung pwede isabay sa Cancer Medicine Maintenance ko??? Breast Cancer Stage 2B since 2015 done with my Chemotherapy now taking cancer medicine… Thanks for your answer…

  4. may pasmo ako dti 1/2 year ako n hnd nkalakad din. nung nkrikover ako nk pag trbho ako ulit kaso ngaun bumabalik n nman akon nga pasmo. nmamanhid nnman ulit ung mga paa? ko pupwd ba skin yang xantune plus?kng skli n inumin ko.

  5. hello po magandang araw, pwede ba mag take ng xanthone-plus ang kagaya ko na may optic nerve tumor? (hindi po ito malignant,) kasi po walang gamot para sa optic nerve tumor, galing na ako sa 2 opital pero walang gamot na ibinigay ng doctor, kaya nag lakas loob ako na uminom nga xanthone plus kasi narinig ko sa radyo ang mga benefits na makukuha nito. sana po mag reply kayo. salamat

    1. Try mo lng po maam hopefully it can help, 1capsule 3x a day.. avoid nlang din po muna mga fatty foods, dairy products and poultry products.

      1. Hello po good pm . Magtatanaong sana ako kung may posible ba na ma tunaw ang bato sa gallbladder ko kapag mag take ako ng xanthone plus multiple na po siya 5-7mm . At ilang capsule dapat inumin po . Sana masagot nyo po thankyou.

  6. hi po! pwede po ba to sa may kidney problem? at ilan ang iinumin ko daily? At sa may high blood pressure ilan ang e take daily? 46 yrs. old po ako .
    Maraming salamat po

    Reply please..

    1. I just wanna know also Kong pwede ba Ito sa mga may kidney problem or chronic kidney problem? At sa mga mag high blood pressure at kasabay sa pag inom ng daily medications? Please reply us.
      Thank you

      1. Makakatulong po sya maam, pro syempre po change lifestyle pa din lalo na sa mga kinakain at iniinom.. if ever may daily medication kayo na iniinom gap nyo lang po one hour before uminom ng xanthone..

  7. hello po..pwdy ba ang xanthon plus sa bukol nako naa sa kilid sa vaginal part?paki sagot pls..?

    1. pwedeng pwede po mam. ito po yung iniinom ng father ko bcoz of his cyst at his back. ngayun po wala na yung cyst nya 🙂

  8. Good evening po, ngtatake po ako ng xanthone plus nung may 5 lng po ako ng start, may problem po ako sa menstration ko, almost 2yrs na po ako hindi ndatnan, mataba po ako, 64 kl’s po tmbang ko, tatanung ko lng po if ok lng na mgtake ako ng xanthone plus kahit mgtwo, two yrs na po akong hindi ndatnan.
    Salamat po.

  9. Gud day. Makakatulong po ba ang xhanton plus sa my PCOS? Ayaw q na po kz uminum ng pills kasi my side effect den sya pag 2magal saka nareregulate lang period ko pg nagtetake ako ng pills.

    1. Maayong aga, ang tubo ko halin sa tiyan pakadto sa tinae nagbaga maglisod ko kaon daghan, makabulig ba ang xanthone plus? Salamat.

  10. Hi good afternoon! Po ilang besses po ba iinom ng XANTHONE PLUS everyday? Tsaka after po ba kumain o before kumain kami iinom?
    Kasi im not sure if i have a cyst on my breast?
    Pero nararamdaman ko kasi na may something ee!
    Thank you po! 😇😇

  11. does xanthone plus helps relieve menstraul abnormalities? i’ve been experiencing 2 weeks of menstral disorder and i don’t know what’s the medication for this kind of problem. i’m afraid to go to the ob gyne for the check up. please do answer my question. thank you.

  12. I wanna take Xanthone plus starting today i heard it from a radio station here in Cadiz city negros occidental,I am only 12 year old since my pimples started growing till I’m 17 now .I wanna take this soap today and I will show to all that Xanthone plus herbal soap are rarely effective. Good luck to me !

  13. Hello po pwde po ba ang xanthone plus for uti? Please reply po. Highly appreciated if you’ll reply. Gob Bless!

  14. San po sa bacolod or iloilo ang may xanthone plus food supplement.Magpapabili po kc ako sa kasama ko na taga duon.As of now eh andito po ako Dumanjug,Cebu.May alam po ba kayo na mas malapit na pagbilhan or kht anong paraan para po makabili ng product.Thanks

  15. HI PO JANETH HERE , meron po akong UTERINE FIBRIOD wala pong gamot sa tumor n eto kundi operasyon lng , hangat Maari gusto kong iwasan ang maopera ,,, makakatulong po ba eto ?

  16. Hi Po! Pwde Po ba yung xanthone plus capsule sa Mga babaeng gustong magbuntis? Ttc Po for a couple of years na rin. Will it help us both to conceive? Thank you Po.

  17. Hello po, ang xanthone plus capsule po bah ay nkaka tanggal ng mga skin disease? May kati kati po kasi aku nah mahigit 6 na taon hindi pah nawawala hanggang ngayun, salamat po.

  18. As ko lang pho pwede po ba ako uminum ng xhantone plus ksi po un lalamunan ko parang my nakabara na something na plema

  19. Hi is there a required age in taking this supplement? Im 15 and I want to try this out. Okay lang po ba? Or I’m too young for this pa?

  20. Hell0 p0 im richelle permi ko gapangihi parang hndi na normal gamot po ba ito? At saka ung sister ko p0 10 years old p0 cia my bukol cia xa lik0d ng liig nya parang cyst ata pwede ba cia uminom xa idad nyang 10?thanks p0

  21. Sa Bacolod and Iloilo lang po ba available ang Xanthone Plus. Nagtanong po kasi ako sa Mercury drug dito sa Manila wala daw po silang medicine na ito. ang counterpart po ba nyan yun MX3. thanks po

  22. Good day po.. last jan 15 po pumunta kmi s new start doc samaritan clinic opapacheck sana nmin ang anak nmin na 6 yr old po… inintervw lng po kmi and then niresetahan ng mighty cee at xanthone plus saka talabonga capsule for 7 days po.. ok lng po b na icontinue nmin ung medication until masubside ing swollen lymph node ng anak ko? With carrot juice po 3times a day.. thanx po

  23. Mka cure ba itong xanthone sa scar as bags..? Ngwelding kasi ng aluminum young mister ko nlanghap nyalahat ang usok.. Since din nahihirapan na xiang mg inhale ngpacheck up kmi my scar na yong bags niya tapos ngkaalergi na xia watching ng atching tpos mahirapn xiang mg inhale…plsss po sna into na any solusyon sa problema nmin… Thank you and God blesss

  24. pwede po ba ang xanthone plus sa nagbreastfeed sa 4months na baby? safe lng po ba? may cyst po kc ako sa boobs ko.plss reply..thnk u

  25. Sir/ ma’am tatanong lng sana ako qng pwde ito xa mataas ang sugar or diabetes kasi bibilhan q sana yung nanay q at qng anu yung suggest nyo 1 a day or 2..salamat xa pagsagot, nabsa qna lahat kasi nang comments pro walang nkalagay qng pwd xa daibetes

    1. Hi sir! Food Supplement lang po yung Xanthone plus. Makakatulong po mag boost ng immune system but it can’t cure diabetes. Pwede po 2x a day.

    2. Pwede po sya sa may diabetes mam/sir, but u have to change the diet plan also, so it may synergize both supplement and diet.

  26. Hi Ms. Margie, saan po kayang branch ng mercury? Here in Binan po kasi, wala daw sila non, MX3 lang daw po ang xanthone nila. thanks in advance for your reply.

  27. May goiter po ako at tumor sa breast. Matutunaw kaya nia pag nagtake ako?tas ilang capsule ang pwedeng inumin.. tas mga ilang months eto mawawala pag nagtake na

  28. Tlga bang kayang tunawin ung goiter at tumor sa breast pag uminom ng xhanthone.. ilang capsule din ang pwedng inumin sa isang araw

  29. HI, Ask ko lang po if Pwede po uminom ng Xanthone Plus kahit may Billateral Pneumonia?

  30. pwede n poh b uminom ng xanthone plus ang 1month ng nkakaanak?.at ung age 13 yrs old?.and ask q lng vitamins din poh b eto?.

  31. Hi for helping a friend pde b magtake ang lalake n my bukol sa Ari sa mga bulls Nia po? Nadami n daw po ito at medyo nlaki rin.. Tnx need po answer.. Tnx po!!

  32. Hi po, ask ko lng po.kong pwd po sya sa may cyst ovary., pano po ang tamang pag.inom sa isang araw? Bago ba kumain or after meal? At kong pwd sya 3 times a day? Pls.wait your rwply thankyou

  33. Hello po. Epektibo po ba ito sa kulani? May testimony po ba ukol sa pagiging epektibo nito sa kulani?

  34. Gudpm poh pwede poh bh ito sa ngpapabreast feed my bukol poh kc ako sa likod.. Salamat poh sa sasagot

  35. Hello po maam ask lng po pwede po ba magtake ng xanthone plus ang anak ko na 7yrs old mahina po baga nia, at isa pa po pwde din po ba sa buntis ang xanthone plus capsule

  36. There are articles saying some herbal supplements aren’t FDA approved which means some of the elements used in the supplement aren’t listed in the label. These can cause liver damage or allergy to any individual. Is Xantone plus FDA approved?

    Also, my kids (11 and 9 years old) are taking Xantone plus since the elder has chronic allergic rhinitis and the younger is G6PD deficient. Is it safe for them, especially for my G6PD deficient son who might have allergies and adverse reactions from the supplement itself or if there are hidden elements in the supplement not listed on the packaging? They take 1 capsule each day.

    I’m pregnant right now, much of my desire to take a natural supplement than over-the-counter vitamins, I stopped taking the supplement when I found out it’s not recommended for pregnant women.

  37. Xanthone is something that I would take, especially if it has that sleepy effect haha. Supplements always are great for body, especially if it’s safe and FDA approved.

  38. I love to eat mangosteen, but I don’t know much about its health benefits. My mama would make tea out of the fruit peels since they contain most of the nutrients according to her. I don’t like its taste so I would consider taking this capsule instead of drinking my mama’s mangosteen tea. Will recommend this to her as well.😊

  39. Can it help a person with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Always suffer from shortness of breath especially iven few steps in climbing the stairs)

  40. good morning! maam/sir,
    sana ma share ninyo ang mga taong napagaling sa xanthone plus,KAHIT MAKAPAGTESTIMONY SILA, para ma feel namin na may pag asa kami nA mapagaling ninyo ..SALAMAT …GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

    1. puede po b ito sa mataas ang cholesterol at triglycerides at ilang g capsule po puede inumin at anong oras sya dpat i take

  41. Hello po. Tanong q lang po sana it is ok po ba to take xanthone plus kahit na papa breastfeed po ako. ? Thankyou po your answer means a lot po.Godbless and more power pa po.😇

  42. Hello po, pwede po ba ito sa anak ko na 10 years old na may cyst sa leeg? Ano po ba ang dosage ng Xanthone Plus?

  43. Pwede po ba ito at nakakatulong sa urinary overactive bladder at lose elastic po salamat po

  44. hello everyone!
    yung papa ko po may paranasal carsinoma,pinapainum ko cya ng xanthone gold with Vit.C sa morning bago cya kumain and evening bago cya matulog..okay lang ba twice a day??

  45. Hello po mababa po ang platelets ko at malaki ang spleen ko .. umiinom po ako ng steroids at saka metformin dahil mataas ang sugar ko , pwede ba along uminom ng xanthome plus .. sana po masagot nyo tanong ko salamat

  46. Hi!… good day!… I am an avid user and taker of xanthone plus, when i double the dosage taking 2 capsules a day for 1 months i have noticed thet my stool is having blood and foamy yellowish bubbles on it. Can you give me a medical explanation on it how it has been happening?

  47. Makakabili po kayo ng xanthone plus sa watsons kung nasa manila area po kayo. Sila po ang official partner store.Nakabili na po ako. Meron din po sa southstar drugs accdg sa google.

  48. Ng tatake po ako ng stress tab pwede rin po ba ako uminom ng xanthone plus, ok rin po ba sya sa my heavy flow menstruation?may anemia din po ksi ako.

  49. Hi!
    Ask lang po kung pwede po ba take ito ng may galled blodder and fatty liver with taken prescribe medicine. Thank you

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