mocha mudpie gelato sandwich

Beni’s Gelato in Bacolod for a Secret Rendezvous


Two weeks ago, our daughter had a photo shoot for her Children’s Theater Class (Bacollywood 2016 Gears Up with Exciting Offers) at the Orange Gallery. Since she is already old enough to be trusted with basic responsibilities and she was in good company, hubby and I sneaked out for a quick date and we went to Beni’s Gelato, located at the Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Beni's Gelato
Beni’s Gelato and Coffee at the Art District

This is actually our first time at Beni’s. We love the small, homey cafe with a freezer full of colorful gelato. I wanted to try them but then our eyes were diverted to their signage on the wall–they have ice cream sandwiches! And so hubby and I decided to have them. We ordered the red velvet and the mocha mudpie flavors, and oh, they were sooo good!

Mocha mudpie gelato sandwich
Mocha mudpie gelato sandwich at Beni’s Gelato.
Red velvet gelato sandwich
Red velvet gelato sandwich at Beni’s gelato.

Beni’s Gelato
Located at the Art District
(behind Lopue’s Mandalagan annex)
Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City
Mobile: 0917 817 8476
Open daily, from 12nn until 10pm
They have extended hours from Friday to Sunday

Beni's Gelato
The different gelato flavors at Beni’s Gelato.

Aside from gelato and gelato sandwich, they also coffees and iced coffee-based drinks.

Beni’s is located inside the Art District, so it takes some navigation to get there. But the quaint cafe with an artsy facade, is a nice place to unwind during the day when there are not too many people. It is hidden so there is a slim chance that you will bump into someone you know. So that is why hubby and I had a quick date there. Hey, I just remembered, you’re having gelato at one of the artsiest places in Bacolod–that’s the closest thing to Italy that you will experience in the city, albeit the heat. hehe

Beni's Gelato
The facade of Beni’s Gelato.

Although many people have discovered their location and their yummy offerings, it is not like having ice cream at the mall, where there are so many people around. So you get peace and quiet and just yummy gelato.

Visit them, as they are open daily. They accept credit card payments, but your card will be swiped at the Miren Desserts Cafe that is located a few doors away. Perfect place to hide away this summer!

Beni's gelato sandwich
This die cut poster on the glass panel will help you choose which gelato sandwich to have.

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