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Couple’s Night Out at Cocoon Spa


After a 10-day supposed “vacation” with our kids to Manila and subsequently to Dakak in Zamboanga del Norte, hubby and I needed another vacation, this time, without having to do anything. But of course, that was impossible because we arrived in Bacolod on Easter Sunday and it was already a manic Monday the following day.

Cocoon Spa - Bacolod spa
The Cocoon Spa is hidden behind palm trees on the roof deck of the L’Fisher Chalet. Photo from the L’Fisher Hotel Facebook page.

Note: I have to apologize of the low-quality photos, I only had my cellphone camera with me. I didn’t want to bring my camera because I went there to relax. But the experience was too good and to feature here.

Bacolod spa
Cocoon Spa.
Cocoon Spa - Bacolod spa
We didn’t really need to sit down and wait for our service to start.

But after a 45-minute drive, four-hour ferry ride, and a five-hour drive from Zamboanga del Norte to Bacolod with two young children, no helper, and motion sickness, my body was ready to give up. So when Monday came, I called to reserve a body massage session with hubby at the Cocoon Spa, located at the roof deck of the L’Fisher Chalet (both owned by L’Fisher Hotel), located 14th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. At the Cocoon Spa, it is important to make reservations before going there to make sure that you have a room and a therapist ready especially during the evenings because they have many clients, both Bacolod residents and hotel guests. They also offer hotel room service.

massage room
My dimly lit massage room at Cocoon Spa

At the Cocoon Spa, it is important
to make reservations before going there to make sure
that you have a room and a therapist ready.

Now, this is our first time to try Cocoon Spa so I would not know what to expect. We arrived there promptly at 6:30pm. We waited for a little bit as they called the therapists. You can actually take showers in their bathroom if you need it and it’s free with the service, but hubby and I already took showers before we went there so we skipped that part. We were ushered separately to the couple’s massage room because of the separate wet areas for the men and women patrons. It was a short walk because the area of the spa is small and we were soon reunited in our couple’s massage rooms.

We had their Classic Massage (P349, roughly $7.77), which was actually Swedish Massage, that was for an hour. It was sooo relaxing! The therapists that handled us were experienced, based on the movements of their hands and how we were relieved of the physical stress that we have had for the last 10 days. I thought of taking painkillers after the massage in case I got sore from all the kneading, pressing, and pounding before we got there but because of the relaxing nature of the Swedish massage, I didn’t need to. Hubby and I were rejuvenated after our relaxing massage that we had a good night’s sleep that night. My only complain was that I wish it was longer so that I could have stayed in that blissful state longer, too! I’m sorry, dear readers, because I forgot to ask how much it would cost if you made the massage into 1.5 hours.

Cocoon Spa Massage Rates
L’Fisher Signature Massage (75 mins) – P449
Oriental Bodyworks (75 mins) – P399
Classic Massage (60 mins) – P349
Back Massage (30 mins) – P249
Volcanic Hot Stone Massage (75 mins) – P470

They also offer body scrubs and foot treatments.
You may also use their sauna bath for
P100 per 15 minutes.
You may also want to their their facial services.

I think that it is company policy because the therapists followed the allotted time, probably because they have so many customers and they need to follow their schedule. The massage actually ended at 55 minutes (yes, I time my masseuses) but the entire 60-minute procedure included the hot towel bath after to remove the excess massage oil from our bodies. We lingered for a few more minutes, trying to hold on to that wonderful moment. If not for the kids waiting for us at home, I would still dilly dally.

Bacolod spa hot drinks
Hubby and I with our drinks after our relaxing Swedish massage at Cocoon Spa.

After we got dressed, we went to their reception area and were served with hot drinks to continue the detoxification process in our bodies. We tipped our therapists and went home happy.

Cocoon Spa
L’Fisher Chalet Roofdeck
14th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Tel. 709-1999 local 5021
Open daily with the following schedule:
Sunday to Thursday – 1pm to 12mn
Friday and Sunday – 1pm to 1am

spa wet area
Clean wet area at Cocoon Spa. I just had to take a photo.

Sigrid Says:
Cocoon Spa did not disappoint us. It is just a small place on scenic roof deck of the L’Fisher Chalet but going there is already pleasurable because of the refreshing garden and poolside area. When you enter the spa, you are cordially greeted by the front desk personnel in a reception area that’s both soothing and smells good. So you already start getting relaxed. Since we called for an appointment, there was no waiting time and the massage immediately started. The place is immaculately clean. The floors are dry in the wet area, indicating that they clean up after each client. The nooks and crannies do not show dust (and I can’t smell any either although I have a very sensitive nose because I am allergic to dust) and there is no dank smell at all–just scents that relax and lift the spirits. Rates are reasonable. I would definitely recommend Cocoon Spa to all my readers.

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