The Inns By the Oriental Bacolod Experience


The INNS by the Oriental–a plush boutique hotel in Bacolod.

The INNS Bacolod hotel
The INNS by the Oriental is located at San Juan Street, Bacolod City. Photo from The INNS. #Bacolodhotel

On a gray and dusty San Juan Street, Bacolod City, a tall building stands bright and proud. That is The INNS by the Oriental, a new accommodation that opened last year in the City of Smiles.

The INNS Bacolod hotel
Brightly lit and colorful–the lounge at The INNS by the Oriental.

The INNS by the Oriental is managed by the Oriental group of companies that specializes in hotel accommodations all over the Philippines. It presents a variety of experiences that a jet setting world traveler or a local may enjoy. Here are the reasons why.

Advantages of Staying at The INNS by the Oriental

1. Endless possibilities. At The INNS, guests have the option to stay overnight and pay the full rate or just for several hours. This arrangement is perfect for those who are just visiting the city and need a wash up room. Those who also want to have privacy for their hair and makeup sessions can likewise rent a room for several hours. You also have the option to have toiletries and such or just have a bare room. Whatever you need, there is something for you at The INNS.

The INNS Bacolod hotel
The waiting area at The INNS.

2. A great restaurant. Hot & Juicy is the in-house restaurant of The INNS and they serve seafood and ribs with sauces of different levels of hotness. It is fun dining here because of the funky interior design, good food, and fast internet connection. You can opt to use your hands when dining and they will just line your table with paper and you can dig in from food served in plastic bags.

seafood and grilled food
Our feast at the Hot & Juicy Restaurant of The INNS by the Oriental.
The INNS Bacolod restaurant
The funky interior of Hot & Juicy Restaurant at The INNS by the Oriental.

3. An in-house spa. On the second floor, they have dedicated a sizable area for a spa so that guests no longer have to go out if they need a relaxing massage after a stressing day in the metro. The spa is open 24 hours and guests can just go there or maybe order for a room service. They have exotic massages based on the Bicolano names given them and they can be pretty interesting, like the one I had where my therapist used a stick broom on me. It looked like torture but actually felt good. The massage rooms used to be hotel accommodations so each one has a closed door and can be occupied by two.

The Spa
Items of torture? Naaaa…those are just my masseuse’s stuff at The Spa by The INNS.
spa massage therapy
Here I am getting whipped…I mean refreshed by this bunch of sticks being lighting tapped on my body. Only at The Spa by The INNS.
hot sauce
These different sauces represent different levels of hotness at the Hot & Juicy Restaurant. You may use the sauces on any of the dishes you ordered.

4. Proximity to major Bacolod areas. The INNS by the Oriental is in the heart of downtown Bacolod. It is near department stores, restaurants, malls, and of course, the action during the annual MassKara Festival–Bacolod’s internationally known fiesta every October.

When in Bacolod, consider booking your stay with The INNS by the Oriental and experience their unique kind of hospitality. If you are a Bacolodnon, consider booking them for special events, relaxing at their Spa, or just dine at the Hot & Juicy restaurant. There is always a great experience that awaits you there.

The INNS by the Oriental
San Juan Street, Brgy. 13
Bacolod City
Manila Office: (02) 536-1111 or (02) 536-9999
Bacolod Office: (034) 704-2746 , (034) 704-2756 or (034) 704 2757
Cellphone Number: 0932-9522681

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  1. Very bad experienced ever had in this Hotel!!! Its really not recomendable!!! Lack of man power!! No security for safety’s( like cctv in all area along the rooms hall especially at front desk and at the entrance!! They dont have security guard at all!!! The rooms are worst!!! The ruined potty, sink, and shower!!! They dont even have a maintenance to fixed it!!! Such a poor hotel!!!! Very poor and super cheap ever had!!!! And lastly not just the hotel all the staff are non orientable they dont even know the proper housekeeping and bec of their lack of man power even their bell boy were asking to do housekeeping such a jerk!!!!!!!! Thats why their rooms are so messy untidy dirty floors and tiles!!! Such a mess!!! Then poor unprofessionals staff who didn’t know how to address customer complaints and have the gots to make argue with the guest!!! Very poor staff??!!!! Super Low Standard!!!! How i wish they could closed and renovate their low standards rules!!! And poor hotel facilities amenities and staff!!!!!POOOOORRRRR!!! THE INNS BY THE ORIENTAL!!!!!!!!#TheInnsbytheOrientalBacolod!!!!

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