Vivo - Vivo smartphone - Vivo screen

Vivo - Vivo smartphone - Vivo screen - Vivo NEX

We are Getting an All-new Vivo Screen Design


The Vivo Screen revolution

Global smartphone brand Vivo is ready to wow the world with an all-new screen design. It comes as no surprise because Vivo has been known for its high-technology innovations over and over again.

Vivo smartphone - Vivo screen
Vivo wows with a new screen design.

The galaxies coalesced. Prepare for something greater. #GoBeyond”

Teaser Videos

Vivo has also been a pioneer of various consumer-centric smartphone designs.

So starting August 20, 2018, the fastest growing smartphone brand has been teasing us with a series of mysterious videos. These are posted on its social media pages. The latest was a video of the moon with its shape emphasized by a curved line. It’s a hint of the look of the next flagship smartphone.

The Vivo Screen 

For its latest smartphone releases, Vivo has pushed the boundaries of the screens based on various studies and insights on what its consumers want.

In 2017, Vivo released the Vivo V7+, which has a 5.99-inch AllScreen Display that offers a wider visual experience without compromising a comfortable grip. This gives those people on the go a chance to enjoy a bigger screen for gaming, reading, or watching videos.

Vivo followed up the V7+ with the release of the Vivo V9 in 2018. It was their first flagship smartphone for the year. The V9 features the new 19:9 FullView™ Display that has a massive 90% screen-to-body ratio that gives users a wider look into the digital world.

The Vivo V9 may be as compact as the 5.5-inch phone, but it was able to attain a 6.3-inch screen.
Halfway through the year, Vivo released the Vivo X21, its first X-series smartphone in the
Philippines. It still has a the iconic 19:9 FullView™ Display. But it has a bigger screen-to-body
ratio of 90.3% to provide a more impactful visual experience for gamers and video hoarders.

New Vivo Screen Design

But Vivo was able to get closer to its target when the Vivo NEX was released in some markets in June. The NEX introduces the Ultra FullView™ Display experience with a whopping 91.24% screen-to-body ratio.

Vivo was able to achieve this by pioneering the 8-megapixel ElevatingFront Camera. This hides in the body when not in use. It also introduces the Screen SoundCasting Technology that replaces the traditional earpiece speaker entirely and cutting the bezel size.

With these releases, Vivo has proven that the window to the digital world has no limits. What barriers will the brand break next?

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