Orange Karenderia - garlic chicken

Orange Karenderia - garlic chicken

ORANGE KARENDERIA: Pinoy Food with a Twist



Orange Karenderia is open daily, serving tuna based dishes and other Pinoy foods.

After Pizza Republic, now Bacolod City welcomes the opening of Orange Karenderia. Located on the same building as Pizza Republic at 22nd-Lacson Street, Bacolod City, Orange Karenderia promises casual dining for families and big groups, serving unique Pinoy dishes that you do not normally serve at home.

The counter where the menu is printed on the black board.
A painting by acclaimed Bacolod artist Nunelucio Alvarado adorns the wall on the left.
The industrial-themed interior is simple and comfortable.

From the name itself, general manager Michael Pato says that they want to project an image of a rather institutionalized version of the Pinoy eatery, hence, “karenderia”. The term “orange” just basically refers to his father Mike’s favorite color, he says. Michael, who is a graduate of psychology from the De La Salle University (DLSU), pursued restaurant management at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), which armed him with the knowledge he needed to manage their restaurant business. This is the third Orange Karenderia branch and their first outside of Cebu.

Betsy’s Garlic Chicken–these are slices of chicken thigh that were fried and mixed with a special sauce… ohhh so tender and flavorful!
This is larang endong or eel soup. So yummy and gelatinous! Ohhhh…

Primarily, they are serving tuna-based dishes. Their tuna comes from General Santos and Davao, and they use different parts of the fish for their signature offerings like the crispy tuna buntot (tail), crispy tuna belly, crispy or guisadong (sauteed) tuna bihod (roe), crispy tuna bagaybay (gonad), kusog (tendons), tuna sisig, and grilled tuna parts like panga (jaw) and belly. Aside from tuna dishes, they also have different kinds of fish soups, as well as sizzlers, pork barbecue, chicken dishes, and other short orders.

Crispy tuna bihod or fish roe. Next time I will try the sauteed version.
Crispy tuna gonads.

We loved their crispy offerings, which are really that–crispy. So they are best consumed upon serving. So as a tip, if you want to enjoy your food in this day and age of instagramming, just take a few photos and devour your food already. Wait until you have finished eating before posting photos to your IG, otherwise, they will become cold and you will not enjoy it at its best.

Michael Pato is the 24-year-old, UCLA-educated general manager of Orange Karenderia.

Although they are from Cebu, I think Bacolodnons are enjoying the taste of the food offered at Orange Karenderia. There is no acquired taste here, just fresh goodness from the sea. And the best thing is, their foods are easy on the pocket.

Orange Karenderia is open daily, from 11am to 10pm. Visit them at 22nd-Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

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