What Happens in Vegas (2008)

What Happens in Vegas stars Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

The catchphrase, “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”, is a great marketing strategy. I think that whoever thought of this was really brilliant because it is something that is being chanted by people everywhere who wanted to get away and do something for the first time in their lives. And it is working because people are constantly drawn to Vegas. It is a life-long dream for many.

When I was in the United States on a visit, my only regret was missing Las Vegas. I went from San Francisco, to Los Angeles, then Orlando, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, back to Orlando, then LA again. But we just did not have the time to swing to Vegas. Too bad, really. That would have been an experience. 😀

That is why I enjoy movies with Vegas settings like “What Happens in Vegas“. This movie by 20th Century Fox stars Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz, and Lake Bell. By a stroke of bad luck, both of them decided to go to Vegas. But their lucks turned when they ended up getting billeted in the same room of a hotel. Getting upgrades and freebies, they partied hard and ended up married. Realizing their mistake, they decided to get a divorce as soon as possible. But to complicate things, Ashton’s character played the Slots from a coin that Cameron’s character gave him and voila! He wins the jackpot! hahahaha Even in the movies, that only happens in Vegas.

Anyway, it had been a difficult trail after that and you will have to watch the movie to fully enjoy the raucous that ensued. But I really had a good laugh with this movie. As this is a romantic comedy film, you can expect that it has a happy ending. Still, it is highly entertaining. And it would make you feel like playing games after watching. Sigh…the influence of Vegas. hehe

Here is the full trailer of What Happens in Vegas:

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