5 Ways to Upgrade your Store for 2015

My husband as a baby in their family store, 38 years ago, with Mama in law. Though the shelves have been re-arranged over the years, the store pretty much looks the same today.

Online stores now dominate the market, leveraging the economic advantage they have over their bricks and mortar competitors. They are playing their advantage; they do not have to pay rental fees on a physical store or the costs involved in outfitting one.

While it is unlikely that you can compete on pricing, you can compete by offering a fabulous in-store experience to your customers. The main reasons people continue to shop in real stores is that they get to see and feel the items they want to purchase. But if your store is outfitted well, they get to have a great experience at the same time.

Do not despair, there are still more people shopping in bricks and mortar stores than at online commercial sites. While online shopping may offer all the convenience of shopping from home, going out to shop is still an experience favored by many. What is important is that you maximize the advantage you have and create the best shopping experience possible. Given the importance of your shop layout and design, it makes excellent economic sense to reach out to the professionals to help you create something that really stands out.

Here are five important tips to consider when upgrading your store:

Be Current. You absolutely cannot use yesterday’s store fixtures to excite today’s shoppers. It just won’t work. The market has changed greatly with the advent of the online store and many other developments in displays. Store owners have been forced to employ the best and the latest innovations to convince shoppers that it’s worth the effort to leave their homes. Consumers are sophisticated. They expect sophisticated strategies, including attractive fixtures and a user-friendly layout.

Be Relevant. Use displays and fixtures that are relevant to your product and uniquely suited to appeal to your target market. Make sure that the fixtures you are using are suitable to your customers. If your target market is children, then make sure displays are at their height and that items are within their reach. Children like to experiment so provide sample items so they can do just that. You must be relevant to your market.

Be Enjoyable. The longer a customer spends in your store browsing, the more items they are likely to purchase. You need to ensure that your design and layout encourages your shoppers to stay awhile. Make sure that the shopper can move easily through the store, ensure there are no obstructions in their path and that shelves are not so closely spaced that ease of movement is compromised.

Be Attractive. Make sure your product displays are attractive and offer something a bit out of the ordinary. This is especially important in the store window. You need to draw the customer inside your front door. Then it is up to you what to do next.

Be Colorful. Color creates mood. Use lots of it. Good use of color will really add to the in-store experience. Don’t overdo it but don’t be afraid of it either.

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