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List of Bacolod Restaurants

From native dishes to international fares, check out where to eat in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. These are all homegrown Bacolod restaurants.

Where to eat: List of Bacolod Restaurants #Bacolodeats
Where to eat: List of Bacolod Restaurants #Bacolodeats

From budget meals to fine dining, the city is just generously peppered with Bacolod restaurants and eateries on the map. From the north to the south to the west, Bacolod is a fine place for a gastronomic adventure. Food is really cheap. You can savor great quality, fine dining, slow-cooked dishes at half or even a third of Manila prices.

We will be updating this list with the new places that we will discover from time to time. I will indicate the dates as when this was last updated so I can add and delete, as time goes by. I tried to classify them based on what they offer and their ambiance, but for some, the categories are overlapping. Some of the operating hours change from time to time so for now, these are the Bacolod Restaurants you should check out and what for. 😀 Bookmark na this. 😀

Last update: October 2017

Note: If you want your restaurant included in this list or if you want your contact details edited, please feel free to email me at sigroid75@gmail.com. The world needs to know about our homegrown Bacolod restaurants.

Eat All You Can

Ripples Restaurant, L’Fisher Hotel

At the L’Fisher Hotel, they have an eat all you can buffet every weekend — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dinner. The dishes differ based on the theme and you will really get your money’s worth. There is a bounty of delicious and good quality offerings. Each dish is properly prepared and not just extenders to make the buffet table look full. And the cakes also abound. Depending on the theme, each person costs P599 to P699 including drinks. But if you book early, you may be able to avail of their promos, like Buy 4 Free 1. L’Fisher Hotel is located at 14th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City, the buffet is open from 6pm to 10pm. Reminder: Offerings vary and may look different that those pictured here.

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Ripples Restaurant L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurant
Cheese and crackers during the L’Fisher Hotel European buffet at their Ripples Restaurant.

Yakiniku Room, L’Fisher Hotel

Meat lovers would surely be tickled at the meat all you can meals at the Yakiniku Room of L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod, located at 14th-15th Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. It is one of the Bacolod restaurants that offer eat all you can yakiniku. The unlimited meat all you can at Yakiniku Room is available daily, from 11am to 2pm for lunch and 6pm to 11pm for dinner. It is P599 per pax + service charge. It is inclusive of unlimited soup, rice, kimchi, and of course, the meats. Drinks not included though.

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The Yakiniku Room of L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurant
Seasoned beef belly ready to grill.

Nights Spots with Good Eats 

Retro KTV

Retro KTV is the funkiest KTV in town. Inspired by the fun and roaring disco party scene by the past, The Drinking Coach created this place in order to offer modern and very affordable KTV Rooms with good food that have interesting names like Mariah Curry (for chicken curry), Black Eyed Fish (for fish fillet), Hootie and the Milkfish (for sizzling bangus or grilled bangus), Fireworks (for flaming chicken), and Pata Don’t Preach (for crispy pata), among many others. They also have grilled items, which are cooked in an outdoor grill named “Barbie”. Visit Retro KTV at The Boxes, Market Place, NGC, Bacolod City. They are open from 5pm to 10pm.

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Retro KTV Bacolod
Meet Barbie–the outdoor grill custom built with a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle hood. From the junk yard, it was painstakingly restored by Cooper Built for Retro KTV. Barbie is not only a piece of art now but is also the funkiest piece of culinary equipment of its kind. It is the centerpiece of outdoor dining at Retro KTV.

The Market Hub

As of this writing, The Market Pub is barely a week old. It is a small European-style pub that’s the better half (literally) of Hat Trick Sports Grill. They have a simple menu of European favorites like different variants of paella, sausages, gambas, calamares, and salads. And of course, a pub would not be complete without its drinks. They have several brands of Italian wines and different local and imported beers. After dinnertime, they dim the lights to the dining area so it kinda transforms into a bar where diners can lean back, relax, play a game, and just enjoy their drinks. Visit them at The Marketplace at Villa Angela, Circumferential Road (beside the NGC), Bacolod City. They are open daily from lunch to after midnight.

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paella and wine
Mixed paella, Hungarian sausage, and wine at The Market Pub.

Hat Trick Sports Grill

Hat Trick is an open sports bar perfect for a relaxing, laid back evening where you get to watch a game on a widescreen TV. Enjoy some American favorites like Wagyu burger, different flavored chicken wings, and nachos, while sipping your favorite beer or wine. The place is complete with faux stadium lights and fake grass for the arena feels. Visit the at The Marketplace at Villa Villa Angela, Circumferential Road (beside the NGC), Bacolod City. Open daily for lunch until after midnight.

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Waguy burger
The cheesy Wagyu Burger with fries at Hat Trick Sports Grill (P350).


The Trap Door by Illusion Brewery

The Trap Door is the only a speakeasy bar in Bacolod by Illusion Brewery. They have an extensive collection of craft beers all prepared and designed by a Bacolodnon. Aside from the drinks, they have really good eats designed to pair with their beers. Since it’s a no smoking place and people do not really come here to get drunk, it’s a family friendly place. They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 3pm to 2am. Located at 22nd-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City, just behind the Orange Karinderia and Pizza Republic.

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The Trap Door by Illusion Brewery - Bacolod restaurant
Beer samplers at The Trap Door help you decide what to order.

Bacolod Seafood Restaurants

Pala-pala Seafood Market

Pala-pala refers to the line of eateries along the Pala-pala seafood market. Some of these Bacolod restaurants are makeshift. The usual practice here is that people buy fresh catch at the seafood market and then go to these eateries called “tulahan” (an Ilonggo word that means “where tinola is cooked”). They cook your seafood the way you want it, like grilled, buttered, sizzling, fried, or as tinola (in a soup). Then they just charge you with a cooking fee and your other orders. They will provide the ingredients. They are open daily, mostly at night only until the wee hours of the morning.

The pala-pala seafood market is buzzling with activity during early evenings.
One of the “tulahans” along North Capitol Road that comprises Pala-pala. When you pass by, they run and wave towards you, inviting you to come in.


Hyksos Pala-pala

Several Bacolod restaurants have opened based on the Pala-pala practice, such as Hyksos Pala-pala. They have a much nicer restaurant and an air-conditioned area and decent toilets. You still get to experience choosing your own fresh seafood and having them cooked your way, like at pala-pala. You don’t need to go to the market. They have their own fresh catch counter where you choose the seafood to be cooked. The downside is that, sometimes the supply can be limited. Hyksos Pala-pala has branches at the Pala-pala area and across SM City Bacolod north wing (the street is actually called Burgos Extension).

Our mouth-watering spread at Hyksos Pala-pala, from left: calamares, sizzling manumbok, more calamares, and buttered garlic shrimps.

Ading’s Pala-pala

Ading’s Pala-pala lifted up the pala-pala practice higher when they opened a really big restaurant at the market area that can accommodate up to 300 people at one time. There is an air-conditioned area, function rooms, lavatories, and several restrooms with bathroom tissue. You can pick your favorite seafood at the fresh catch station, have them weighed, and then choose how you want them prepared. Visit them at the Old Pala-pala area. They are open daily for lunch and dinner only. Call them at Tel. No. (034) 458-1594.

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Steamed alimango at Ading’s Pala-pala.

4. Pta. Tay Tay Viewing Deck
The Viewing Deck in Pta. Taytay is a string of “floating” restaurants near the beach at Pta. Tay Tay. They serve the freshest catch cooked in the way you like it. If you want to get away from the city, this is the jaunt for you. Located at the southernmost part of Bacolod, near the shore. There are 18 native restaurants, none of them air conditioned, so that you can inhale the sea breeze and enjoy the wind blowing while you are dining. We only tried the Viewing Deck No. 8 and we were very satisfied with our meal. And it was really cheap, too.

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Bacolod seafood restaurant
Sizzling bangus sisig–this is so flavorful.
Bacolod seafood restaurant
Sizzling gambas, P150 for 250 grams of shrimps.
Bacolod seafood restaurant
The sizzling squid was a surprise–they included the ink, which is not usually done in other restaurants I’ve visited–and it was sooo good! Spicy, too.

5. Owa’s Pangahan
Well, technically, Owa’s Pangahan is not in Bacolod but rather in Silay City, but since it is located near the Bacolod-Silay Airport and knowing that people from outside the province generally refer to the whole Negros Occidental province as Bacolod, I might as well include them here. Owa’s Pangahan serves unique dishes using the tuna panga (jaw). The items on the menu are ingeniously coined and you will find interestingly named dishes from appetizer to dessert. This is a restaurant located at Mana-ul St., Silay City, at the ancestral home of the Estrellas of Silay and is run by their chef-granddaughter, Mari Stelle Estrella. Also noteworthy are their different kinds of fried rice. Tel. No. (034) 476 7220.

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A single serving of grilled tuna panga at Owa’s Pangahan, served with their peanut sauce.

6. Enting’s of Sagay
This is another famous seafood resto and they are now located at the Villa Angela Marketplace beside the New Government Center. They are still serving their same brand of fresh seafood dishes. Open daily. Don’t miss their fish kinilaw because that is their specialty.

The interior of Enting’s of Sagay.


Sinigang at Enting’s.


7. Diotay’s Eatery
It’s remarkable how Diotay’s Eatery has grown. It used to be just an open restaurant that expanded and now has an air conditioned area for small functions. It is also open to those who just want to dine in an air conditioned space. Of course, they charge an additional 10% for diners here. Diotay’s is the usual paluto style, with lots of seafood as well as assorted barbecue presented at the entrance. Located at Gatuslo Street, Bacolod City, just after the back of the old Provincial Administration Center. Parking might be a problem though. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Diotay's Eatery - Bacolod restaurant
Fresh seafood on display at Diotay’s Eatery. Located at Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

1. Manokan Country
Manokan Country is a string of stalls at the Reclamation Area all selling the famous Bacolod chicken inasal. You have a choice to either have the paa (leg part) or pechopack (breast and wing part) or both! Then of course, you can order inasal na baticolon (gizzard), atay (liver), adidas (feet), isaw (intestines), li-og (neck) and isol (butt). They also serve blanched oysters, as well as grilled pork and fish for variety. And don’t forget to drizzle your rice with the orange anato (achuete) oil and use your hands to eat for the full chicken inasal experience.

2. Nena’s Rose II
Nena’s Rose II has a stall at Manokan Country but they have branched out at Narra Avenue extension and it is a much bigger place. It literally swarms with people partaking of their famous chicken inasal. They also have oysters. They are open for lunch and dinner. Tel. No. (034) 4321434.

The classic paa (leg) with garlic rice made yellow by achuete oil.
Our family had a guest from China and she gamely ate chicken inasal and rice with her bare hands.

3. Chicken House
Chicken House is Bacolod chicken inasal place in a much more decent setting. They have their own restaurant with an air conditioned area and restrooms. Their chicken inasal and grilled foods have a slightly different taste than what is served in Manokan, but they are also so good. I especially like their grilled pork chop. They have branches at Araneta-Singcang, 23rd-Lacson, and Hilado St.

4. Chicken Deli
Chicken Deli at 8th-Lacson St. is one of the longest running restaurants in the area. Their chicken inasal has a different texture and consistency because they use a fan to blow off the smoke from the charcoal. So it doesn’t have a lot of those charred areas. They are serving unli rice and also open daily for lunch and dinner. Now they have an outlet at SM City Bacolod and Lopue’s East Centre.

Pechopak at Chicken Deli. Notice how their chicken inasal is not charred? That’s the Chicken Deli signature.

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5. Masskara Chicken Inasal
Masskara Chicken is SE-Optimized. haha Two words that speak of Bacolod. They serve mean chicken inasal, sizzling squid, sisig, and many other all-time Pinoy favorites. They have an air-conditioned room for small parties or if you just want to stay there instead of the open dining area. They are open for lunch and dinner daily. Located at corner Narra Ave.-BS Aquino Drive. You will be happy to know that they have ample parking space.

The Masskara Chicken building at corner Narra Ave.-BS Aquino Drive.

Bacolod Native Restaurants

1. Rodrigo’s Cansi House. Although its name suggests that their specialty is Cansi, Rodrigo’s is more than just a cansihan. They serve a lot Pinoy favorites that taste really good and are budget-friendly. They have a spacious non-aircon restaurant, an open-air dining area, and an air conditioned function room. Visit them at Hilado-Tindalo Streets, Shopping, Bacolod City. You wouldn’t miss them because it’s a very big place. Open daily for lunch and dinner, 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm.


Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant
Rodrigo’s Cansi House. Their specialty is Cansi Lawas (pictured above), only P160. If you want unli-rice and a round of drinks, its P185.
Baby Back Ribs at Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant
Half a rack of Baby Back Ribs at Rodrigo’s Cansi House.

2. Aboy’s Restaurant
They used to be known as Aboy’s Kamalig because their restaurant was literally a “kamalig” or a hut. Several decades later they have grown to a two-building edifice with an open area for garden functions. They serve turo-turo dishes, all-time Pinoy favorites, and of course, seafood cooked pala-pala style. They close on Sundays to honor God. That is their Sabbath. Aboy’s is located at Goldenfield Commercial Complex with Tel. No. No. (034) 435 0760.

3. Imay’s Restaurant
Imay’s is perhaps the leader and the most successful among the players at the restaurant strip along 6th St. They serve native foods like crispy pata, pork sisig, sinigang, kare-kare, stuffed squid, scallops, and other vegetables dishes. But one that stands out for me is the porbidang kangkong–chopped kangkong with coconut milk and chili. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Spicy Porbidang Kangkong at Imay’s can both be an appetizer or a viand. This smokin’ hot vegetable dish will surely use up a lot of rice!


Imay’s at 6th St.

4. Sandok Comfort Foods
Sandok Comfort Foods is a rather small place but they serve the most delicious Ilonggo slow-cooked comfort foods. If you want a sampling of Ilonggo dishes, do visit them at Narra Avenue, Shopping, and at O Residences, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. They are open from breakfast to dinnertime. Tel. No. 034-7032513.

Rich and flavorful kansi steak at Sandok. A must-try.
Sandok is also known for their soups of the day served in these earthen pots that keep them hot while you are dining.
For afternoon snacks, try their creamy palabok.

5. Sharyn’s Cansi House
Ilonggos love nilaga, especially nilagang baka (beef stew) with bottomless soup or sabaw. It is called cansi in Ilonggo. A frequent jaunt is Sharyn’s Cansi House at Narra Avenue. The place is not air-conditioned but the people endure the heat and even feel hotter after eating cansi, but they do not seem to mind, as long as they “higop” the hot and spicy “sabaw” and suck on the bone marrow. They also have crispy cansi and other Filipino favorite foods.

Bone marrow and cartilage of this cansi serving rebel against the small bowl that it was forced into.

6. Pork Barbecue sa LCC
Along the Galo Street side of La Consolacion College Bacolod is a string of eateries selling pork barbecue that has come to be collectively know as “LCC pork barbecue”. But they are in no way connected to the school, they are just located on the same street. While Bacolodnons have their own preferred “barbecuehan”, I like eating at Bacolod Bakerite. But of course, there are many of them there. Just don’t expect first-class accommodations. Remember, you are here for the pork barbecue. hehe

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Bacolod Bakerite along Galo St., behind LCC and beside BACIWA.
Pork barbecue fresh from the grill at Bacolod Bakerite.

7. Linaga-an sa Shopping
These are not restaurants but rather a row of carinderia along B.S. Aquino Drive corner Narra Avenue. You will notice them from afar because of the large metal pots on top of charcoal stoves that are visible from across the street. They keep the soups boiling all day so that they can serve them piping hot. Yummy! They have an assortment of beef and cow innards nilaga.

A mixture of different cow innards, made sour with batuan, made spicy with papaitan chili, and colored with achuete. Whew!

8. KSL (Kubo sa Lawn)
KSL is quite far from the city but people come here because of their pork sisig and other good Pinoy eats. It is also a nice place to chill and unwind after a long day. KSL is located at P. Hernaez St. (Libertad Extension). Tel. No. 7071744.

9. Jay-J’s Filipino Cuisine
This is another restaurant serving Filipino dishes because of their flavorful cooking. We especially love their jumbo boneless bangus, kare-kare, crispy dinuguan, fried chicken, crispy pata, and their vegetable dishes. Visit them at the Art District, Lacson St., Mandalagan, Bacolod City. They are open for lunch and dinner.

Jumbo boneless bangus–this is really big! Sorry I have nothing to compare it to in the picture.


Crispy pata and its condiments.

10. Margie’s
Margie’s may be famous for their hopia and other pasalubong treats, but what people don’t know is that they serve mean lunch meals, too. They have an ala carte menu and fast food fare. And if you are looking for healthy foods, you will find it here, such as the laswa–an Ilonggo vegetable stew. They also have an array of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, including their laswa juice. Visit them at corner B.S. Aquino Drive-Burgos St. Sorry they don’t serve dinner.

Laswa at Margie’s. Photo from their page.


Are you brave enough to try the laswa juice? Photo from their FB page.

11. 18th Street Pala-pala
While 18th St Pala-pala carries the word “pala-pala” in its name that connotes “paluto” (a system where you get to choose the fresh seafood you want to eat and then have it cooked the way you like it), you can also order from their assortment of delicious Pinoy favorites on the ala carte menu. Plus they also have a turo-turo (fastfood) area if you don’t like to wait. They have a big open dining space as well as small to medium function rooms. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. For reservations call them at (034) 433 9153. Located at 18th-Aguinaldo Streets, Bacolod City. You wouldn’t miss it.

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18th Street Palapala seafood
Fresh seafood at the 18th Street Palapala are waiting for the customers to pick them.
18th Street Palapala
If you don’t want to wait, 18th Street Palapala is serving a wide assortment of cooked dishes at their turo-turo counter.

12. Mely’s Garden
Mely’s Garden had long been associated with eat all you can home-cooked meals, which were available at her home-based restaurant back then. Eventually, she opened a new and spacious restaurant at 6th-Lacson Streets, which is open daily for lunch and dinner, from 11am to 2pm and 6pm-10 pm. Their specialties are kaldereta, KBL, adobadong alimosan, and so much more. You may also opt to have fresh seafood cooked to your preference or order from their fast food (turo-turo) counter. For small to medium gatherings, function rooms are available for rent at consumable rates. But the highlight of the restaurant is their eat-all-you can buffet every Friday night and Sunday lunch. So affordable and yet there are so many delectable choices. Late last year, they opened a new branch at North Drive, across Doctor’s Hospital. For inquiries and reservations, you may call Tel. No. (034) 4351080 or 4358195.

KBL at Mely's Garden
KBL–kadios, baboy, and langka–a famous Ilonggo comfort served at Mely’s Garden.
Mely's Garden
Mely’s Garden is located at 6th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City.

13. Zharnss Grill: 24 hours
Zharnss is a 24-hour non aircon eatery at Goldenfield Commercial Complex, Singcang, located on the road leading to Magsaysay Avenue. They serve hot and flavorful Pinoy meals all day and all night. This is a great place to go to if you are hankering for your favorites in the dead of night. They have big servings, too. Yummy and affordable. Cash only.

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Zharnss Grill Filipino food
Big servings of hot meals at Zharnss Grill available 24 hours a day. Pictured here are Soup No. 5, sizzling pork sisig, sizzling cansi, and boneless bangus.

14. Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon House
At first you would think that Tita Beth’s is all about pancit malabon only. While it is true that it is their specialty and they are known for the take out Malabon in native bilao, Tita Beth’s is also home to yummy native cuisine. They have all-time Filipino favorites like crispy pata, sizzling sisig, sizzling squid, chicken inasal, kare-kare, and many more. They also have have some affordable Japanese dishes that Filipinos are most familiar with. Daily, they have pork barbecue at their outdoor grill as well as nilagang pata with unli-sabaw. You may also be surprised that they have native kakanin like cassava cake, maja blanca, and sapin-sapin–all made very well. You may opt to eat carinderia-style in the non-aircon area or pay an extra 10% for the aircon area, which is set up like a dining room at home. Tita Beth’s is located at 27th-Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City and they are open from 10am to 10pm daily.

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Tita Beth's Pancit Malabon
A delicious spread that we had at Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon with a sampling of some of her many yummy yet affordable dishes.

15. Ribshack
Contrary to some people’s belief, Ribshack is not a franchise. It is a true-blue Bacolod homegrown restaurant specializing in grilled meats and seafood. Easy on the budget but with truly delicious and mouth-watering grilled dishes, it is no wonder that their first dine-in venture at SM City Bacolod is always overflowing with people. They have a very simple menu, they don’t even have desserts yet. But their baby back ribs, spareribs, blue marlin, jumbo squid, beef kebabs, and grilled chicken are to die for. They are open daily during mall hours, located at the south wing of SM City Bacolod (in front of Ace Hardware). They also have a branch at the Food Court of 888 Premier Mall.

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baby back ribs
Tender and juicy and big baby back ribs with rice at Ribshack.
grilled squid
Three skewers of sliced jumbo squid with rice.
Ribshack grilled kebabs
Try their kebabs, too. So tender and flavorful!

Bones and Belly Restaurant is the new restaurant inside Pearl Manor at 23rd-Lacson Streets | BS Aquino Drive, Bacolod City. They specialize in native dishes like bulalo, cansi, cansi steak, tuna belly, and baby back ribs. You will enjoy it here because cooking is good and the dishes are so affordable. Cash basis only. To make their ambiance more “native Filipino”, they only use white enameled tin plates, bowls, and cups that would remind you of what our great grandfathers used during the pre-war. Bones and Belly is open from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday.

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Bones and Belly Bacolod restaurant
Bulalo with bone marrow at Bones and Belly. The drink is the pineapple-cucumber quencher that’s their bestseller.
Bones and Belly Bacolod restaurant
Sizzling cansi at Bones and Belly.

17. Budzkie Restobar
Budzkie specializes in what they call the Fried Chicken Inasal because it is marinated in the usual Bacolod chicken inasal marinade but deep fried instead of grilled. It’s a chill place at The Palms, 18th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. Open daily, 11am to 2pm, and 5pm to 10pm. They have adidas stew, too.


Budzkie Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Fried chicken inasal platter at Budzkie Restobar.

Bacolod International Cuisine

1. Rau-Ram Vietnamese Cafe
If you are craving for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, this is the place to be. Formerly known as Saigon Garden Cafe, they are now gearing up for a bigger and better facility just across their original haunt. But they are still open to serve you at the old place, located at Prk. Marapara 1 Zone 2, Brgy. Bata, Bacolod. They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm. It is best that you make reservations before going there, so please call Tel. No. (034) 708-9036. Don’t miss their Pho Bo, Bun Thit Nuong salad, spicy balut, fried rice, and sandwiches. And oh, experience their Vietnamese coffee, too.

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Spicy balut at Rau Ram Cafe.

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Vietnamese spring rolls are filling on the tummy but light on the diet.
Bestseller: The Pho Bo or beef noodle soup. You can add all those herbs, sauces, and spices around it if you want.

2. L’Kaisei Japanese Restaurant
Another favorite restaurant of ours is L’Kaisei Restaurant. Affordable, you easily get your fix for Japanese food. Their main restaurant is at 10th-Lacson St. but they also have a branch at SM City Bacolod. The food is different though. Our favorite there is of course their California Maki, Sukiyaki, Udon, and Kani Salad.

3. Inaka Japanese Restaurant
Perhaps the oldest Japanese restaurant in Bacolod is Inaka. They serve quality, all-time favorite Japanese dishes that do not waiver in taste and quality through the years. It is especially enjoyable to sit around the misono table and watch the cook prepare your meal. Every first and third Wednesday of the month, they have an eat all you can buffet. Inaka is located at 21st-Lacson St., Bacolod. Tel. No. 434-4045.

Assorted imported sushi at Inaka.
Assorted misono on my plate–beef, chicken, squid, and bean sprouts.
Misono is cooked right in front of us by this guy who I think is about 65-70 years old already. He has been with Inaka for decades. He uses butter as grease.

4. Golden of Fortune Chinese Restaurant
This Chinese restaurant is a family favorite and we come here fo we come here for their lauriat meals during special occasions. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. My personal favorites are their prawn salad and birthday misua. Located at Luxur Place, corner Lacson-Magsaysay Sts. Now with newly renovated function rooms.

Birthday misua at Golden of Fortune with lots of pork, squid, eggs, and oysters.

5. Tyrol Restaurant
Tyrol Restaurant is actually an Austrian-German restaurant here in Bacolod run by German chefs who are the instructors at the Bacolod Culinary Academy. While they have a lot of special stuff on the menu, like steaks and freshly-made pastas, but if you come in a big group, a nice item to share is the platter. It has schnitzel and sausages and some vegetables to share. They have a small and a big platter. The bigger platter has more items, not just a bigger serving. Tyrol has quite a collection of wines and imported beers for those who fancy them. They are located at the Mayfair Residences, 12th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. Tel. No. (034) 703-1878. They are open for lunch and dinner.

A small Austrian platter at Tyrol Restaurant that is laden with assorted meats and sausages. This is good for about 6-8 people.

6. Mai Pao Dimsum Restaurant
Mai Pao is a Chinese fusion restaurant at the VSB Bldg, corner 6th-Lacson St. owned by celebrity chef JP Anglo. They great dimsum selections, healthy foods (without MSG), and their famous South Beach Diet program. Open for lunch and dinner. Tel. No. (034) 433 8090.

Pepper squid at Mai Pao.

7. Kimstaurant
Kimstaurant serves authentic Korean cuisine because it is owned by a Korean who has already embraced being a Bacolodnon. I love their bibimbap, bulgogi, beef stew, and the jjampong (spicy seafood noodle soup). When you are seated, they provide you with at least 4 appetizers, including kimchi. They now have Yaikiniku, too. If you come in a group big or small and you order a lot, they usually offer some free dessert, like Korean ice cream sandwich. They say it’s because Koreans like free stuff. They are open for lunch and dinner. They are located at the 2nd floor, Mayfair Plaza, 14th-Lacson St.

Bimbimbap at Kimstaurant. You mix this all and eat it with the steamed rice in the metal container. Chili sauce is optional.


Tender and flavorful Bulgogi.

8. Fogo Grill
Fogo Grill specializes in Latin American fare, mostly Portuguese and Mexican. Despite the quality of food and the ample serving, their prices are surprisingly affordable. And I love the interior design, like you are transported to a cafe in Mexico. But don’t worry about the heat. Despite its flaming name, the place is air-conditioned. Try their entrees such as the carne asado, carnitas, and seafood cataplana. Their nachos and quesadilla are also love. But my personal favorite is the beef burrito, though they also have other variants available. Check out their roast pork carving night every Wednesday. Call for reservations. They are located at the ground floor, O Residences, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod. with Tel. No. (0999) 816-9321. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm.

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Fogo Grill specializes in Latin American fare.
A place of nachos with abundant toppings, chili con carne, and salsa.

9. Kuidaore Yakiniku Restaurant
Another Japanese restaurant that is worthy of note is Kuidaore. They have quality meats for their yakiniku and I am not sure why, but when I dine there, I feel like I am in a family restaurant in Japan. They also have many different kinds of sushi, sashimi, and other cooked items on their menu. They used to be in Singcang (where they had stayed for many years) but they recently moved to the Paseo Verde Building, Lacson St., Mandalagan. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. Tel. No. (034) 431 4464.

Our yakiniku orders at Kuidaore.

10. Apollo Restaurant
The longest-serving Chinese restaurant in Bacolod City is Apollo. Bacolodnons have embraced them because of their many dishes that are affordable and have been Filipinized. But of course, they are the favorite caterer for Chinese functions, as they also serve authentic Chinese dishes and they can accommodate really large functions that serve buffet or lauriat meals within and outside Bacolod City. Their main restaurant is at Hilado St., Capitol Shopping Center, where they have small to medium function rooms that can cater to to different events. They also have branches at 888 Chinatown Square, Lopue’s East, and Paseo Verde.

Savory Samsi soup with ham and abalone.
Chicken relleno filled with flavored glutinous rice mixed with meat, mushrooms, chick peas, and spices.

11. Rust Resto Bar
Rust Resto Bar has embraced the concept of a Western American with rustic interior concept. Serving mostly Western as well as Filipino, Asian, and Latin American Fusion dishes, you can enjoy their versions from breakfast to your late night cravings along with fresh brews of their premium coffee blends. From Monday to Friday, they also serve turo-turo for lunch. Their specialties are pork sisig, ropa vieja, Western Barbecue Ribs, Buffalo Wings, Beef Salpicao, and Quesadilla, which is available in beef, chicken, and three cheese variants. Rust Resto Bar is located at Door #4 Migant Center, Burgos Avenue corner Locsin Streets, Bacolod City (beside Provincial Hospital New Emergency Entrance fronting near GT Hotel). They are open from 7:00am to 2:00am during Mondays to Saturdays; and from 10:00am to 10:00pm during Sundays. But they often usually extend until midnight.

Western Barbecue (left) and Buffalo Wings (right).
Beef Salpicao with steamed white rice at Rust Resto Bar.

12. EastBite Restaurant
EastBite, located at the East Walk near Panasiatic Building 2 and NGC Bacolod, has put together different Asian street specialties under one roof. So if you have a hankering for a particular fare from your Asian travels or you just want to sample popular dishes from our neighboring countries, visit this place. I was most happy with my Hainanese Chicken Rice with lots of sambal chili. I guess I miss Singapore that much. They are open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 am-10:00 pm. On Sundays, they start serving at 4:00 pm.

My 1/4 Hainanese Chicken rice–a Singapore specialty.

13. Big Daddy’s Diner
Big Daddy’s Diner is perhaps the only All-American dining joint inspired by the happy go-lucky life of the electric 60s. Best bets would be the steaks, barbecued ribs with the distinct smoky American flavor, pizzas, and of course, burgers! They serve affordable meals, which are rather “enough” (I wouldn’t say small) but full of flavor. Love their decor, too. Visit them and try their offerings. Located at Door #1, East Walk, Circumferential Road (across Hi-Strip 4), Bacolod City. Open for lunch and dinner.

Nachos topped with chili and cheese. Yummy appetizer! Check out their tables. These feature scenes from the past in black and white.
Barbecued back ribs with the distinct Western flavor and smokiness.

14. Lina’s Alfresco Dining
I will put Lina’s under the international category because of their strong Thai influence on their food and decor. It is garden dining at its finest here, though I can’t really say that they are serving authentic Thai cuisine. But the place is stunning. Perfect for dates and relaxing nightcaps. Friendly staff, too. Located at 1st-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. Tel. No. (034) 213 4453.

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Lina's Alfresco Dining
Look at how pretty and magical Lina’s Alfresco Dining is! I wanna have this at home!
Lina's Alfresco Dining
Fried chicken nuggets with bagoong. I particularly liked this.

15. Spice Kitchen
Spice Kitchen has long been serving Tex-Mex-Mediterranean fusion cuisine at their old location but ever since they moved last year to a bigger and breezier location at the King Car Wash compound at Lacson Extension, Bacolod City, they have gone the healthy way. Their usual shawarma and quesadillas are now available in malunggay wraps and these are oh-so-good! You won’t notice any leafy taste and if anything, the malunggay has enhanced the flavors of their food. Bestsellers here are chicken wings, kebabs, baby back ribs, pork steak, and Korean rice bowl for the meals. For snacks, they have burritos, shawarmas, chimichanga, shawarmitas, and nachos. Everything is good and affordable, too. In the afternoons till the evenings, margarita is available by glass or by pitcher. No air conditioning here. Spice Kitchen is open daily from 7am to 6pm.

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buffalo wings at Spice Kitchen
Spicy buffalo wings at Spice Kitchen. #Bacolodeats
Spice Kitchen chimichanga
Chimichanga is sooo good! At Spice Kitchen.
Spice Kitchen quesadilla
Malunggay quesadilla with beef at Spice Kitchen.

16. Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu
From the name itself, you will know that this restaurant;s specialty is Shabu-shabu–the Taiwanese hotpot. Each dining table is equipped with a burner where a hotpot is set in the middle. Diners can choose the stuff that they want to eat and cook in the pot. For me, it is quite affordable to eat here, especially if you are in a big group because then you can share the orders and also the cost. Red House is located at corner San Sebastian-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. You will not miss it because it occupies the corner lot and is a big restaurant. They are open for lunch and dinner, cash only. For reservations, call Tel. No. 432-1588. It is very enjoyable to eat in a shabu-shabu restaurant. How to do it? Read my article about eating there.

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Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu
Our colorful spread at Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu. Pork, shrimps, beef, mushrooms, seafood balls, tofu, noodles, corn. Yum!

17. Crib Fast Food
Okay, it’s not really all-American, but we can say it’s American cuisine inspired because of the chicken wings and barbecued ribs. But they do want to present themselves as a fast food, where you can order affordable, abundant meals in a jiff inside a spacious, comfortable, and air conditioned dining area. They are located at San Agustin Drive, Bacolod City, just across the street on the left side facing Riverside Hospital. You have the option to choose among the many flavors of chicken wings for your meal, or add ribs with it. Each meal has macaroni for a side dish, which comes in 3 flavors. You may want to add fries, which also has different sauces available. They are open daily from 10:30am to 10pm.

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crib menu
For a group of 3, you can order this trio meal at P405. It comes with 12 wings, 3 ribs, 3 rice, 3 macaroni, and 3 drinks. It’s good for 3 pax, or even 4, just order extra rice and drinks. They also have a party meal at P745 that’s good for six. Pretty good price.
Crib Bacolod
Here’s another combo meal — with buffalo wings and original macaroni flavor. Comes with a drink at P145.
Crib Bacolod
A rib meal with drinks (P95).
Crib fries
Carbonara fries by Crib (P65)

18. Bagels by ELG
Bagels by ELG is the newest cafe in town specializing in…ta-da!… bagels. They sell 10 different variants of bagels, as they are or with filling or as sandwiches in a comfy and quaint cafe. They are located at the ground floor of one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Bacolod City–O Residences, along Lacson Street, Mandalagan (the building on the left side of Robinsons Place). They are open daily from 7:30am to 9pm, so they serve bagels and its creations for breakfast until dinner. They have good coffee, too. And as it’s name suggests, ELG stands for Elsie L. Gonzaga, the indefatigable lady behind ELG fooods. She has long been making yummy cakes and they are now displayed at the cake counter of Bagel shop. Truly a magnificent find.

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Bacolod Bagels
Bagels by ELG comes in 10 flavors and 12 different schmears.
Bacolod bagels
ELG cake display at the bagel shop.

19. Jacopo Mediterranean-Inspired Cuisine
Jacopo serves affordable Mediterranean-inspired cuisine designed for the Ilonggo palate. Their specialties are their kebabs, but I also like their appetizer platter of pita bread with different dips like hummus, babaghanoush, and chili con carne. Visit Jacopo at the ground floor of Mayfair Plaza, 13th-Lacson Street, Bacolod City. They are open daily, from 11am to 2pm, and 6pm to 10pm.

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Jacopo Mediterranean food
Angus beef kebabs at Jacopo served with rice, vegetables, and yoghurt dip.
Jacopo Mediterranean food
Spicy chicken tandoori at Jacopo.
Jacopo mediterranean food
The pita platter for appetizer. Can be taken as snacks, too.

20. Korean Grill Bacolod
KOREAN GRILL BACOLOD serves authentic Korean food in a casual dining setting. They are located at B.S. Aquino (beside Pearl Manor). Try some of their specialties like Samgyeopsal, Kimbop, Dak Galbi, and Haemul Pajeon. They are open daily from 12nn to 10pm. Since they have Soju, it’s not just a happy hour but a happy day…and night. There are lots of Koreans dining there but the locals have come to love the place, too.


Kimbop at Korean Grill - Bacolod restaurant
Kimbop at Korean Grill — I really like it because it’s so flavorful.
Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Sampyeopsal — I really enjoyed it so much.

Bacolod Organic Foods Restaurants

1. May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant
May’s Organic Restaurant serves home-cooked meals using organic ingredients grown mostly in their garden. Their meat and poultry are also organically grown and they only use organic honey for their smoothies. You can enjoy your meals surrounded by their beautiful garden resort. But if you want to go in, you will have to pay a separate entrance fee. You may want to check out their shop because they sell organic products, too. May’s Garden is located at Sitio Aning, Brgy. Pahanocoy, south of Bacolod.

Pork sinigang made sour with organic batuan–an Ilonggo sour fruit. Photo by Ria Akamatsu.


A cooler made of red camote tops, calamansi, honey, and mint. Photo by Ria Akamatsu.

2. Fresh Start Organics
Fresh Start Organics sells organic products and produce from their farm and from other partner-farms. At the same time, they also serve organic snacks and meals. Thry their pizzas, pork sisig, and other sandwiches. They have branches at Robinsons City Walk and The District North Point. Both are open during mall hours.

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Fresh Start burger with organic salad. Photo from Nikki Jalandoni.
Green smoothie. Photo from Nikki Jalandoni.

3. Merkado ni Maria Cafe
Merkado Ni Maria Cafe is a relatively new restaurant in Bacolod serving slow-cooked dishes using organic ingredients. They are a proponent of the farm to table concept and they serve foods that are as freshest as possible. Pretty much everything is good there–just home-cooked goodness of the Filipino dishes that we love, without the shortcuts and embellishments. Don’t miss their baked bangus belly and beef curry, both served with organic rice. If you like coffee, make sure that you get a dose of their iced Kanlaon coffee. They are located at the Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod City and are open daily from 6am to 10pm. For more information and food photos, please read my extensive blog post about them:

Merkado Bacolod Serves Slow Cooked Organic Dishes

Merkado ni Maria #Bacolodeats
Merkado ni Maria Cafe is located at the Art District, Lacson St., Mandalagan, Bacolod City.
Bacolod organic restaurant
Baked bangus belly at Merkado ni Maria Cafe.

3. Sir Jess Deli and Cafe
Sir Jess Deli and Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant serving organic dishes made from natural ingredients grown in their farm. They are famous for their organic pinitaw (quail adobo) as well as their bottled calamansi juice. Now, their herbed piaya is making waves as an alternative pasalubong item. Sir Jess Deli and Cafe is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 3pm and from 5pm to 10pm. They are located at Gonzaga Extension, Doña Juliana Subd., Taculing, Bacolod City.


Sir Jess Deli and Cafe - Bacolod restaurant
A healthy feast at Sir Jess Deli and Cafe, with the oregano fried chicken on the foreground.
Sir Jess Deli and Cafe - Bacolod restaurant
Fried quail at Sir Jess Deli and Cafe.


Bacolod Steakhouses

1. Felicia’s
Aside from their desserts, Felicia’s is also known for their quality steaks. They have a steak room at the DOLL Bldg., 6th-Lacson St., which is separate from their sweet shop. A bit pricey on the steaks but they are pretty good. They also have a cafe at SM City Bacolod and at 15th-Lacson Streets, but no steak room there. They are open for lunch and dinner. Tel. No. (034) 433-6586 and (034) 709 1123.

Felicia’s at 6th St. They also serve desserts at their branch at 15th-Lacson and at the G/F, north wing of SM City Bacolod.
Some of the desserts from Felicia’s, from left: Sans Rival, Ube Ice Cream Cake, and Moist Chocolate Cake.

2. Pepe’s
Pepe’s is a wonderful restaurant with unique dishes that it is always a treat if we decide to have dinner there. They have affordable steaks and a lot of other lovely meals like baby back ribs, that barracuda with sauce, pastas, and salads. They serve lunch and dinner at the 2nd Floor of the Azotea Bldg., Lacson St., Mandalagan. They closed their Sorrento branch already.

Fettuccine Gamberetti at Pepe’s–pasta with shrimps in crab fat sauce.

3. Kristin’s Steakhouse
Kristin’s Steakhouse had been around since we were kids but I think that we have have now is no longer owned by the original management. Although this is a steakhouse, we usually order their sizzling boneless chicken or their misono meals because these are so good. Their branch is at Goldenfield Commercial Complex (beside Kundutel).

Sizzling chicken at Kristin’s. Doesn’t look like much in the picture but it is sooo good! Take it from me–I am not a chicken eater! haha

Bacolod All-Time Favorite Restaurants

1. Bob’s Restaurant
Bob’s is one of the oldest serving restos in the city. We love their back ribs, sate babi, fruit punch, lasagna, among many others, but it is their Mongolian bar that keeps us coming back for more. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. If you want dessert to cap your meals, they have an adjoining pastry shop that serves some of the finest cakes and pastries in Bacolod. Located at B.S. Aquino Drive (North Drive).

Baby back ribs at Bobs.

2. Pendy’s
Another long-time favorite Bacolod restaurant is Pendy’s. Located at 24th-Lacson St., it has been there for as long as I can remember. I like their all-day breakfasts, especially their tapa, puttanesca, and many other meals. Don’t miss their half moon or prune cake for dessert. They have lots of pasalubong items, too. They are open daily from morning till evening. Tel. No. 034-434 0269.

3. Mushu
Mushu is another fusion restaurant that serves good and affordable meals like kansi steak, chicken inasal sisig, pork sisig, prichon, and many more. If I am correct, most of their offerings have been developed by celebrity chef JP Anglo. They have recently moved to a new location at the 2nd Floor of The Azotea Bldg., Lacson, Bacolod City. Tel. No. (034) 703 1022.

Kansi steak at Mushu–so tender and flavorful.

4. 21 Restaurant
21 Restaurant is one of the longest-serving restaurants in Bacolod. They serve lunch and dinner, as well as buffet spreads for small parties, but one of their most sought-after snack items is the batchoy. Such an elegant restaurant. For reservations, call Tel. No. (034)4334096.

21 Restaurant along 21st-Lacson St., Bacolod City.
Lengua with plain rice at 21 Restaurant.
Salmon Belly Teriyaki at 21 Restaurant.

5. Twopans Cafe and Resto
Twopans Cafe and Resto is a cozy restaurant located at the Ground Floor of O Residences, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod Cit that offers comforting and affordable all-time favorite dishes with their own versions. The restaurant has the feels of a country home, easy colors that help you relax and dine with pleasure. They have good coffee, too. They are open daily and only accepts cash payments.

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Twopans Cafe and Resto - Bacolod restaurant
A bestselling snack — Pizza dip at Twopans.
Twopans Cafe and Resto - Bacolod restaurant
Their bowl of Salisbury Steak is my kids’ favorite.

6. Hilltop Restobar
Hilltop Restobar is located quite far away from the city, about a 30-40 minute drive east of Bacolod. But it is surrounded by a sugarcane farm so the air is fresh and cool, especially at night. They serve the usual favorites of grilled fish, fried chicken, crispy tadiang ng baka, crispy pata, pork sisig, and the like, but it is a little bit pricier than most Bacolod restos. But don’t worry, since this is the province, pricey is just loose change for some. The food is fine, but I think that the main reason for dining here and not any other restaurant in the city is the view and fresh air. And of course, the privacy. Just drive straight to Murcia, East of Bacolod and you will not miss it. Tel. No. (034) 702-1705. They are open daily for lunch and dinner.

These twin trees provide an interesting sight at the Hilltop Restobar.

7. Balboa
We love Balboa. Food is great and affordable. Our daughter likes it there because they have books and coloring pages that keep her occupied. We love almost everything they have — kare-kare, chicken in a basket, boneless bangus, pork sisig, their pizzas, and my personal favorite, the bacon steak. They are open from lunchtime till dinnertime. Located at the Mayfair Plaza, 13th-Lacson Sts.

Bacon steak with mashed potato and vegetable sidings. But you can also have rice with that instead of mashed potato.


Their special kare-kare.

8. Lord Byron’s Backribs
Several years back, it seemed that Bacolod has taken to a liking for barbecue baby back ribs with sweet barbecue sauce. Leading the pack of affordable back ribs is Lord Byron’s, now in their new location behind Luxur Place, Magsaysay Avenue, Bacolod City. They maintain their price because they serve in an open-air cottage that is bare and deplete of modern amenities. But people don’t mind, as long as they get their craving for back ribs at a price they can afford.

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Lord Byron's Backribs specialties
The six main dishes served at Lord Byron’s Backribs–Baby Back Ribs, Spareribs in Wine Sauce, Sizzling Boneless Bangus, Cheeseburger, Kansi soup, and Sizzling Pork Sisig. #Bacolodeats

9. Kuppa
Kuppa is an interesting cafe that opens early to serve good breakfast and coffee and closes very late to cater to a crowd that likes fraps and late-night coffee. During lunch and dinner, they are full, with people patronizing their pizzas, savory meals, and of course, their eat all you can salad and soup bar. During summer, they have the sought-after eat all you can halo-halo bar that features more than 20 ingredients, including flavored syrups and fresh fruits. They are located at Hilado St., across St. John’s Institute. Tel. No.

My arrangement on my first bowl of halo-halo. But your taste and capacity is the limit for your iced creation.

10. Pamilya Grill
Pamilya Grill is located at Margarita St., Eroreco Subd., on the way to the Our Lady of Mercy Hospital. They serve affordable all-time favorite meals like baby back ribs, sate babi, boneless bangus, sizzling sisig, pork barbecue and many more! Plus they also have Mongolian rice that is such a hit among budget meal seekers. Tel. No.433-7184 or 0939-1275793.

Left, baby back ribs and right, sate babi. Both are served with sate rice.

11. Cafe Bobs
Cafe Bobs is one of the spawns of Bob’s Restaurants. It has a very nice place at 21st Lacson Sts. serving all-time Filpino favorites as well as pizzas, sandwiches, and hot and cold coffees. They have an extensive collection of desserts, too. Plus they have a deli shop at the back, which is probably the most successful here in Bacolod. They are open for lunch until late in the evening.

Cafe Bobs at 21st Lacson Sts. has parking on two sides of the building.

12. Nonna’s Kitchen
Nonna’s Kitchen serves all-time favorite Filipino dishes with a twist. But perhaps the best part of the meal would be the desserts. I especially loved their prune cake. Also, I love the ambiance and the restaurant design. Located at Villa Angela Hi-Strip 4, Circumferential Road, with Tel. No. (034) 444 0672. Open daily 7am to 10pm.

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Brownie ala mode.

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13. Jaimie’s Cafe
Although a relatively new player, Jaimie’s Cafe has endeared itself to Bacolodnons because they serve delicious and comforting meals in a relaxed and cozy restaurant. I highly recommend their pork and beans, filleto steak, and their two kinds of thin crust pizza, too. They are located at Circumferential Road, Homesite, Bacolod City. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Function rooms available for small to medium gatherings.

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Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod restaurant
The pork and beans at Jaimie’s Cafe. Don’t you just love how it looks?
Jaimie's Cafe - Bacolod restaurant
Filleto steak with a scoop of mashed potato.

14. Roli’s Cafe
Roli’s Cafe is the well-loved diner that even your great grandparents can still remember. At 76 years old, it is the oldest restaurant to date. Their place at La Salle Avenue recently got a face lift but as for their food, there is nothing new. It is the same old dishes that Negrenses have come to love for almost a century now. It’s amazing how they have maintained even the quality of their chicken sandwich. Visit them at the Hostelry, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City. They are open daily from 6am to 10pm.

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Roli's Chicken Sandwich
Roli’s Chicken Sandwich–the same old chicken sandwich that we have always loved. #Bacolodeats
Roli’s palabok–still tastes the same.

15. Kix Place
Formerly known as Fat Boys, this restaurants is located at the West end of 22nd Lacson Street, Bacolod City, near the Aguinaldo Street corner. The place is just part of the chef’s garage so it is quite small but quaint. It is like a neighborhood cafe with funky decors but they serve good, affordable food. They are open from Mondays-Saturdays, 10am-10pm. For inquiries and reservations, call 0933-3156427

Pan-fried chicken with creamy herb dressing.

16. Viber Cafe
A simple cafe in Villamonte, Viber Cafe is like having all your favorite comfort foods in one place. They have baby back ribs, pastas, nachos, burgers, and pizzas seasoned with fresh herbs that give their dishes a wonderful twist. They are open daily, from breakfast till 11pm. Visit them at B.S Aquino Drive, Villamonte, Bacolod City.

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Viber Cafe
Pepperoni pizza at Viber Cafe is loaded with vegetables and herbs.

Bacolod “Fine” Dining Restaurants

I put the quote marks on the word “fine” because there really is no fine dining restaurant in Bacolod, like where you have a maître d’. But at least these are the ones that offer elegant dining as well as great food.

1. Delicioso
Delicioso is a beautiful cafe, liquor store, and deli rolled into one. Must-try would be their pizzas, pasta, and of course, paella. They have a wide selection of wines, liquor, and beer. They are open for lunch and dinner. Located at Lacson St. (2 blocks after Robinsons Place going north), Mandalagan, Bacolod.

2. Trattoria Uma
Looking for authentic Italian cuisine? Check out how Trattoria Uma can satisfy your cravings. Love their pizzas, pasta, and other meals. But my personal favorites are their Funghi con Pancetta pizza (mushroom pizza) and Marinara con Pesto (seafood pasta). By the way, the only rice that they serve here is risotto. But if you prefer plain rice, the waiters would gladly buy for you from neighboring restaurants. Just don’t forget to tip them (for buying your rice and for translating the menu). Located at the Paseo Verde, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

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Funghi con Pancetta pizza served with their own chili sauce.
Marinara con Pesto–this is soooo good!

3. Negros Museum Cafe
As the name suggests, the Negros Museum Cafe is located within the Negros Museum compound, Gatuslao St., Bacolod City. It is run by a Dutch chef and his Bacolodnon wife and they just feature the dishes that epitomize the Negrense lifestyle, which is heavily influenced by the conquistadores of old. Five words to describe their food–gourmet, designer, quality, organic, delicious. They whip up the most interesting dishes using local and natural ingredients. When you go there, I suggest that you take time to savor the food and your rustic surroundings. Linger after lunch with good company and a cup of coffee. Then browse through the museum collections that will take you back in time. Ahhhh…That is the sweet life in Negros. It’s not just the food, it’s the experience. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. You may also wine and dine there. If you sign up for their e-newsletter, you will receive updates on their specials of the week via email.

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Pork belly with a seasonal salad side dish, chutney, and brown rice. Tender and flavorful and oh-so-satisfying!
If you don’t want to eat rice, enjoy their handcrafted sandwiches using their own preserved meats and artisanal breads.

4. Italia Restaurant Bacolod
Italia had long been serving Bacolod with their fine Italian-Mediterranean dishes but it was only recently that they moved to a new and bigger location at Paseo Verde, Lacson St., Mandalagan. This place is where fine art meets good food, as their walls are adorned with paintings and their nooks are wonderfully littered with curios in celebration of local artists. They often hold exhibits here, which is an interesting fact to note. In their new location, they now have a mini art gallery and parking space is not a problem. And they have a selection of wines, cheeses, and deli meats, too. They are open daily from 11am to 11pm. For reservations, especially if you want to order the baked orders, call (034) 7032978.

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Baked Oysters Cesari that you have to order before coming to make sure that they are available. They sell like hotcakes…I mean, like oysters…aw, you know what I mean. haha


Truffle pasta–simply divine. If you want to IG this, take a photo and consume immediately. You would not want it to get cold on your plate to fully savor it.


It’s the same with this spinach pizza–consume immediately to appreciate it! So good! 😀

5. Juliana’s Cafe and Resto
Juliana’s Cafe is located at 7th-Lacson Streets. It’s a beautiful, fully air conditioned restaurant that serves steaks and Filipino favorites like Hototay, sizzling ox tongue with mushroom sauce, sizzling duck, and our all-time favorite, sizzling boneless chicken. They have so much to offer for different tastes. Service is impeccable. They also have function rooms for small to medium gatherings with buffet packages that can be customized according to your likes and budget. They are open Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 10pm. If you want to book a function on Monday, prior reservation is needed.

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Juliana's Cafe and Resto - Bacolod restaurant
Sizzling boneless chicken with gravy at Juliana’s Cafe and Resto.
Juliana's Cafe and Resto - Bacolod restaurant
Sizzling duck

6. Felicia’s at 15th Street
While Felicia’s may be known as a cakes and desserts place, what many people don’t know is that it is also a good place to dig in for the most satisfying fusion dishes. They are located at 15th-Lacson Streets and open daily for lunch and dinner. They have affordable steaks (cooked right) and good coffees, too. My favorite there however, is the Fillet Norwegian Salmon with aioli remoulade served with mashed potato or rice. I had mashed potato and it’s so good that I can still distinctly remember its taste. Yes, that’s how memorable it is. They have so many good dishes and meals, including pastas. They have so much to offer and for you to find out. We went there after our trip in Cebu where I was not able to eat well, so I was really delighted for my welcome home meal to be at Felicia’s. And don’t ya worry about the desserts–they got you covered.

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Felicia's 15th Street - Bacolod restaurant
Salmon fillet with aioli remoulade. So good!
Felicia's Lacson - Bacolod restaurant
Tender and flavorful Angus Brisket.
Felicia's Lacson- Bacolod restaurant
Assorted French macarons and latte.

Bacolod Snack Houses

1. Quan Native Delicacies
I have a very long love affair with Quan. It has been my snack bar ever since I was in college, which is a long, long time ago. It has evolved into a restaurant already but its signature native delicacies are still sold there. They are the only restaurant that serves these Pinoy snacks like puto, cuchinta, pitsi-pitsi, suman, suman latik, ibus, and other products made of glutinous rice. One of their bestsellers is the snack combo of dinuguan and puto, which is available everyday. They have many outlets but those that can seat customers are their branches at La Salle Ave., North Drive, Lopue’s East, and Gaisano City.

Perfect together–dinuguan and puto at Quan Native Delicacies.

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2. Bacolod Cupcake Cafe (BCC)
From its name, BCC is a cafe that sells primarily designer cupcakes. They also accept orders for customized event cakes. But what many people do not know is that they have an array of hot and cold drinks as well as the meanest sandwiches. My personal favorite is the roast beef sandwich, served with caramelized onions, and two rounds of regular or raspberry iced tea. They make their own breads, so you are guaranteed that the quality. And oh, they have pastas, too. Don’t miss their special WHEAT CHICKEN  WRAPS as well. So healthy! BCC is located along Hilado St., across St. John’s Institute, Shopping, Bacolod. They are open daily from morning till dinnertime. Tel. No. (034) 435-2171.

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Roast beef sandwich with caramelized onions, dip, and a big glass of raspberry iced tea from BCC. Don’t be fooled. This is good for sharing.

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2. Homesitte Shawarma
Pretty good shawarma here at the Homesitte Shawarma, located at Homesite, Bacolod City. But what is exciting is their eat-all-you-can shawarma for P169. We took the challenge but hubby and I were disappointed to finish only 3 for me and 4 for him. haha This is only available from 1pm-4pm daily. They are open for lunch, snacks, and dinner. Mobile: (0922) 860-2459. They now have a branch at The Billboard, 23rd-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City.

This is a residence. The dining area is actually their garage.
Hubby and I having an eat all you can shawarma face off at Homesitte Shawarma. He won, but we were disappointed with the results (4-3).

3. Shawarma ni Kulas
This place is not for the faint of heart or the conservative. haha Their menu is laden with terms coined from local invectives and vulgar cuss words. But actually, these are just shawarma, its versions, burrito, and other snack and meal items. They have undergarments strewn over the place and sometimes, the servers appear to be wearing only towels around their waist. That is their marketing strategy. There is really nothing pornographic here, they just want to be interesting and maybe just show that they have green minds? haha They are located at the Eat District, 16th-Lacson Street, at the East Block, Circumferential Road, at Araneta Street, Singcang, and at La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City.

Shawarma ni Kulas along Lacson Street.

4. Shawarma Habibi
At the Hi-Strip 4, Circumferential Road is Shawarma Habibi, the sister company of Quali Tea. They serve tasty and affordable shawarma that is right for my taste. If you want it to be a meal, you opt to have their shawarma rice. They now have a branch at 888 Chinatown Premiere Mall.

Shawarma Habibi wrap.

5. Greenoz Pizzaria
The most successful of these home-grown pizza houses is Greenoz Pizzaria. They just keep on expanding and many people go there to dine on their thin crust pizza or their other meals. But I think that they have as much as many orders for takeout and delivery. You may visit them at 6th-Lacson St. or in Alijis where they have a big building there. In Aliis, you may call them at Tel. Nos. (034) 4344294 or 4321275 for delivery. By the way, their biggest pizza is 36″ in diameter.

A Greenoz 30″ pizza that we ordered for delivery. We couldn’t fit it in our door! haha

6. City Lunch
City Lunch is one of the longest-serving eateries at Narra Ave., Shopping. They have turo-turo but they are also famous for their Chinese lumpia, jumbo siopao, and ma chang. They only serve lunch and snacks. If you visit them late in the afternoons before closing, you might get some of their viands at a discounted rate.

Jumbo siopao at City Lunch–it has egg and Chinese chorizo and the whole bun is almost filled!

7. Munsterific
Munsterific is a 24-hour convenience store that is a uniquely Bacolod brand. They are the most successful among local convenience store ventures over the years here in the city. With branches scattered all over Bacolod, you can be assured of affordable snacks all day and all night. But perhaps the ones that locals keep coming back for are their iced coffee and their soft ice cream, which I still think is the best in Bacolod.

Munsterific at 13th-Lacson St.


My daughter having soft ice with chocolate fudge syrup at Munsterific 1st-Lacson St.

8. Super Batchoy House
I am going to classify batchoy under snacks although for many people, it is already a meal. That is the reason why Super Batchoy House is open from brunch to dinnertime. But since their bowls of steaming hot batchoy sell fast, there are times that you can no longer get what you want, especially the “utok” (bone marrow). Visit them at Locsin Street, Cuadra Street, Villa Angela East Block, and soon near Lopue’s San Sebastian. Open daily.

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Special batchoy with egg served with pan de siosa on the side at Super Batchoy House–a long-time Ilonggo favorite. And by long, I mean like four decades.

9. Fudmaster
Fudmaster offers healthy sandwiches using only the breads that they make, pastas, meals, fresh juices, and detox drinks on the go. You may also ask them for tailor-made daily meals if you need to watch your caloric intake. They will prepare a daily meal plan that includes exciting dishes that will not make you feel deprived while dieting. They can then deliver these meals to your homes or offices every day. You can also take advantage of their nutritional counseling services by their resident licensed dietitians. Hard to find healthful ingredients like chia seeds, maca powder, and flax seeds may also be bought at the store. Check out the offerings at Fudmaster from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm, at the entrance of Doctor’s Hospital, B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City (you wouldn’t miss it). Mobile nos: +639227954669 +639228167178.

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This is where healthy sandwiches are made at Fudmaster.
You can order cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juice combos at Fudmaster.
The chicken siopao in malunggay bun is a bestselling product at Fudmaster. Try it for only P35. They also have healthy breads and dessert bars.

10. Ginger Lime Diner
Ginger Lime Diner is a small joint near La Consolacion College serving cheap brewed coffee, good food, and other iced coolers with the aim of providing ridiculously affordable food and drinks to friends and colleagues. Must-try there are their pastas, sandwiches, and their unique and delicious chicken sisig meal. Brewed coffee is only P15. Ginger Lime is located at Gatuslao St., Bacolod City. They are open daily from 7am to 6pm. For take out orders of their in-demand past and chicken sisig, call them at 4320261 or cell number, 09324262521. Place is not air-conditioned.

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Ginger Lime Diner
Yummy and affordable dishes at Ginger Lime Diner. Located at Gatuslao St., near LCC.

11. Das Bürgery
Das Burgery has been around for several years already but they only serve their 100% juicy Angus beef burgers at the Weekend Souk at The District North Point. Recently, they opened a shop at the Monfort Building, beside BPI Mandalagan, Lacson Street, Bacolod City. They serve different variants of their famous burger and of course fries. Their shop is very small and most people buy their burgers to go. But the unmistakable freshly made Angus beef burgers with their special secret sauce is just mouth watering. They are open daily, from 11am to 8pm.

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Das Burgery
The double patty burger with bacon at Das Burgery.

12. Quino’s Cakes and Pastries
Quino’s Cakes and Pastries started with making designer cakes and cupcakes at their branch at Lacson Street, Mandalagan, but now they have grown to become a full service restaurant serving simple meals, hotdog creations, and burgers. They now have branches at The District North Point, 888 Chinatown Premier Mall, and soon at B.S. Aquino Drive, across Doctor’s Hospital. Love their hotdog sandwiches and of course, the burgers! Try their chorizo meal, too.

Assorted Quino’s cupcakes.
Hotdog sandwich with caramelized onions. Yum!

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13. Beni’s Gelato
For the sweet tooth who wants to have a private time, you will be happy at Beni’s gelato. They have a wide assortment of gelato and ice cream sandwiches as well as gourmet coffee is a quaint little shop that is quiet hidden at the Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod City (Lopue’s Mandalagan annex for the oldies). They are open daily, from 12 noon to 10 pm. They do extend their hours on weekends.

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Mocha mudpie gelato sandwich
Mocha mudpie gelato sandwich at Beni’s Gelato.
Red velvet gelato sandwich
Red velvet gelato sandwich at Beni’s gelato.

14. C’s by L’Fisher Hotel
C’s the is sweet shop / cafe by L’Fisher Hotel. It is located on the right side of the front of the hotel, along 15th-Lacson Street, Bacolod City. They serve the yummiest cakes and desserts but what a lot of people don’t know is that they also sell quality breads as well as serve delicious sandwiches, pastas, and coffee. They are open daily from breakfast time until 9pm.

Bacolod cakes
Some of the many yummy cakes by C’s by L’Fisher hotel. #Bacolodsweets

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salmon sandwich
The Salmon Cragel — slices of Norwegian salmon rolled, smothered with cream cheese, and sandwiched in the cragel — a hybrid of the croissant and the bagel, a unique creation by C’s pastry chef, Denis Laumone.
giant ensaymada
The yummiest ensaymada I have ever tried. Only at C’s

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