Give Your Children a Head Start in Education at SJI Explorers Preschool Talisay


From birth to age 5, children learn the most things. These are the crucial years to their development. What you teach them, what you expose them to makes the greatest impact on their lives. It is during these pre-school years that essential life skills like emotion control, ways of responding, conceptualization, and social skills are all embedded in them. SJI Explorers Preschool understands this important period so at their campus at Ayala Northpoint Subdivision, Talisay, Negros Occidental,

The SJI Explorers Preschool at Ayala Northpoint, Talisay.

SJI Explorers Preschool provides quality education for young children in a fun and creative early childhood education environment. And they do no lack in amenities. The campus itself is a secure, five-hectare area within Ayala. There is a lot of room to wiggle, roam, and explore. They have large classrooms with their own private restrooms and a diaper changing station. Each classroom has its own art gallery and library with a wide selection of books. And the best thing is, students can borrow books to bring home for the weekend.

Some of the books in one of the classrooms.

The school follows a Canadian-based teachers’ guide and curriculum. The classroom setup is also of Canadian-standards. Each classroom also has features interactive computer technology at every age level, which follows a 4:1 student to computer ratio. They also have a low student to teacher ratio. They have a native Canadian and Chinese speakers to start off the kids in the right way of speaking English and Chnese.

With costumes in the classroom, students are encouraged to pretend play.
One of the classrooms at SJI Explorer.

SJI Explorers puts great emphasis on “learning through play”. They operate on the perspective that young children learn well through play and that they cannot be rushed through an activity. Children may also need to be uninterrupted during play and have some time to play alone, or with others in a safe, comfortable, and supervised environment. They also believe that children need choices regarding what to play with. That is why the SJI Explorers classroom that is divided into different interest areas that enable children to explore, make things happen, and pursue their own interests. Their creative approach to learning covers the areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, Technology, and Process Skills. Soccer field. Children have access to both indoor and outdoor play areas equipped with a trampoline, playhouses, slide, and climbing structures. With all these, they aim to produce a strong and healthy child who is a skillful communicator, and a competent learner.

Interactive learning time.
Storytelling time.

As for the parents, they would be happy to know that there is no traffic congestion in the area so they can bring and pick their children up with ease. If parents would rather wait for their child’s class to end, they can relax while wait in the air-conditioned parents’ lounge.

At SJI Explorers Preschool, their assurance is that a child ‘s pre-school experience is full of joy, and wonder, and love.

SJI Explorers Preschool
Cell No.: 0917-304-6440
Phone No.: (034) 476-3029

Note: All photos from SJI Explorers website.

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  1. Wow! Looks like an awesome place to learn for the kids. My youngest would want a school like this!

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