The Shower Rooms at Palmas del Mar Shower Need Improvement


We did not push through with going to Water Garden because not all of us are going swimming and even if we don’t, we have to pay for the entrance of everyone. I think it was a waste of money doing that, so instead, we proceeded to Palmas del Mar and just pay the entrance fees of those who are not going swimming.

Anyway, everything was well. We have gone here last Sunday only because we attended a function in one of their functions halls and then we went swimming. But the difference was, last Sunday, we did not take a bath after swimming but we just took a rinse in the outdoor shower as we were just going home already.

But this time we did as we wanted to go to SM after our Palmas del Mar outing. So here was the deal. There were three shower rooms and two toilets. My daughter and I were the only ones inside. My daughter gets really fussy whenever I would give her a bath and I really needed help. But since it was a public bath, my husband could not come in to help me. When I went inside the first shower room, the knob was broken and the water would not come out even after I have turned the knob around. Then the second cubicle was of no help either because the knob would not budge. As for the third cubicle, at least there was water that came out in droplets. So I put my child down on the floor started taking out her swimsuit. Remember, she was wailing all this time.

I looked all around for a hook where I can hang my daughter’s wet suit and there was none because the old one had been broken. I looked at the floor and it was really dirty. So I hang it on the broken shower knob. I put the soap dish on the floor because there was nowhere to place it. After I have wet my daughter’s hair, the water stopped flowing. Then I heard the water in the first shower flowed. I lifted my crying daughter again and moved to the other cubicle only to find the water to stop flowing when I got there. This scenario happened three times until finally I decided there was nothing I could do about it.

I saw that there was a pitcher on the sink so I used it to gather water from the faucet to just pour over my daughter. She was standing on the sink but I thought that she was too tall so I put her on the non-slip mat on the floor. It was just good that I looked closely because as soon as I put her down, big red ants started climbing on her legs! Imagine that! Thankfully I lifted her up just in time to remove the ants without them biting her. Gee.

So I finished bathing her while she was standing on the sink. I made a real mess in the bathroom with water all over because I could no longer control my daughter with all the inconvenience brought by the dysfunctional bathroom of Palmas del Mar.

And to top it all off, the bathroom is full of mosquitoes!

I wonder that will all the developments at Palmas del Mar, why did they forget about the shower area near the old pool? I mean this is not a public CR. Those who take a shower here almost always go swimming and people pay to go swimming here. I really had an annoying time today. I wonder if there are others who have the same problem?

I know that the owners have their own private cottages here and probably have so much better restrooms. But please, do look into improving your public shower to make it a better holiday park.

Palmas del Mar is located at Airport Subdivision, Bacolod City.

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