Silay City Public Plaza Spectacular Christmas Display 2015


Silay Christmas tree
A view from the back of the giant Christmas tree in the middle of the Silay public plaza with a view of the San Diego Pro-Cathedral.

When you go to Silay City, Negros Occidental, you are sure to pass by the Silay Public Plaza along Rizal Street. And this December 2015, you will never miss it especially if you pass by at night because the whole place is lighted up in a spectacular Christmas display. Yes, the plaza is bathed in warm lights that make it look like a giant beacon from afar.

There is no loud music blaring but the scene is alive because of the people gathered in the plaza. The air is cool and the atmosphere is safe, so everyone, including children just roam freely to appreciate the displays. You can feel the excitement and anticipation for the Christmas season.

Silay public plaza Christmas
In front of the Christmas tree at the Silay public plaza are murals of biblical Christmas scenes.

I have nobody to ask about the display because we just happened to pass by their plaza from Balaring, but we had to stop for a closer look and to take photos. I believe that the Silay City Government under Mayor Oti Montelibano is responsible for the installation of the Christmas lights hanging from almost every tree in the public area. But the most interesting parts would be the life-size nativity scenes that had numbers and names of barangays on them. I am thinking that they have a contest on the best nativity scene design among the participating barangays. And of course, the small government units did not disappoint. They have come up with the most intricate and brightly lit renditions of the Christmas manger scene using local and recyclable materials like shells, dried grass, wood chips, tires, and the like. Put altogether, it was the most wonderful Christmas display I have ever seen, at least here in the province.
nativity scene
One of the nativity scenes at the Silay public plaza.

What I also like about the project is that, it has given the Silaynons a citywide Christmas centerpiece that is in the plaza. The participating barangays used local materials and then the scene depicted in all the setups is the reason for the season–the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. I think it is going back to the basics, reminding people of why we are celebrating Christmas. You are on point, Silay!
Silay Public plaza
Another awesome nativity scene at the Silay Public plaza.

If you haven’t gone there yet, I am encouraging you to visit Silay at least once this December. Bring your family and your camera and enjoy this feast for the eyes at the Silay City Public Plaza. Good job city government of Silay!
Silay Public Plaza
A more colorful rendition of the Holy Family and the wise men at the Silay public plaza.

Silay Public Plaza
All neutral colors in this manger scene at the Silay Public Plaza.

holy family nativity scene
An intimate moment with the Holy Family at the Silay public plaza.

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  1. While there i noticed about 4-5 people keeping the plaza clean. Probably going around every hour. It was already almost 10:00pm but they were still on duty. A group where chatting when one of the sweepers approached them to ask for their garbage.

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