Buy Insurance Policies That You Can Afford to Maintain


Ha! Excuse the rant, but we just have too many expenses!

And sometimes, I get irked by call center agents peddling insurance policies. Honestly, I don’t want to be rude. I know that these guys just want to earn a living by working in a call center selling insurance. They are just doing their jobs.

Sometimes, they have pretty good offers from reputable corporations, but seriously, do I need another policy? I mean it is good to have a health insurance, which is usually what they are selling, but what use would it be if I will be spending all my money on insurance policies?

I am currently paying for four insurance policies. Two of these were the ones I got while I was still single but these are for long term. One includes health benefits and is payable in 20 years. The other one is payable in 11 years. I am not even halfway in both. When my child was born, we got a couple more insurance policies for her. These are high yielding forced savings kind of policies that will enable us to get more returns for our money than when getting educational plans.

Yeah, we did not get educational plans now because they are not as nice as before. The returns are affected by inflation (well, that is how companies protect themselves). But with that, the money is not as high yielding as before.

Sometimes the agents would tell me, “But ma’am are your insurances enough for you to able to enjoy your twilight years with the same lifestyle?” Gee, no matter how much I want to, I couldn’t not afford it, okay?

Sigh, I guess these agents are part of life that we have to live with. I don’t want to hang up on them so I try to entertain them until I can.

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