Bulalo soup

hearty Bulalo soup from Bones and Belly Bacolod restaurant

BONES AND BELLY in Bacolod = Happy Tummy



A new Bacolod restaurant that
will surely make your tummy happy

Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
Bulalo (P250) served in a caldero at Bones and Belly, located at Pearl Manor, 23rd-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. #Bacolodeats

Many people would say that a lot of Filipino dishes are not very healthy. But what can we do? We love them because they are so good to the taste and comforting to the soul.

And there’s a new Bacolod restaurant that will surely make your tummy happy, and that is BONES AND BELLY. Owned and operated by the same owners of Pearl Manor, a boutique pension house at 23rd-Lacson Streets (Ramos), Bacolod City, Bones and Belly is now the frontage and highlight of the place.

They revamped their original dining area to make way for Bones and Belly, which serves Filipino favorites based on–you guessed it!–bone and belly. Their house specialties are bulalo soup (beef leg with bone marrow), American ribs with chocolate sauce, lechon kawali, sizzling cansi steak, and grilled tuna belly. As for their bulalo, they have a preparation for it. The waiter, with his hands covered with plastic gloves, mixes the bone marrow with the broth to make for a very rich soup. Not for the faint of heart though! hehe Check out how they do it in the video below:

Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
Sizzling cansi steak (P230) — so tender and flavorful. May be shared by two people.
Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
Tuna belly (P195) – maybe shared by 2-4 pax, depending on your other orders. So tasty!

To make the ambiance more “native Filipino”, the restaurant uses only white enameled tin plates, bowls, and cups–reminiscent of what our great grandfathers used during the pre-war. I love this touch–brings a lot of memories from my childhood. And it’s a good way to remind the young ones of what we used before as dining implements.

Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
Check out these enamel-coated tin plate and bowl on top of a wooden table. So rustic!

Bones and Belly

Pearl Manor Building
23rd-Lacson Streets (Ramos)
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Business hours: 8am to 9pm
Monday to Saturday

Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
Bones and Belly is in front of Pearl Manor. You won’t miss it.
Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
The air conditioned dining area.

I have still yet to try the other dishes at Bones and Belly but I have already pegged my favorite there–the American ribs. This huge slab of American ribs is baked and then grilled to perfection and smothered in a rich chocolate sauce. It’s soooooo good! Juicy, tender, and bounces back to the touch. Have it with their garlic rice and you will surely wipe your plate clean. Aggghhh…Drooling.

Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
This is their American ribs in chocolate sauce–my personal favorite. It doesn’t look much in the picture, but it’s so good! Price depends on weight.
Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
Lechon kawali — P150. So tender and namets!

I also like their lechon kawali because like their ribs, it is baked first before frying. It is tender and sliced in such a way that you can easily chew on the sinewy parts. That’s important for me because meat usually get stuck in between my teeth.

Bones and Belly has an air conditioned area as well as open air dining area. It’s a nice place to bring family and friends over for a lunch or dinner gathering because the food is affordable. They have a couple of fish offerings–the tuna belly and boneless bangus steak–as well as fried chicken, but this place is really for those who want to dine pleasurably and not wanting to feel the guilt of calories and cholesterol.

Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
The dining area by the street–this is open so diners who smoke may want to stay here.

They have an assortment of drinks and beers, as well as iced tea in a pitcher, but their specialty is the pineapple and cucumber drink.

Bones and Belly Bacolod Restaurant
My pineapple cucumber drink–the healthful cover up to all the cholesterol I have ingested. LOL

Bones and Belly is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 11pm. Please take note that they close on Sundays. They open early to serve their affordable all-day breakfast menu at only P95.00 for their billeted guests as well as walk in customers.

Note: Prices may change without notice.

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