boneless chicken steak

boneless chicken steak at Juliana's Cafe Bacolod restaurant

JULIANA’S CAFE – Casual Dining in a Fine Restaurant



At Juliana’s Cafe and Resto, you find casual Dining in a Fine and Elegant Bacolod Restaurant

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Boneless chicken steak with gravy and sidings (P240) at Juliana’s Cafe and Resto. May be shared by two people, as this is half a chicken.

In this city, Bacolod restaurants and eateries are a dime a dozen. It is like a phenomenon here that for such a small city and a relatively low population, our restaurants are flourishing. My visiting relatives would really comment on this and the common observation is, “Don’t you guys eat at home?”

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
The hototay, that can serve up to six persons P280. It has lots of vegetables, meatm and shrimps. So comforting.

But while there are many, there’s a few that really stand out from the crowd, either with their exceptional food, great service, lovely ambiance–or a combination of these qualities. There is one in Bacolod, however, that possesses all three, and that is JULIANA’S CAFE AND RESTO.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Chef Salad with three different kinds of dressings to choose from (P170).

Juliana’s Cafe

Juliana’s Cafe and Resto offers casual dining of family-style, well-loved Filipino dishes in a fine restaurant setting. Located at 7th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. They are open daily, from 11am to 10pm, serving lunch, snacks, and dinner. They also have a bar with a handsome collection of drinks for those who prefer a night cap or some spiked beverages with their meals. Plus, there’s also coffee and coffee drink creations. There is something for wide variety of tastes.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Juliana’s Sizzling Duck — a house specialty. Flavorful and tender (P350) and may be shared by 2-3 pax.

Despite their elegantly appointed interiors and cozy air conditioned restaurant, the food at Juliana’s Cafe is actually reasonably priced. Plus, the servings are quite big and can be comfortably shared. Specialties of the house, which are specially marked on the menu, are Chicharon Bulaklak, Hototay, Ox Tongue in Mushroom Sauce, Boneless Chicken Steak, and Juliana’s Sizzling Duck.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Chicharon bulaklak–another house specialty (P180). Crunchy, flavorful, and sinful haha.

I really like their flavorful duck dish, with its tender meat that could easily be pulled off the bones. Plus, they have so many fish, beef, pork, and chicken dishes. Will have to try them on my next visit.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
This serving of morisqueta is P150, good for 4.

Depending on the dish, one order may be shared by two to four people. The Hototay, for example, may be shared by four to six people because it comes in a big soup bowl. Mix the egg before serving so that it can be cooked and add further flavor to the soup.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Salisbury Steak with egg and mashed potatoes (P220). So worth it!

For snacks or light meals, they have sandwiches likes hamburger with fries, cheeseburger with fries, and chicken sandwich with asparagus and chips.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
We had the sizzling blue marlin in lemon-butter sauce and we enjoyed it. Prices vary depending on the weight of the fish.

They also serve affordable steaks, but among all those, what my kids eat is the Salisbury Steak, which they really love because of the tender and juicy beef patty. I ordered it medium well and that is exactly what we got.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Beef misono (P250).
Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Ox tongue in mushroom sauce (P290). So yummy! This is for sharing but I can finish this myself. haha
Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Juliana’s Cooler. This is so refreshing and we totally love the balls of fresh fruit!
Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
For dessert try their mango ice box cake. It’s nothing that I have tried before and it’s so good! (P70).

Juliana’s Cafe Amenities and Services

Juliana’s Cafe has a main dining area that can seat up to 30 people at one time, with enough space in between tables. There is a function room attached to the main dining area that can sit up to 20 pax and may be reserved for special occasions or if you just have a big group. The place can be exclusively occupied for a minimum food bill of P3,000.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
Juliana’s Cafe and Resto at 7th-Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

They also have two other function rooms that can accommodate up to 60 pax. These have been rented for birthday parties, meetings, conferences, and even weddings. For those who would like an outdoor setting, the parking area may be also be transformed into a party area.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
The main dining area. There are chairs on the right side.

Juliana’s Cafe has a separate menu for their catering services that start at P280, with delectable dish selections. Owner Carrie Gonzaga says that they can also work with the client’s budget, saying that they can come up with a special arrangement if need be.

The staff is friendly and waiters try to keep your table tidy by removing empty plates as fast as they could manage.

They also have a parking area in front of the restaurant.

Juliana's Cafe and Resto Bacolod restaurant
The 20-seater function room at Juliana’s Cafe and Resto.

Note: Prices may change without notice.

Juliana’s Cafe and Resto

7th-Lacson Street, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. 432-9769

Open Tue-Sunday, from 11am to 10pm For Monday bookings, pls. call the restaurant for prior reservations

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