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Why You Should Have an SM GIFT REGISTRY for Your Party


For your next celebration, sign up for the SM Gift Registry.

Here are the reasons why you should sign up for the SM Gift Registry.

SM Gift Registry
For your next event, sign up for the SM Gift Registry.

I have learned that the SM Store at SM City Bacolod already has their gift registry in place but instead of just writing about it, I thought it would be nice if we have experienced their service ourselves. And we did.

For our daughter’s 7th birthday, we held a party where we invited a lot of our relatives and friends. So as not to give them a problem in choosing gifts for Dindin, we signed for the SM Gift Registry service.

Advantages of SM Gift Registry

  • 1. Announce your special day with e-cards. You can use the SM Registry e-card to announce your event to your guests.
  • 2. Discount coupons for your guests. You can request discount cards based on the number of invited guests. You can give these out with the invitation.
  • 3. Online album of selected items. You can also give out the link to your wishlist so that guests can already browse the items that you chose before going to the store.
  • 4. Free delivery to venue. Your guests may opt to bring their gifts with them so that they can personally present them to you or they can have it delivered straight to the venue on the event day. Many people like this, especially if they are not able to attend your event but would still extend the courtesy of sending you a gift.
  • 5. Efficient and friendly service. SM Registry staff are very efficient and nice. Don’t hesitate to approach them for any concern.
  • 6. Special gift wrapping with premium wrappers and ribbons. If you have registered, you can choose the wrapper that you like for your gifts. You can have them in assorted colors so that guests can just choose what they like. Or you can choose one to two colors that match your theme.
gold gift wrapper - SM Gift Registry
We chose the gold wrapper for Dindin’s gift registry because the theme of her party was Beauty and the Beast.
  • 7. Special discount card. Once you register, you will be given a Registrant’s Cards that you can use for unlimited times during its validity. You can shop for items that are not in your registry and get 10% off regular items. The card is valid until one week after your event.
  • 8. It’s all about the choices. At SM Store, you have so many choices, so surely, you will get what you want and need as gifts.
  • 9. Check the items that were bought. You can check your wishlist online and see the progress of the registry. You can also use this list to check if all the items were delivered.

SM Gift Registry Tips

  • 1. Choose items from a broad price spectrum. Carefully consider the items you put in your registry. Don’t choose items that are very expensive to give as gifts or nobody will buy them. For birthday parties, find items that are affordable for parents to give to your child who is celebrating a birthday.  And then just put in some items you really like but are quite expensive but you think that may be bought by some relatives or family members because of your relationship to them.
  • 2. Don’t pick out discounted items. Since they are on sale, they will likely to be bought by other people. SM Registry only lists down the items that you like–they don’t set them aside for you. If they are sold out, your guest will have to find another one.
  • 3. Shoes easily get out of stock. You might want to risk it but in our case, the footwear that we chose were sold out a few days after we picked them uout.
  • 4. Shop for your other needs during the validity of your Registrant’s Card because you get a 10% discount on regular items until a week after your event.
  • 5. Check the option for delivery. This way the guests have a choice to have their gift delivered at the venue so that they will not be hassled to bring the gifts home and then to the event. You may also want to check on the number of items bought from the registry against the actual gifts received. Inform the registry if there is a discrepancy in the delivered gifts. In our case, I checked and everything was in order, so big THANK YOU.
birthday registry
The other wrapper colors available for the SM Gift Registry

How to Sign Up for the SM Gift Registry

  • 1. Locate the SM Gift Registry counter in the SM Store nearest you. At SM City Bacolod, it’s located at the third floor, between the housewares and the toys section.
  • 2. Fill up the form. You will need to set the exact date and venue of your event before you can register because of the delivery concerns as well as the expiration date of the discount cards.
  • 3. The SM Registry staff will book your event and register your details in their database.
  • 4. Item selection. A staff from the SM Store will accompany you as you pick out the items that you like. They will then scan the bar code into their system.
  • 5. After the selection, the items are endorsed back to the Registry counter so that the staff can take individual photos of the items and post them in your customized online wishlist.
birthday registry
Our SM Registry kit
  • 6. You will then receive a kit that contains a letter, discount cards that you can give out to your invited guests, and
    your Registrant’s Card. Make sure that you hold on to this card as you can use it anywhere on any regular item at the department store during its validity.

SM Gift Registry can cater to any special occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or christenings. We were so happy that we did this during our daughter’s 7th birthday.

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