Toys R Us Birthday Registry

Toys R Us Birthday Registry

Our Experience at the Toys R Us Birthday Registry in Bacolod


Toys R Us Birthday Registry

Toys R Us gift registry
Toys R Us gift registry at Robinsons Place Bacolod.

Toys R Us Birthday Registry Experience

I just want to relate to you our experience with the Toys R Us Birthday Registry at Robinsons Place Bacolod. I am not sure if this applies to other branches, but this is particular to the Bacolod Branch. And it may be that this particular experience is also unique to us.

Anyway, my daughter celebrated her first birthday last week and we decided to have the birthday gift registry primarily because we learned that we can get discount cards. Even if our guests will not buy the gifts, then we can still buy the items that we like at discounted rates.

Choosing the Items

So we went around the store for almost two  hours (this is normal for us as we like to browse around their aisles and just let our daughter take in the sights and play with the samples), picking the items we prefer. Then a guy listed the items that we wanted. There were two items that were the last in stock, so I told the guy to reserve them for us, as we will buy them immediately after the party if nobody gets them. We were told that our information and discount cards may be picked up after a week and they will just call us when they are already available.

Disappointing Service

Misplaced Form

Exactly seven days after our first visit, I did not get a call. So I called them up. My call was transferred to different people until finally, they said they could not find the gift registry form that we filled up. What the?!? I told them to find it because we spent nearly two hours choosing the items. They said they would call me back.

After two hours, I still did not get a call and so I called them again. This time, I was transferred to another person who said she found the form and our cards may be picked up the following day. Fine. Thank you.

Misplaced Items

The next day, thankfully the discount cards were ready and we picked them up. But when I looked for the item that we had specifically reserved to check if it is still there, the staff could not find it. What the?!? How could our guests buy the items when the staff could not find them? Sigh…I got really exhausted with this birthday registry thing.

Duplicate Item

Then came my daughter’s birthday party. We did not know that a lot of our guests did not understand what a birthday registry was because the service is fairly new in Bacolod. Only five people bought gifts from Toys R Us.

We only laughed afterwards because the guests are just close friends and we think that this is just a novel idea. That was okay.

The problem was, from the almost 20 items that we picked and only five people buying from the registry, we still got a duplicate item! Imagine that. That’s a real disservice right there. Don’t they check off the items from the list when they were already bought? Since the service is new and not a lot of people know about it yet, I am sure that they have the manpower to just check off a simple list, right?

Another Trip

So anyway, we had to go back there the day after my daughter’s birthday to have the duplicate item exchanged. At least, thankfully, the exchange was done with ease even without the receipt because we signed up for the gift registry. But it’s still a hassle to take another trip to the mall just for the exchange.

I just wish that they would have better service after that to save other parents from the inconvenience that we went through.

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