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Celebrate Filipino mothers with a heartwarming video reel that can win AllHome shopping vouchers from Camella.

Join Camella in Paying Tribute to All Filipino Mothers Nationwide

Celebrate Filipino mothers with a heartwarming video reel that can win AllHome shopping vouchers from Camella.


Celebrate Mother’s Day with Camella. Join the Philippine real estate giant in honoring the Extraordinary Mothers of the World — especially the Filipino mothers who have made so much sacrifice for their families despite hard times. Find out more below and get a chance to win cash prizes.

The Love and Care of Filipino Mothers

They say that Filipino mothers have a different kind of nurturing sense in them, which is why they are in demand as nannies in other countries. Pinay moms are sacrificial and passionate. It’s okay to be hungry or not have good things as long as we can provide for our children. When everyone else is asleep, we still work– either for a side hustle or on the things that make the home tidy and the children provided for.

Moreover, Pinay moms are the most appreciative people on Earth. Any gift from their kids has the power to melt their hearts. Yet the greatest gift you could give to a mom is cherishing their every effort.

Join Camella in paying tribute to the exceptional efforts of mothers worldwide this Mother’s Day. Recognizing the unwavering support and tireless dedication of every mother and mother figure by shaping remarkable individuals, Camella encourages you to take part in their Mother’s Day Competition through memories and music.

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Make our Mothers Smile contest poster and get a chance to win P10,000-worth of AllHome shopping credits. ~

What to Do

Simply upload a 30-second slideshow video or reels made out of photos capturing every milestone moment with your mom on Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram. The video reel should be accompanied by Sab‘s newest single for Camella, “Grow Old in Our Home.” Do not forget to tag @CamellaOfficial and use the following hashtags: #MothersDay2023 #Camella #MemorieswithMOMS.

Submission of entries is until May 17, 2023, at 11:59 PM. For more information about the mechanics, kindly click on this link.

Here’s the official song you can use for the contest:

As Mother’s Day is a celebration of love and affection between Moms and their children, take a nostalgic journey down memory lane with the woman who nurtured your greatness. Share your mom’s outstanding contribution to your life’s journey through Camella.

Let’s make this Mother’s Day a most remarkable day!
To all Filipino mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!

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