Review: Human Nature Natural Kids Shampoo and Body Wash

Human Nature Kids Shampoo. Photo from the internet.

When my baby was born, we used Lactacyd Baby Wash. But since it is expensive, I shifted to Johnsons Top to Toe Baby Wash. Both work fine for my baby. I am thankful that her skin is not sensitive to bath products so we can use any brand on her.

But anyway, I was introduced to the Human Nature product line recently. And since their products are organic, I really preferred them for my baby. It is my thought that organic products are best because they use natural ingredients. Plus this is a social enterprise, so I know I am helping some marginalized workers or entrepreneurs somewhere in the Philippines. It is really a conscious effort to do that.

As for the baby body wash and shampoo, I like it because it also has a “No Tears” formula. So I know I can use it safely on my baby’s hair without her ending up with burning eyes. It is easily rinsed, too, because it doesn’t have a lot of the soapy effect that conventional products have. For my daughter who is so fussy in the bath, that means a shorter bath time for us and less fuss because after a few splashes of water, her hair is rinsed and if ever there is something left, I know that it is not harmful for her.

But since the body wash is organic, it does not contain strong perfumes. When my baby’s head starts perspiring, her hair really gets icky and smells really bad. hehe Thankfully, this shampoo is mild so I shampoo baby’s hair up to three times a day during summer. Normally though, I give her a bath in the morning and in the evening, so I shampoo her again at night.

And would you believe? Baby’s hair got even thicker! Yep, instead of falling off because of frequent shampoos, her hair growth quickened. You see, my daughter was born with short hair and her strands are very thin, which made her look bald. But with continued use of Human Nature Natural Kids Shampoo and Body Wash, there was more hair growth. That means that the product is not only mild and safe for the health of the baby, it is also very beneficial to baby’s hair.

This product is also very cheap and lasts long. A 200ml bottle lasts about a month for my baby. Very highly recommended! 😀

Note: The author was not compensated to write this review. We bought our own products. All opinion are mine.

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    1. Hi! I started my daughter on Human Nature Kids Shampoo and Body Wash when she was about a year old, as the Human Nature baby care line wasn’t available back then.

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