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The Vape Bill answers the concern of e-cigarette safety and quality in the Philippines. And Snowplus embraces this change. Read more.

Snowplus Embraces Vape Bill: Sets a High Bar for E-Cigarette Quality

Snowplus supports the new Vape Bill that was signed into law last July 2022. It seeks to uplift industry standards for safety and quality.


Snowplus said it is committed to raising industry quality and standards in order to deliver safe and reliable e-cigarettes to Philippine consumers. It supports the new Vape Bill that was signed into law last July 2022. Read more.

The Vape Bill

In response to the presence of unregulated and counterfeit e-cigarettes in the market, the Vaporized Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Products Regulation Act was signed into law. The new act, known as the Vape Bill, will conduct industry supervision to set technical standards for safety and quality.

Snowplus has embraced the enacted vape bill as a crucial part of its long-term business strategies. The brand has expanded its distribution channels in the Philippines, to address the demands of the vaping community.   

To date, more than 95% of the world’s e-cigarette products come from China, with about 1500 e-cigarette manufacturing and brand enterprises.

Product Quality and Safety

Since its foundation in 2019, Snowplus has invested 2 million dollars in quality and safety research. It has become the second largest vape brand officially granted a huge production quota of 80 million pods by China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

The company established three advanced scientific laboratories with more than 40 experimental equipment to carry out the 28-point tests, including leaks, batteries, power, durability, weather conditions, and more.

Before going out in the market, Snowplus products are required to undergo highly stringent testing. With 60 criteria to test chemical and hardware performance, the electric cells have to pass 22 rigorous tests before assembly to guarantee that the devices remain stable and operate under different conditions.

Moreover, Snowplus conducts a series of environmental and temperature impact tests in high temperature, high humidity, and negative pressure conditions to avoid the risk of leakage.

Quality First

Higher industry standards imposed by the Vape Bill works well for Snowplus, as it is one of only a few vape brands certified by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). It is the highest certification in China for labs.

“Consumers can trust Snowplus. We work only with the most reputable partners and deliver products of the highest quality that are 100 percent safe,” added Derek Li, Snowplus co-founder and head of overseas markets.

Snowplus now takes on the challenge and responsibility to help lead the development of a healthy and sustainable industry.

About Snowplus

Founded in April 2019, Snowplus is dedicated to replacing combustible tobacco through consistent quality. The company is also committed to innovating better vaping experiences. Snowplus products have passed a number of third-party safety certifications and are made with components that meet the highest medical safety standards. To date, Snowplus has received over $150 million in financing, which is among the largest funding for any startup in the e-cigarette industry.

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