Is Cocolife a Scam?


Yesterday I got a text from a certain Mr. Winnie Katindig of United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation in Ayala Makati Branch. The text message said that it was my final notification that I have three exclusive rewards and privileges with their office. If am still interested I can claim my reward if I call within 48 hours.

I do get these text messages from time to time and sometimes I would call the number, not really with the intention of claiming the money, but really so that I can find a way to stop these scammers from conning other people. Anyway, the numbers in the text message are:

(02) 4859239, (02) 3939399, (02) 3939449, and (02) 3939454

I called the last number and it rang. It was answered by a guy and said it was the office of United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation. Mr. Katindig was not available to take my call as he was on the other line. So the guy talked to me. He asked what my name was and so I gave him a pseudonym. Nevertheless, he said that in I have 3 rewards and the first one is a fully paid insurance policy and all I needed was to give them the name of my beneficiaries. I had two more rewards but the guy was really taking so much of my time (much like the sellers of Grollier’s Encyclopedia) so I hang up or else my phone bill would really shoot up.

Anyway, they seem like a legit company. It felt like calling a call center. But imagine that. I didn’t know what the other rewards were. But there was a catch there somehow. And even though I only gave a pseudonym without really spelling it out to him, he said I already had a contract with their company. He also asked me if how many messages I got before calling and so I said just one. He asked with surprise “So hindi niyo pa po natatanggap ang mga unang rewards niyo?” This guy is really convinced of what he was doing.

I am writing this to warn others not to fall for this trap. Please do not believe if you get a text message about rewards from United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation. I know what my insurance policies are and their benefits. So if you don’t have a policy with that company, most likely it is a scam.

So I looked up the company in the internet and found the real McCoy at Cocolife. Here are the real contact information of Cocolife.

Head Office
6807 (6774) Ayala Avenue
Makati City
Trunkline: (02) 812-9015 to 26
Customer Care Center
Telephone: (02) 810-7888
Fax: (02) 812-9039

And this will really get to Cocolife so that they will know that another company is using their name.

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