MORE Power Iloilo - free water for laundry and washing - charging stations in Iloilo City

MORE Power Iloilo cares for its consumers by providing charging centers and access to clean water in 12-hour long brownouts.

MORE Power Iloilo: Service Beyond Electricity

MORE Power Iloilo cares for its consumers by providing charging centers and access to clean water in 12-hour long brownouts.


Western Visayas has been experiencing frequent brownouts because of low supply, troubleshooting, or maintenance work. But since the heat index is way overboard this summer, people are experiencing immense heat. MORE Power Iloilo is showing care to its consumers by providing charging centers in strategic locations so that people will still have access to communication in 12-hour long brownouts. Moreover, they have been giving out free clean water that can be used for bathing and washing amid the El Niño season.

MORE Power Iloilo

In the region’s capital, MORE Power Iloilo has been running the power distribution utility for several years now. They continuously upgrade the substations, replace old posts and meters, and update cables all over Iloilo City.

To do this, they need to routinely shut down power for several hours in some areas so that their linemen can work safely.

However, the power outages have been more frequent, not just because of the rehabilitation work, but also because of the low power supply from the Visayas grid.

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Consumers are feeling the inconvenience of a very hot summer. And MORE Power Iloilo understands that so they are trying their best to help the community as much as they can.

Looking Forward to Negros Power

MORE Power Iloilo is the sister company of Negros Electric and Power Corporation (NEPC), the new company that is slated to take over CENECO in Bacolod City and Central Negros pending the approval of their franchise.

Bacolod City desperately needs a better and more reliable distribution utility. CENECO no longer has the capabilities to deliver stable power connections in its service area.

The consumers have made their voices heard through a plebiscite in favor of a JVA between CENECO and Primelectric to create Negros Power.

It will not be an easy and quick solution to our electricity problems. Rather, Negros Power will be able to provide long-term solutions to our city’s growing electricity needs, like what MORE Power Iloilo is doing.

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