Haemul-tang at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant

KOREAN GRILL BACOLOD Restaurant for Authentic Korean Meals



serves authentic Korean food in a casual
dining setting.

Haemul-tang at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Haemul-tang – spicy seafood soup.

Korean cuisine has found its way into the hearts and tummies of Bacolodnons (and Filipinos in general), thanks for K-Dramas and our love for spicy food. In our city, get authentic Korean food from KOREAN GRILL, a relatively new Bacolod restaurant.

There had been a Korean Grill Bar back then, but this is a different one, owned and managed by a Korean and his wife who is from Bacolod. The restaurant may look unassuming on the outside, but do not underestimate their food. Their dishes are authentic and flavorful and have big servings. So while the orders may cost higher than your usual meals, don’t worry because he servings may be shared by at least three people. And you will be greatly satisfied.

Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Korean Grill along B.S. Aquino Drive. You would not suspect it’s a restaurant inside.
Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
A nice mural at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant.

The place looks so simple on the outside that you will not find a glaring sign from across the street. If ever, what will catch your attention are the grills on the frontage. But while it’s not eye catching, you get the feel of a local restaurant that’s common in maybe Busan? I am not a K-Drama expert but it does exude such vibe–a neighborhood Korean eatery serving your favorites and where you can drown out your day’s stresses over a bottle of soju. And yes, they serve soju, too.

Samgyeopsal at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Samgyeopsal is a Korean favorite that has also been enjoyed by Filipinos. You grill the pork belly lightly, place it on a lettuce leaf, put sauce and a piece of garlic and mushroom and then munch on it, So good and filly! 😀

Dr. Dominic Alojado of Skycraper City on video cooking sampyeosal at Korean Grill. For the first time, I didn’t have to do the grilling as someone else did it for me. I could just take photos and eat afterwards. hihi Thanks doc!

Samgyeopsal at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Fellow Negros Blogger Mea Pabiona on the grill cooking samgyeopsal

They have most Korean specialties like samgyeopsal, kimbob, and bulgogi, plus there are is so much more to explore there, be it a vegetable, chicken, pork, beef, or seafood dish. And yes the seafood dishes are sooo good and fresh. They don’t scrimp on ingredients and the owners really supervise or even cook in the kitchen so they can preserve the quality of their food. But oh, they don’t have bibimbap and jjampong. Hope they add these because a lot of Filipinos like these two.

 Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
My table setting at Korean Grill Bacolod.
 Jobang Nakjibokkeum at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Jobang Nakjibokkeum, – spicy squid.
Kimbop at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Tasteful Kimbop at Korean Grill Bacolod.

Korean Grill Bacolod Experience

We had a good experience at Korean Grill Bacolod — one of the many Korean restaurant in Bacolod. Food is good and the servers are simple but friendly and helpful. They have an airconditioned and non aircon area, but if you dine and at the aircon area and there is grilling, you will have to contend with the smoke. If you prefer to dine outside, it’s the heat and humidity that you will have to embrace.

During our hearty lunch, we had Samgyeopsal, Haemul Pajeon, Jobang Nakjibokkeum, Haemul-tang, Dak-Galbi, and Ojingeo Bokkeum. You can check photos around this post.

Dak Galbi at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Ingredients for Dak Galbi.

The cook at Korean Grill preparing Dak Galbi on video below. She cooked in the non aircon area of the restaurant because it takes some time to cook and the smoke can be a lot.

Dak Galbi at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Dak Galbi doesn’t look like much after it is cooked, but I really like it, especially the rice sticks.

Note: They only accept cash payments.

Korean Grill

B.S. Aquino Drive (beside Pearl Manor)
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Open daily: from 12nn to 10pm

 Haemul Pajeon at Korean Grill Bacolod restaurant
Haemul Pajeon – squid and vegetable omelet.

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