Chris Evans Bulks Up for New Captain America Movie

The bulked up yet still very handsome Chris Evans on the set of the new Captain America sequel with co-star Anthony Mackie. Photo from the internet.

Chris Evans, 31, has now started work on the superhero sequel that he topbills, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The crew is now filming action scenes in Washington, D.C. as of this writing. In the photo above, the bulked up actor is joined by fellow actor Anthony Mackie for a scene.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson reprises her famous role as the feisty yet very sexy Blackwidow. Will they develop a love story in this sequel? Is Black Widow going to be the Captain’s love interest for this new release? Well, we will see. And I am sooo excited to watch this. hihihi I hope it comes out soon. But I know it’s not going to be soon enough as I expect, if I want a quality movie.

Anyway, this is certainly a super hero movie feature that my husband and I are going to look forward to watching in the near future. haha Give it a year maybe? Uhhhh I hope so. Who are the Captain America fans here with me?

Scarlett Johansson waits for her cue on the set. I just love her in the tight-fitting leather outfit. Photo from the internet.

It seems that Captain America has a new sweet ride in this movie. He will surely zoom around on the streets of Washington with this one! I love the twist that he is so alienated to the developments of the 21st century that he is having a hard time adjusting, even to the figures of speech. I can only imagine sleeping and then waking up many decades later. Wow, it must be an experience.

Thankfully, we don’t have that…or at least yet. hehe

Oh, I am already rambling. I just so excited about this movie. haha I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Phpleaseeeee.

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