NOOS Founder Mrs. Julie Benedicto

NOOS Founder Mrs. Julie Benedicto

Bacolod Events: The 13th Waling-Waling Festival in Full Bloom


Negros Occidental Orchid Society, Inc.

NOOS Founder Mrs. Julie Benedicto. Photo taken during one of the Waling-Waling Festivals in the past.

The Negros Occidental Orchid Society, Inc. (NOOS), an organization founded by plant flower Mrs. Julie Benedicto, has taken great steps with tireless efforts to preserve and promote the propagation and love for the prized orchid called the Waling-Waling–our national flower and treasure.

That is the objective of the annual Annual Waling-Waling Festival that has been happening for the last 13 years here in Bacolod City. The venues are moved around the city each year but the goal is the same–to encourage the appreciation and cultivation of this unique and beautiful flower.

The week-long celebration of the Waling-Waling Festival, which is themed “Appreciating our National Flower and Other Philippine Orchid Species” this year, will run from August 12-20, 2015, and will be highlighted by an exhibit at the Robinson’s Place Bacolod Fountain Area.

NOOS Pres. Dr. John Clifton Martyr along with NOOS officers and members would like to invite all plant enthusiasts from Negros and neighboring islands to be a part of this much-awaited annual event. To add excitement to this year’s event, two Lecture Series will be held. Please see topics and schedules below:

Aug. 14 – Friday – 3pm
Topic: Organic Agriculture & Its Impact on Food and Health by Pam Henares

Aug. 15 – Saturday – 3pm
Topic: Introduction to Philippine Vanda Species by Dr. John Clifton Martyr

It is the hope of NOOS members that this cultural celebration and legacy will continue to bloom yearly, with the appreciation of the flower being passed on to the younger generation.

The Waling-Waling.

The Story of the Waling-Waling
The Waling-Waling is believed to be born out of the legendary love of the brave “bagani” mortal warrior named Madiger and the lovely goddess Waring Waring. It was chosen the national flower because the Waling-Waling is quite a sight to behold –- it features the shimmering colors of vermilion and burgundy and pink, cerise and lavender. This native orchid blooms only once a year, during August, hence the festival. That is why, for plant collectors and enthusiasts, August spells love and romance beyond space and time. Thanks to the Waling-Waling.

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