Filipino dishes at Zharnss Grill

Filipino dishes

Zharnss Grill Bacolod: 24-Hour Hot Meals


Your favorite foods available 24 hours a day.
Who doesn’t want that?
Available at Zharnss Grill Bacolod.

Zharnss Grill Filipino food
Big servings of hot meals at Zharnss Grill available 24 hours a day.

Zharnns Grill is a 24-hour, non air-conditioned restaurant just outside the Goldenfield Commercial Comcplex, serving hot and tasty Filipino dishes. It is located on the short road from Goldenfields that exits toward Magsaysay Avenue.

While their name may be hard to remember, but rest assured, their food is unforgettable. They serve popular Filipino foods like the sizzling series–pork sisig, boneless bangus, and cansi steak at affordable prices. They also have a mean Soup No. 5 that’s so filling and comforting at the same time. And it’s only P50 per serve. Occasionally, they have boneless pork belly that you can also order for special occasions.

Their foods fit the Ilonggo taste–rich, think, and flavoful–the way we like our food. Don’t ask me about healthy or organic or slow cooked. But their foods are comforting, that much I could say. I believe that it is perhaps their non aircon place that makes their prices so affordable. If you come here in groups, you can easily share their servings.

Zharnss is the place to chill out after a stressful day at work or if you get a craving in the middle of the night. When every one else is closed, they are open to serve you. They are especially perfect for those with night shifts at work. This is your place to get a decent meal in the dead of night.

Here are the dishes that we ordered when we dined there:

cansi steak
Cansi Steak. Tender cansi served sizzling with rich and thick gravy. Good for 3, I should say.
sizzling pork sisig
Sizzling pork sisig-spicy!
sizzling boneless bangus
Sizzling bangus — so big!
Soup No. 5
Soup No. 5 really has bull testicles in it, but cooked very well so it doesn’t have the odor that’s associated with bovines.

Quest for the Best Soup No. 5 in Bacolod

Zharnss Grill
Spacious interior of Zharnss Grill.
Zharnss Grill
This is how Zharnss Grill looks on the outside. Simple and laid back.

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