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Recently, I signed up with the online shopping site Zalora Philippines, which carries mainly items of fashion for men and women, such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, and accessories. I have not really checked out their site earlier because I had been pregnant and subsequently gave birth, so my attention was elsewhere.

But I am glad that I did sign up. First it was really easy to become a registered member on the site. This is necessary because then you can load up your personal information there and whenever you make a purchase, you don’t have to fill up the info sheet all over again.

After my registration, I received their Zalora Insider Guide in my email. There were five points that they underlined there:

1. You can stay in style. And who wouldn’t? They have thousands of new stuff posted on the site and they add more each day. 😀 You can also get updated with what’s new through their online newsletter.

2. You can shop in comfort. I did my shopping while I was in my sleep clothes. haha Yeah, when everyone was already asleep, I did my shopping.

3. You have a 30-day free return option. Not that I needed to do it with my purchases, but it is nice to know that you can do this.

4. You can have a wishlist. Yes! You can add to your wishlist and friends can buy the items for you. Or you can watch out for it when the item becomes available.

5. You get great customer support that is available from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Over all, I was so happy with my experience at Zalora that I would recommend it to anyone who would want to shop for fashionable items online without much hassle of hitting the malls. Sign up for their free newsletter and you get a voucher, too. 😀

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