How to Properly Maintain Jet Ski Batteries

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A jet ski ride is a fun thing to do this summer. If you own one, take care of it properly so that it will serve you well. Photo from

It is great to own a jet ski if you love the combination of thrill of speed on water, salt water spray, and sea breeze. Undeniably, riding the jet ski would be a great activity for this summer. And for those going to Boracay for their vacation, be sure not to miss riding one even for the fee that it will entail.

But if you have a jet ski and you live in a country where there is winter, how do you maintain your jet ski batteries so that it will last you long?

Here are some tips that I found online.

1. Remove the battery from your jet ski when not in use.

2. Find the rubber cap of the negative terminal of the battery and flip it back. Unfasten the screw that connects the negative terminal to the battery cable then lift the cable away from the battery.

3. Also flip back the rubber cap from the positive terminal. Do the Number 2 procedure on this side.

4. With a pair of protective gloves on, lift the battery out of its housing. Make sure that it is level at all times.

5. Then place the jet ski battery on a rubber mat and store it in a dry area, like a garage or a shed. Attach the battery to a trickle charger according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is to ensure that the battery recharges at the same rate as it naturally discharges over the winter.

6. Remember to check the fluid level of your battery every four weeks. Yup, just four weeks so it should not be too much work, right? Should the water level fall below its regular level, unscrew the battery cap and then refill it.

Sounds simple enough. But you just have to remember doing it and you jet ski batteries will be fine all throughout the winter and ready for use during the summer. 😀

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