Working on My Fitness Goals for the New Year


As a mommy blogger who primarily blogs about food and events, it is easy to over indulge and neglect my health. Fitness always takes a back seat. But I am not a young person anymore and my metabolism has significantly slowed down. Crash diets don’t work anymore. And it has been more than 10 years since I hit the gym.

Sam's Slim Gym
End of week 1. My shoes are not branded. I bought this 8 months ago at SM Dept Store and it’s only P600. But at least, it has the image of a monkey, so 2016 is really it’s year. hehe My jogging pants are 13 years old already (worn the last time I went to the gym). But I believe it’s not in the outfit. It’s my determination to reach my fitness goals that will make this work.

Thanks to Mr. Sam Solon of Sam’s Slim Gym located at the 3rd Floor of JTL Bldg., B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City, Philippines who offered free gym memberships to members of the Negros Bloggers, I was motivated to enroll last December. But after 12 years of no exercise, I felt rather heavy and sore and after two days of working out, I suffered migraine for four days. Then the holidays began and I no longer had time to work out. So all in all, I managed to visit the gym for two straight days last month and that was it.

Sam's Slim Gym
My coach Rugee Guardamano. He’s nice but also relentless. haha

For week 1 this January, I went there starting Monday, January 4, skipped Thursday, and came back Friday for our 4-day workout week. Each day, my coach Rugee Guardamano, let me on different sets that are designed to work out different muscle groups. I had to take a couple of painkillers but that’s fine, because I felt lighter and ready for another session. On Day 4, I noticed that I am no longer as bloated and my tummy is not not stretched anymore, so I am telling myself that my workout is doing its job so that I will be encouraged to continue. I think that in the next two months, I might need a change of wardrobe because at the rate I am going, I will be able to lose significant weight and see a more toned physique. That is why, I always check ZALORA for the latest fashion must-haves! I might need several new outfits!

Sam's Slim Gym
With the owner of Sam’s Slim Gym, Mr. Sam Solon.

Today is Monday and is the start of Week 2. And I will be hitting this Bacolod gym again later. I think I have eaten too much over the weekend, which should all the more push me to hit the gym hehe

I really hope that my blogger-friends will also enroll already so that I will have friends with me, too. But until they decide I will keep on working out–for my sake, anyway.

Starting weight: 130 lbs.
Target weight: 100 lbs.

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