Wanlu and His Puppets at The District North Point

Wanlu at The District North Point
World class Filipino puppeteer and Talentadong Pinoy winner Wanlu and his puppets will perform live on Saturday and Sunday at The District North Point. Be there and secure your seats because admission is free.

Wanlu and his Puppets are Performing Live this weekend at The District North Point! Catch his live performance!

The famous Wanlu Lunaria, more popularly known as Wanlu and His Puppets, an acclaimed Filipino puppeteer, will be performing live in two shows this weekend at The District North Point, Talisay.

Visit the Ayala Mall in Talisay on January 9 and 10 and it will all be about puppets. There will be a Puppetry from Southeast Asian Nations Exhibit at the mall’s Activity Center from 10am to 9pm. The exhibit will showcase the different kinds and styles of puppetry among the Asian nations. Meanwhile, Wanlu and his Puppets will be performing at 3PM on both Saturday and Sunday. Admission to both the exhibit and the Wanlu shows are free so it is best to come early to secure your seats and get a good view of the performance.

About Wanlu
Mr. Wanlu Lunaria is a seasoned puppeteer who ran away with the Season 1 Hall of Fame in the Pinoy talent search, Talentadong Pinoy, which has aired before on TV5. He was also given the Dangal ng Bayan Award as the Philippines’ World Class Puppeteer. He is the Philippine correspondent to the International Ventriloquist Society (IVS) as well. His skills and talents have traveled far and wide as he has represented the country to many international puppetry festivals held all over the world.

Meet Wanlu and his puppets this weekend at The District North Point and discover the different, magical, and dramatic world of puppetry. Don’t miss this rare event. Be sure to bring your kids as we will surely bring ours! 😀

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