Visit Bacolod: The Ruins in Talisay


My husband and I had a lovely afternoon today. Despite the rain clouds attempting to pour, I believe that God held it back to allow my hubby and I our post anniversary date.

We decided to hit many birds with just one trip, so we went to potential clients and also had photo opps in two places in Talisay City–the Spa by the Sea and The Ruins.

The Spa by the Sea, I believe, had been a beautiful resort…had…because it was victimized by Typhoon Frank and a lot of the cottages there and the function hall were destroyed.

But then we went to The Ruins. This place is actually the ruins of the mansion of Don Mariano Lacson during the 1920s. What a place! The Americans burned the house for several days so that it will not become a headquarters for the Japanese. Anyway, after more than 80 years, the place still stands. The solid structure of the house still stands proud and proof of the opulence of the Old World.

Going through the ruins, I tried to imagine what it was like living there, with its high ceilings and rooms and stairways.

It is a lovely place for a pictorial. They opened the place to the public only January of this year. It is open for wedding pictorials and also some receptions.

But what I like about our visit there is the people watching over the place. They are very friendly and helpful. One guide, Junjun even volunteered to take our pictures because he saw that we were laboring with the tripod and timer and then I would run to join in the picture. It was really funny. So he went around with us, going up and around the big house.

It is quite easy to go there. From Bacolod City, we took the Lacson Street to go to Talisay. Just after the Honda showroom, we turned right and hit a dirt road that was three kilometers long. The ride was bumpy, but going home, we took another route, the one that goes through Bata Subdivision in Bacolod City. It is actually very near Bacolod, just after the border. Entrance there is P25 per person.

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