Villa Iska Beach Resort - Bacolod resort

Villa Iska Beach Resort - Bacolod resort

Villa Iska Beach Resort in Bacolod City Makes Staycation Worthwhile


Villa Iska Beach Resort

Villa Iska Beach Resort is the only white sand resort in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Villa Iska Beach Resort is a premier beach resort located at Pta. Tay Tay, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Punta Tay Tay

Honestly, we had not been to Punta Tay Tay here in Bacolod City for a very long time now. The last time that we went there was maybe three years ago and we were dismayed at how dirty the shores of the beach were that we didn’t even allow our daughter to walk barefoot on the sand. Needless to say, we didn’t bathe in the sea.

But now, as a Bacolodnon, I am very proud to say that the development of Villa Iska Beach Resort just leveled up Punta Tay Tay many notches. They had been in operation for a year now, but it was only recently that we went for a visit. And we glad we did.

The facade of Villa Iska Beach Resort.

Villa Iska Beach Resort may be considered small in terms of area. The frontage is quite narrow but it just goes all the way in, like a very long rectangular lot. Yet, because the place was planned out well so the space is maximized and everything is just orderly. You wouldn’t feel that there is anything lacking at all (or maybe it’s just me).


The resort is gated and has a guard, so it is safe for daytime outings and overnight stays. Parking is not a problem because they have a spacious and gated parking area across the road. When you step inside the resort’s castle-like entrance, you will be enthralled. Lying before you is a spread of a white sand courtyard–something that you would never think of finding in Pta. Tay Tay.

Yes, they did not just build and beautify the place, they went further and dumped white sand to make Villa Iska Beach Resort so much better than the rest of the resorts in the area. You instantly feel that you are transported somewhere else, like maybe in Mactan, Cebu? hehe Ok, I’m exaggerating, but since I have known Pta. Tay Tay my whole life, this is such a super huge improvement.

The white sand courtyard.
My kids enjoyed playing on the clean white sand at Villa Iska Beach Resort.

The right side of Villa Iska Beach Resort is lined with colorful hotel rooms while on the left side is a restaurant. On the sprawling courtyard is a volleyball net–for those who would like to indulge in a game of beach volleyball.

The volleyball net.
Colorful hotel rooms add to the beauty of the place.
Inside the restaurant.

Swimming Pools

Beyond that point is the swimming area and where the cottages are located at Villa Iska Beach Resort. If you stay in this area, you will have to pay a pro-rated swimming fee–whether you use the pool or not. They have a couple of swimming pools–one picturesque pool for the kids and a big pool for the adults. Swimming is not allowed on the beach because they have closed off the area.

But that is fine with me because considering how polluted the sea water is in the area, I wouldn’t dare take a dip either. The only consolation with Villa Iska being located beside the beach is, you get to inhale the sea breeze.

The small kiddie pool with a fountain.

Picnic Cottages

Villa Iska Beach Resort has affordable cottages ranging from P500 to P1,700. The cottages are clean and well-maintained and each one has its own intercom (which we never tried to use). They also have ample outdoor showers, wash areas, toilets, and shower rooms around the resort.

This was our cottage that you could rent for the day at P500.

The entire place is also very clean and orderly because staff members follow after the litter that some guests throw. And oh, no pets are allowed, so at least I don’t have to worry about letting the kids play in the sand because there is no litter. I love it!

Beach umbrellas with tables and chairs are also available for rent.

Best Photo Spots

There are many picture-worthy areas at Villa Iska Beach Resort, so make sure that your digital cameras and smart phones have been fully charged for your colorful selfies and groufies. Either morning, afternoon or evening, you will surely have some nice photos around here.


For day time visitors, you can bring food, iced tea, and juice, but soft drinks and beer are charged with a corkage fee. They also provide a grilling station for those who would like to bring their favorite barbecues. If you get a hankering for oysters, the staff can buy them for you from neighborhood vendors. Just tip them for the favor.

They provide this area for grilling. That’s my father grilling our food for lunch.

If you want to eat out, you don’t need go far because just a few meters away is a string of native restaurants serving all-time favorite Pinoy foods that are cooked from the day’s freshest catch. They have steamed oysters, too.

These are just non-aircon restaurants (but with roofs) by the sea and are collectively known as the Bacolod restaurants by the Pta. Tay Tay viewing deck. It is nice to eat here because of the sea breeze but the places are all made of wood and the restrooms might not suit the more squeamish.

Here is our dining experience at the Viewing Deck. Read: 5 Seafood Dishes at Pta. Tay Tay Viewing Deck 8. Would we come back? Definitely yes!


All in all, I am very pleased with Villa Iska Beach Resort. The entrance fee is reasonable, considering that the amenities are ample and the service is good. This summer, don’t miss even just a day trip here. We liked it so much that we are bound to come back any time soon with the family.

For inquiries and reservations, please find the contact details below.

Villa Iska Beach Resort

Punta Tay Tay, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. (63) (34) 476 8523

Villa Iska Beach Resort also has function rooms for rent for special occasions. Or you may reserve the courtyard for a beach party.

Part of the spacious parking area. There is more space at the back that I could no longer fit inside this frame. This is such a luxury around Pta. Tay Tay because it is paved, gated, and there are no coconut trees around.

Just a reminder: NO PETS ALLOWED in the resort.

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