A Lovely Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror (2012)

Julia Roberts plays the role of the wicked queen who wants to be forever beautiful and will do everything to keep it. Photo from the internet.

I have always liked Julia Roberts. I have watched many of her movies. In fact, her movie Notting Hill was the first-ever movie date that my husband and I had. And I am so excited for her upcoming film, Mirror Mirror, a twisted depiction of the classic fairy tale, Snow White. In fact I liked it so much that I laughed out loud while watching the trailer.

I just got excited for this movie because is a new role for Miss Roberts and she plays it perfectly. I just think though that Lily Collins–the actress who plays Snow White–does not look pretty at all. But Julia Roberts–as the wicked stepmother–is beautiful…and utterly deceiving. haha

Well, you know the classic Snow White story. This one though has a twist–it focuses more on the wicked stepmother, which is obvious, because they wouldn’t cast a major actress for the role if it weren’t about her. It shows the stepmother’s obsession with looks and her vanity, as we know it, would lead her to take extreme measures in order to maintain her beauty forever. The script is snappy and the sequences are upbeat that for me, there is nothing boring to the movie. And of course, Julia Roberts is brilliant, as always! We love it so much!

Written by Melissa Wallack and Jason Keller for the big screen, Mirror Mirror is directed by Tarsem Singh.

Lily Collins as Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs. Photo from the internet.

Now if you want an instant laugh, watch Mirror Mirror trailer. It should be enough to make you want to look for the full-length movie and make time to watch it.


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  1. My kids and I loved it, beautifully executed ,very precise and accurate, according to what we’ve been known

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