Bright Kids Preschool - Bacolod preschool

Bright Kids Preschool - Bacolod preschool

Bright Kids Preschool Bacolod: Investing in a Brighter Future for the Next Generation


Bacolod Preschool – Bright Kids Preschool

At Bright Kids Preschool, you start them right and make them bright. Their focus is producing well-rounded achievers not just in preschool but in life. ๐Ÿ˜€

Choosing a Bacolod Preschool

When people become parents, they seem to develop an antenna that draws them to things that are good for their children. Things become no longer for one’s self but for the sake of the little ones’ present and future needs.

And when it comes to education, we scour the city for the best school that not only will provide the best in academic training but will also provide a holistic learning experience for the kids. And since it is common knowledge that the first five years of a child are crucial for his or her development, it is important that we choose the right preschool that will provide a secure and fun learning environment while enhancing all the skills of the child. It is also a must that the teachers be able to give appropriate feedback on the skills, attitudes, and character traits to harness or correct at home.

Here in Bacolod City, we were so happy to find one such preschool for our daughter Dindin. And that is Bright Kids Preschool.

History of Bright Kids Preschool

Bright Kids Preschool started out as just a quaint little toy store located at Plaza Mart back in 2007. They supplied educational toys and learning resources to various preschools in Iloilo and Bacolod. They also organized and sponsored seminars to educate parents and teachers.

Running activity at the Panaad Sports Stadium where a coach was teaching the kids about proper warm up before running.

Eventually, they were swamped with requests from parents who wanted them to handle tutoring their kids. From an initial number of three students, the population soon grew to 30 that it became inevitable for them to evolve into something else. So on April of 2009, Bright Kids Preschool was born.

Mission and Vision of Bright Kids Preschool

Bright Kids Preschool aims to provide head-start programs for the Filipino-Chinese children of Bacolod as well as to produce and raise happy and well-rounded achievers.

In order to achieve their mission and vision, Bright Kids Preschool has an evolving curriculum that is designed specifically to cater to the capacity and learning styles of the children. That is the reason why they change their lesson plan every year, depending on the level of achievement and capacities of each batch.

An activity that we did in my daughter’s class–a presentation of what we do for a living. The kids were in awe at how we made customized stickers. ๐Ÿ˜€

They hold what they call the Literacy Week, which is conducted by parents. These include mother and child activities, sports activities with parents, home visits, and even birthday parties. Parent participation programs have also been intensified so that parents get to plan, execute, and join the activities of their kids. In our case, we explained what we did for a living and gave the output of our activity to the kids. We even brought a small sticker cutter to show them how vinyl stickers are made. ๐Ÿ˜€

Badminton activity at the Po Hang Badminton Gym.

Experiential learning is integrated through exposure to various sports, arts, and field trips. In this way, teachers get to discover where the kids’ potentials lie.

One of their many activities during Chinese New Year 2015.

What Makes Bright Kids Preschool Unique

Bright Kids Preschool is a duly recognized school by the Department of Education. They offer integrated Chinese lessons starting at the Nursery level and they employ Multiple Intelligences Software Program in teaching various subjects like English, Math, and Language. They also offer MPM Math Tutorials.

The school also boasts of fully air conditioned classrooms, ample restrooms, and a library filled with more than 3,000 titles of English, Chinese, and Filipino books. They also have an activity area with lots of imported toys and resources. Furthermore, they have a shaded playground that is safe for the kids to play in.

The air conditioned Kinder Classroom.

On the average, enrollment for the entire school is more than 100 students. Levels offered are:

  • Babies -1 year old
  • Rugrats – 2 years old
  • Tots – 3 years old
  • Tykes – 4 years old
  • Kinder – 5 years old
The Entrepinoy program teaches kids the values of making, saving, and spending money wisely.

Bright Kids Preschool maintains a 1 teacher per 3 students ratio for the babies class; 1:6 for the toddler and nursery years, and 1:8 for the pre-kinder and kinder classes. They currently have 15 teachers, all of whom are passionate about educating children. Parents are then updated of their kids’ progress through reports and conferences.

Teachers at Bright Kids Preschool headed by Teacher Sheryll Ong, seated center.

Bright Kids Preschool Motto

I will:

  • B – be the best that i can be
  • R – respectful and responsible
  • I – improve myself continuously
  • G – stay grounded and grow with God
  • H – be honest and live in harmony
  • T – top notch and twenty first century ready

Core values of Bright Kids Preschool

  • 1. Child first policy. We place the interest of the children in everything we do.
  • 2. Collaborative partnership. We foster a strong relationship with parents and other associates in child development.
  • 3. Commitment to quality. By providing safe and developmentally sound environment, comprehensive curricula, and appropriate learning activities
  • 4. Culture of excellence. The school constantly innovates and looks for new ways to deliver better quality education and service to our students.
Rehearsals for Bacolaodiat CNY presentation.

In the future, Bright Kids Preschool would like to open a branch in Iloilo City and maybe pursue providing elementary education.

My daughter’s time with Bright Kids Preschool was one of the most developmental and exciting years in her young life. We didn’t regret sending her there and we are so thankful that we chose this school for her.

Bright Kids Preschool offers programs for kids 1 to 6 years old for the regular school year and during summer. You may visit them at No. 8, 10th-Lacson Street Bacolod City and see what they can do for you and your child. Or you may call them at (034) 4334713 for inquiries. Like their FB page: Bright Kids Preschool.


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