The Pink and Green Combination

candles on cake
Pink and green Tinkerbell cake, balloons, table centerpiece, and dress!

I just love the pink and green color combination! When my daughter turned three years old yesterday, we had the pink and green motif for her birthday. Actually, the theme was Tinkerbell, however, instead of just plain green, the entire theme was garden-inspired, but I kinda dwelt on the pink and green color combination.

And the effect was just lovely–so bright and colorful! We chose the metallic light green and pink balloons. These colors were reflected on the Tinkerbell cake and the Tinkerbell dress that my daughter wore. The dress was a gift from my kumare Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online. Thank you very much! πŸ˜€

I always use this color combination even for Dindin’s outfits. Ahhh…so young, so fresh, so vibrant…so full of life!

Next year, it’s going to be a Barbie Fairy Secret Party for us! πŸ˜€ Weeee… I love organizing parties for her.
pink and green balloons
Special thanks to Honey Grace Patindol of Honey Lee Cakes for this lovely Tinkerbell cake. Thank you also to our friend Daphne for hosting the party. The stickers on the canisters and the tarpaulin backdrop were done by Wilmar Enterprises. πŸ˜€

And thank you, dear friends for having fun with us on Dindin’s birthday! πŸ˜€

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