Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod

Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod

YELLOW CAB PIZZA Christmas Lunch Tradition


YELLOW CAB PIZZA Bacolod for Christmas – 7 years and counting

Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
Christmas lunch at Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod through the years.

While most people would rather eat at home during Christmas day, our family goes to the mall and eats at Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod. And now, it has become a yearly tradition for the last 7 years.

How it Started

I grew up in a household where Christmas was  big thing. My father’s birthday is on the eve of Christmas so as early as December 23, my mother would already start preparing for our Noche Buena. Our kitchen was already abuzz with cans of fruit cocktail being opened and drained, gelatin being settled, chickens being dressed, and meats being sliced. We prepared so much that we still had food left over until the 26th.

But when it became my turn to be a mom, I found it hard to cook up a storm like my mother. For one, I am also working, with no babysitter, and cooking like that makes me exhausted.

Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
Mama and Papa with a Yellow Cab Pizza.

I gave birth to our first daughter Dindin in 2009. By 2010, she was already a toddler and I was already a very tired mom and homemaker. That Christmas of 2010, we all decided that we would go to SM City Bacolod instead of cooking for our lunch.

And since my husband loves Yellow Cab Pizza, he suggested that we have lunch there.

The Whole Family

It’s not just my husband, our daughter and myself. The party that goes to Yellow Cab Pizza each year includes all my in-laws and their respective families. We are not a very big clan. At most, we are 16 altogether. Sometimes, it’s less because there were years when others were not around for the holidays.

Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
In front of Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod after our heavy lunch last December 25, 2015.

We keep ordering the same things — two kinds of pasta, two kinds of Yellow Cab pizza, and chicken wings. After that, we would all be very stuffed so we would roam around the mall for several hours in the afternoon. So that is already kind of our relatively new Christmas tradition that just happened out of necessity.

Yellow Cab Pizza Christmas

So here’s our Yellow Cab Pizza Christmas for the last seven yearsin photos. Brings back a lot of memories. Our kids have already grown and there’s another one along the way. This family is growing, albeit quite slow. hahaha


Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
Our first Christmas lunch at Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod. There was only 8 of us, including our eldest daughter.


Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
Still the 8 of us at Yellow Cab Pizza in 2011. Our daughter is a wee bit bigger already.


Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
In 2012, there were 9 of us because we were joined by Papa’s sister who has already passed away. She stayed with our family for awhile so she was able to join us for Christmas lunch.


Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
In 2013, there were 10 of us already and it was the first time that we moved to the Yellow Cab Pizza branch at The District North Point. We were joined by our aunt’s son, Sam, and it was also the year that our second daughter Shane was born.


Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
In 2015, we were a much larger group because my brother in law and his family were home for Christmas. And our aunt was still with us. A new baby was also born into the family.


Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
We already lost our aunt this year but we are still a big group, as my husband’s siblings are complete.


Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
In 2016, the kids are already much bigger. And for this year, we have another one on the way!

While we do go there from time to time separately throughout the year, of course our most memorable lunch at Yellow Cab Pizza would be every Christmas day because we are all together as a family on this special occasion.

Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod
Dining at Yellow Cab Pizza with the same menu every year.

So we might just keep lunching at Yellow Cab Pizza Bacolod every December 25. This year would be our 8th.

How about you? What are your family Christmas day traditions? Care to share them in the comments below?


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