Gift Yourself with CDR-King Blue Tooth Headsets this Christmas


Obey the Law on Driving
Use bluetooth headsets

It is such a relief that the Anti-distracted Driving Act was implemented earlier this year. At least people will be deterred about using their mobile phones while driving. After all, we should be fully focused in our driving otherwise we are neglecting own own safety and the safety of others.

We know, however that some would still try to work around this law due to their busy schedule while others would prefer to be more productive amidst the horrendous traffic. Who are we to condemn? Traffic everywhere is getting worse every day and we can expect the worst to come this holiday season. But that should not mean that we will put all our lives and properties at stake. The solution is very simple and affordable, too.

CD-R King–your one-stop media provider brings more affordable Bluetooth headset available to the general public to assuage this problem. Bluetooth headset allows you to use both of your hands at all times giving you the freedom to attend to calls while on mobile and still be able to focus on driving.

CDR-King Bluetooth headsets
Some of the CDR-King Bluetooth headsets.

This gadget is also beneficial to working parents who have to juggle between work and home errands, as it will be easier to move around while on the phone or listening to audio. Remarkably, bluetooth headsets allow flexibility and productivity to its users. Gym buffs also greatly benefit from this gadget, as they are free to choose whichever music they want to listen to minus the wires and cables of a regular headset while doing their exercise routines.

Students can also benefit from Bluetooth headset whenever they’re using audio help in memorizing. A study shows that listening to music or listening to audio materials can help students do better in memorization.

CDR-King Bluetooth headsets are compatible with most gadgets including home PCs and audio devicesthus, giving you a wider range of connectivity. It can be used withing the 30-ft range.

With prices as low as Php280, this will also be a great gift idea across all genre and market segment as anybody can put this gadget to a good use and can complement whatever activity they please.

Visit CD-R King branches near you to check on their wide range of Bluetooth headsets and other tech gadget that suit your lifestyle. You may follow them on FB: for more updates and promos.

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