The Market Pub

The Market Pub

The Market Pub: Bringing a Little of Europe to Bacolod


Try bar time like the English do at
The Market Pub here in Bacolod.

Bacolod pub
The bar at The Market Pub.

We were told that the Brits love to enjoy life. After a day’s grind, it’s happy hour straight away at their favorite local pub. Their nice meals are always paired with their favorite drinks, either wine or beer.

Bacolod pub
One of the entrance to The Market Pub has a door designed like the red English telephone booth.

And that’s exactly what The Market Pub has brought for the Bacolod market to experience. Decked with bricks for its walls, The Market Pub is dimly lit, with most of its tables tall and with matching tall chairs. Bar stools are in place. They have different kinds of Italian wines as well as local and imported bottled beers. They have draft beers, too. After dinner, the lights can be further dimmed, conducive for a fun night of drinking with friends. They also have coffee, in case, you know, you need the kick after all the alcohol you’ve consumed.

Bacolod pub
The quaint interior of The Market Pub. Diners and revelers can choose to dine on tall tables, lounge on a cozy sofa, or go up on the loft.

Here, you can just imagine the clinking of glasses, the boisterous alcohol-induced laughter, the rich smell of beer and food, and the high spirit of over all fun.

Bacolod pub
Some of the drinks that you can have at The Market Pub.

The owners, Miguel Rivero and wife, Apple (nee Cammayo), have both stayed in England for several years while they were studying. So they thought that the best concept for a restaurant that they should put up is a pub. They serve popular European dishes like different kinds of paella, salads, calamari, gambas, soups, and sausages. Their menu is pretty simple–just the more popular ones.

Bacolod pub
Paella and Hungarian sausage for dinner. With Italian red wine.
Bacolod pub
Spanish chorizo. Can be eaten Filipino style with rice or as “pulutan” for the drinks.
Market Pub
Hungaria sausage served as is or with rice.

But since they also own the Hat Trick Sports Grill just beside the Pub, clients can also order the American favorites served at the sports grill, like burger, chicken wings, nachos, and fries.

Basically, you get a glimpse of the casual leisurely European lifestyle at The Market Pub. There’s nothing fancy here, though. Just bring your fun spirit when you go to their place. Visit them at The Marketplace at Villa Angela, Circumferential Road (beside NGC), Bacolod City. They are open daily, from 11am to about 1am or until anyone still wants to stay.

Bacolod pub
Fancy a cabinet filled with these?


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