F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod-Singcang Launches 33 on 7


F&E Goodyear Autocare now open 7 weeks
at Bacolod-Singcang with 33 services bays. #33on7

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod-Singcang branch now has 33 service bays opens 7 days a week. Each bay has its own serviceman.

The F&E Family of Stores (Automotive) launches its biggest and most advanced automotive store and service complex in the Visayas and Palawan on September 17, 2016. Meet the F&E Bacolod-Singcang Goodyear Autocare, located along Araneta Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

“This is our big gift to the Negrense motoring community, after 23 strong years of patronage and trust that they have given the F&E brand of service.” said Emmanuel S. Aguillon, Senior Vice President and Chief Finance Officer of F&E Group, the parent company of F&E Family of Stores (Automotive).

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
This is the old service bay in front of the building. It is still fully functional with more modern automotive equipment.

The Singcang branch used to only have 11 service bays, which can be seen from the outside when one passes by the building. Now with the addition of 22 at the back, F&E now has 33 service bays open to serve 7 days a week. It has paved the way to more vehicles getting covered by basic services all week long.

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
Some of the new service bays, located at the back of the F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod-Singcang.

F&E Goodyear Autocare Services Bacolod

-Wheel Alignment
-Wheel Balancing
-Tire mounting
-Tire Rotation
-Oil Change
-Suspension and Transmission
-Brake System
-Engine Repaint
-Clutch System
-Steering System
-Under chassis Repair
-Cooling System
-Electrical System
-Basic or Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
What do you need?

Servicing is now further extended to Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks. F&E Bacolod-Singcang Goodyear Autocare is also the Spare Parts and Service partner of Hino Trucks in Negros, which is a really good news to Hino truck owners in the province of Negros Occidental.

F&E decided to open even on weekends in order to give motorists a chance to have their vehicles checked or serviced without sacrificing their affairs during the weekdays.

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
Each bay has its own trained service man to take care of each vehicle’s needs.

Sunshine Service Equipment

Recently, F&E added the Sunshine brand to its business portfolio. They are now handling the nationwide distribution of a world-class brand of Automotive Service Equipment, namely the wheel aligner, wheel balancer, tire changer, and lifter. This development leveraged the modernization of all 8 branded service centers operated by F&E in Panay, Negros, and Palawan, which are the Goodyear Autocares, Valvoline Service Centers, and a Bridgestone Service Center.

Leading the battery of innovative automotive technology available at the new F&E Bacolod-Singcang Goodyear Autocare is the Sunshine 3D 360 Degrees Wheel Aligner. This compact and portable digital wheel alignment system can move from one service bay to another and point at any direction with its auto adjust laser bar, resulting to improved precision. It makes sure your wheels are at the right angle and your tires get even tread wear and optimum mileage. This service is also available at F&E Iloilo-Buen Viaje.

The new All Brand Car Scanner is also available. It can given modern vehicle diagnosis at their fingertips. This technology, usually offered at brand specific franchise car dealer,s is now available at F&E for all brands of modern cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs. Motorists get the peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is running in good shape because adjustments can be made before things get worse. This service is also available at F&E branches in Panay.

New Services at F&E Goodyear Autocare Services Bacolod

To make F&E a truly one-stop-shop for automotive care, the following services now join the portfolio:
-Brake Lathe
-Collision Repair
-Car Wash

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
Car wash and repainting bays.

F&E is a Distributor of:

Sunshine Automotive Service Equipment
Hi-Power Oils and Chemicals
Valvoline Oils and Chemicals
Wanli Tires
Goodyear Tires

The New F&E Goodyear Autocare Waiting Lounge

Waiting has become more relaxing and entertaining at F&E’s Motoring Family Lounge and Café. Parents, friends, and even kids can choose from a variety of corners to stretch out, play, grab a snack or a full meal while waiting for their vehicles being service. In the fully air-conditioned lounge, there is a cafe serving a variety of snacks and meals, a massage chair, some chairs, and a sofa, a TV, a play nook for the kids, and clean restrooms. Waiting has just been made easier at F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod-Singcang.

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
The cafe serves snacks and meals.
F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
The new and improved air conditioned waiting lounge with rest room, TV, and play area for kids.
F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
Our kids got to sample the play area during the media event.
F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
Massage chair at the lounge.

On her opening message during the press briefing, F&E Group CEO and General Manager Filamie S. Aguillon said, “At F&E, the joyful journey and safety of the family is at the center of everything that we do. We work passionately to deliver value that connects generations to their dreams and to champion every journey.”

F&E Goodyear Autocare Bacolod
F&E Group owners and officers during the media event in Bacolod.


F&E Bacolod-Singcang Goodyear Autocare opens at 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday to Sunday. For information, please call +63 34 433 1163 or 433 1181, Telefax +63 34 707 2725 or 708 8371.

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F&E Family of Stores (Automotive) is a division of F&E Group of Companies.

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