Sgt. Sisig: Now Serving Pork Sisig and More in Bacolod


Make way for crunchy pork sisig and other variants at
Sgt. Sisig — Now in Bacolod!

Sgt. Sisig pork sisig
A Sgt. Sisig pork sisig barkada serving. P115. It is already mildly spicy but I had to add more chili sauce.

Sgt. Sisig sounds really “astig” and crunchy, and although I don’t know where the brand came from as the one I encountered here in Bacolod is already a franchisee. It’s so military in nature and everything that they have–the booth, even the crew’s uniform, are all so military-esque.

And true to its name, I am surprised with the crunchiness of their pork sisig, which is not made of pork mask but skin of the pork, deep fried like a chicharon, and then chopped coarsely much like your regular pork sisig. The crunchiness feels like the crunch of military boots as soldiers do their drills. haha Do you get what I mean or it’s just me? haha All their sisig is mildly spicy but I prefer mind spicier so I just add chili sauce.

Sgt. Sisig tuna sisig
Sgt. Sisig tuna sisig with rice. Additional chili sauce was my idea.

Anyway, here in Bacolod, Sgt. Sisig serves during mall hours at the Food Lane of Gaisano City, Araneta Street. It’s in front of the Gaisano Supermarket. They have three variants, the crunchy pork sisig, the tuna sisig, and chicken sisig. But since I’m a pork eater more than anything, my best is still crunchy pork sisig. weee Each order is served in a carboard box that you can easily take out if you want to without additional charge.

Sgt. Sisig
Sgt. Sisig boxes used for dine in or take out.

Sgt. Sisig Bacolod Prices

Sisig with Rice (any variant) – P60

Barkada Meal (bigger sisig serving but without rice – P115

With Egg – plus P10

Sgt. Sisig Carlos Agassi
Sgt. Sisig stall at the Food Lane, Gaisano City Mall Bacolod. Actor Carlos Agassi graced the grand opening. At left is owner, Lemuel Depalubos.

It is such a fast, affordable, and filling meal that’s swak for the budget.

Here in Bacolod, they are still looking for good locations to add more branches. During end of the month weekends, they join the Weekend Souk at The District North Point.

Note: The owners of Sgt. Sisig in Bacolod also own Shawarma Habibi and Qualitea.

Sgt. Sisig Bacolod
Customers line up at Sgt. Sisig Bacolod
Sgt. Sisig chicken sisig
Pork Sisig and Chicken Sisig meals (right) at Sgt. Sisig. Only P60 each.

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