Das Bürgery: The Juiciest Burger in Bacolod


Das Burgery–now open in Bacolod!

Das Bürgery Bacolod
Lorenzo’s Way — Das Bürgery bestseller that has caramelized onions, cheese, lettuce, mushrooms, and special sauce.

Fancying a fat, juicy pure Angus beef burger? Then look no further because Das Burgery has finally opened their own joint here in Bacolod City.

Das Bürgery
The orders of the couple next table.

Das Bürgery Humble Beginnings

For the last three years, Das Bürgery has been a crowd-drawer at the WEEKEND SOUK, which was held twice a month at The District North Point, Talisay. Regular clientele swear by its goodness. On very good days, they sold more than 500 burgers in a day. Too bad I haven’t tried it until now–only my husband did one time. And I am sooooo happy I did. To be honest, I have had good burgers and I never thought that a burger could taste this good.

Das Bürgery
Our orders–Lorenzo’s Way (P150) and BMO (right, P180) with the Das Burgery fries (P100).

The man behind these awesome burgers is Dodjie Cusi with the full support of his pretty wife Ched (from the Hilado clan behind the famous Don Atilano steak house in Dumaguete City). The couple has been running a successful Monterey Meat Shop at the Monfort Building, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City for the last seven year. Eventually, they tried their hand into making burgers.

Dodjie has always loved burgers. Everywhere he goes around the country and abroad, he tries the best local burgers and reviews them. Finally, he designed his own, complete with a special sauce that makes all the difference. It was first approved by his family and now Bacolod gets to taste it.

Das Bürgery Bacolod
The power couple behind Das Bürgery and the Monterey Meat Shop in Mandalagan — Dodjie and Ched Cusi.

He started calling his creation as The Burgery but soon changed it to Das Burgery, with “Das” being a German word that simply means “The”. It does have a nice ring to it and pretty much suits the new venture because burgers, Dodjie relates, actually came from Germany and was just popularized by the Americans. Wow, and all the while I thought that hamburgers were all-American. (pfft)

What Makes Das Bürgery Burgers So Good?

Ched relates that they make fresh patties everyday. They use only 100% pure Angus beef in their patties, which weighs 124 grams each. The meat is ground everyday, which makes it moisture-rich and which makes for those glorious juicy patties. Their small burger, which is the 100-gram Monty, is the only burger that uses Austalian beef.

The burgers are then sandwiched in buns that are especially made for them–which is soft and rather heavy, so the burgers are really filling. They are served with a special sauce that Dodjie has created and just vary with the add-ons.

Their bestseller is Lorenzo’s Way, named after the couple’s only son. At P150, it has caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, and smothered in special sauce.

Das Bürgery

Monfort Bldg., Lacson Street, Mandalagan
Bacolod City, Negros Occ., Philippines
(beside Monterey and BPI)
Open daily, from 11am to 8pm
Das Bürgery on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dasburgery/

Das Bürgery Bacolod
Das Bürgery in Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

What to Expect at Das Bürgery

Das Bürgery has opened their own air-conditioned place and it’s just beside the Monterey meat shop that the couple owns. The place is rather small with just a few seats that allows for casual and fast dining. You can enjoy their different burger variants, their fries with special toppings, and of course, their homemade gourmet ice cream that they are marketing under the name Das Creamery. Must try!

Each burger is wrapped in tin foil and served in a brown bag, which makes it easy for them to just closed it up with a sticker when the client opts for take out. The place also has signs encouraging clients to take out their own trash, which they can easily leave in the big can outside the store.

Das Bürgery Bacolod
Inside Das Bürgery.
Das Bürgery Bacolod
Their waste management sign.

Das Bürgery is open daily, from 11am to 8pm. On weekends, they intend to set up tables outside for al fresco dining. Visit them and eat the burgers while they are hot! If you want a fiery burger, just add Sriracha sauce, which is part of their condiments.

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  1. We were there last night. And yeah, the patty is thick and juicy but it does not trip to your hands. The only burger I ate which did not dirty my fingers!

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