Serenitea Christmas Drinks Feature Lotus Biscoff Speculoos


At Serenitea,
have a serene Christmas!

Lotus Biscoff Speculoos drinks by Serenitea.

Because the Philippines is a tropical country, we appreciate cold drinks even during December. And Serenita has just the right drinks for us.

This Christmas until January 15, 2017, they are offering their special line of Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Coolers, exclusively available at all 45 Serenitea branches all over the country.

Speculoos is a spiced short crust biscuit that is traditionally served as a Christmas treat in Belgium. And that is just the basis for the inspiration behind these special Christmas drinks by Serenitea. The Speculoos drinks come in three flavors: Taro Speculoos, Matcha Speculoos, and my favorite, Butter Rum Speculoos. All are served in large sizes (700cc) for only P195.

I love the Speculoos drinks because no matter how cold they are, the flavors warm the heart because they remind you of happy memories of the past. I surely loved my Butter Rum Speculoos and I’m sure that there is one just for you. Then you build memories around it again to reminisce for the future.

Serenitea 2017 diary
Get this Serenitea 2017 Diary for free.

Serenitea 2017 Diary

Diary addicts, you will be happy to know that Serenitea has a nice diary available and you can get it for free for every P1000 single receipt purchase at all Serenitea branches. You may also opt to buy it for only P549 (no purchase required). I love the format of their diary as well as the cover that says “A Year to Rejuvenate.”

And as my Christmas offering, one (1) lucky reader of Sigrid Says will win a Serenitea diary. I will be posting details on my Facebook page as soon as my internet connection speeds up. So follow my page and stay tuned for announcements. Follow my page:

In Bacolod, visit the Serenitea branch at the south wing of SM City Bacolod, beside the Supermarket entrance.

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