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Christopher Mallo for Bacolod Fashion week

Christopher Mallo: Upcoming Bacolod Fashion Designer


Christopher Mallo: Bacolod Fashion Designer

Budding Bacolod fashion designer Christopher Mallo debuts his works on the runway.

Bacolod Fashion Week Christopher Mallo
Upcoming Bacolod fashion designer Christopher Mallo during the Bacolod Fashion Week

Sometimes, life can divert our attention to other things. But eventually, our passions burn within us if we do not give them an outlet. And when we do, we realize that we are home.

Christopher Mallo Shines

That is exactly what happened to budding Bacolod fashion designer, Christopher Mallo. At 42, many designers would be established already. But now, he is still carving his niche in the colorful world of Bacolod fashion. And why is that?

In Christopher’s own words, “Actually, I already had the passion for fashion since I was in college. However, I did not foresee that my interest in fashion would let me reach this far in the industry. I first thought that financial stability could affect one’s interest in pursuing a different career. Because of that, I thought that the course of fashion design was only for the rich who have the capacity to capitalize on putting up a business afterwards.”

Christopher Mallo Bacolod Fashion Week
All of Christopher Mallo’s models on the runway wearing his collection–Noir et Fleurs.

Despite that, Christopher realized that he can still pursue his dreams. “I had done a lot of trial and errors before. I tried hair and make-up, dance choreography, costume design..but I did not focus on designing because for me these were just beads on a dress. I mean, these were just my past time, my interests. Instead, I focused on academics.”

A Chance or Destiny?

But if one is really burning with passion for something, eventually, there will be an avenue for it. Christopher found his through the Bacolod Fashion Week 2016 last November where he was launched as a designer. It is where he showcased his first collection as a professional designer, entitled “Noir et Fleurs.”

Christopher Mallo Bacolod Fashion Week
The first four dresses on the runway.

The Inspiration

What inspired him for this collection? “Actually it’s quite funny and rather bizarre as to where I got my inspiration for this collection. I was captured by this painting of crows feeding on flowers. The picture had me thought of designing wearable black dresses (noir – representing the crow) with floral accented (fleurs – flowers) fabric.”

He continues, “Why black and flowers? Basically, black is a neutral color that can go along with any hues. The crows amidst the blooms gave a powerful contrasting effect that do not overpower the other colors. Instead black enhances the other colors – making them more vibrant and cool to the eyes,” Christopher explains.

Bacolod Fashion Week - Christopher Mallo
More dresses from Christopher’s “Noir et Fleurs” collection

For the Noir et Fleurs prêt-a-porter collection, Christopher used light and comfortable fabrics. Some had light stretchable lace, imported printed soft tulle, micro shine, and Moroccan satin. “The whole entourage was a showcase of very simple lines but elegant enough for the Filipino market,” he says

At 42, Christopher says that he does not really plan to become famous in the fashion industry. “I just do what I love to do. That is the most important thing for me. I can just be a nameless individual who has the passion for designing. Just the simple things that make someone a standout. However, if God has better plans for me, then, Thy will be done.”

Contact Information

For the longest time, Christopher has been designing wedding gowns and evening dresses for friends and family. Right now, it’s his time to shine. You may add Christopher Mallo on Facebook:

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