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Gigglebugs Gifts and Parties Bacolod–Trusted Events Stylist and Planner


Bacolod Events Stylist and Party Planner

In Bacolod, one trusted name in events styling and party planning is Gigglebugs Gifts and Parties Bacolod.

Bacolod party planner
The Frozen theme birthday party of my little girl. Gigglebugs transformed this small function room into winter wonderland!

Among the many children’s parties that I have attended, one name is often seen as the stylist–the Gigglebugs. And it is no surprise because they come up with really intricate and creative styling of the event based on the theme presented by the client.

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Gigglebugs Beginnings

Gigglebugs was started by three life-long friends based in Bacolod who built their friendship from since they were in high school. Sharing the same passion for styling events and planning parties for family and close friends, the three friends (who I will not name), opened a small party shop last December 17, 2009 at the Mayfair Plaza, here in Bacolod City.

Gigglebugs Bacolod party favors
For your next party, contact the Gigglebugs

A little over a year later, their business was picking up. They have accumulated more party props for every event that they have style. Their operations became big and so they also needed more space for production, so they related the store to a bigger area, which is now its current business address.

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Bacolod party favors
A beautiful Minnie Mouse set up

The friends started with creating party favors and decorating small kiddie parties for friends and family. They grew through referral because of the good value that they give to their clients. Eventually, the Gigglebugs has evolved and expanded its product line and services to also cater to adult parties. To date, they have become one of the city’s most sought after event stylists.

Bacolod party favors
Check out how they interpreted this Barbie Princess and the Popstar movie theme.

Gigglebugs Services

Six years down the road, the Gigglebugs offers a wide array of party favors, from personalized invitations, pabitin, pinatas, thank you tags, name tags, to customized souvenirs. Their event styling services include design, production, and full venue setup according to the client’s preferred theme and motif.


Door 2, Rodriguez Bldg., 20th corner Aguinaldo Streets
Bacolod City
Tel. No. (034) 431-1117

Gigglebugs Bacolod party favors
Barbie Malibu-themed birthday party.

The Gigglebugs Difference

The Gigglebugs takes pride in the unmatched skills of their artists from design to production to setting up the events venue. What makes them stand out in the industry is their capacity to create flat and 3D styro artworks, elaborate balloon sculptures, customized printables, and do styling with quality and class. Most of all, the Gigglebugs partners believe that tasteful creations are nothing if not coupled with professionalism. Upholding this core value has earned the company strong patronage through the years.

Gigglebugs Bacolod party favors
Dr. Seuss–A party set up for twins!

Why Gigglebugs

When coming up with the name, the partners wanted to combine a happy word with a useful (and cute) element. Many words were considered but the words “giggle” (a cuter form of laugh) and “bugs” (the ladybug being a cute and useful insect) stood out from the rest, hence the catchy and unique term: The Gigglebugs. The ladybug became the company’s icon and red became its signature color.

Gigglebugs Bacolod party favors
Clash of Clans theme for boys

Another thing about the Gigglebugs is that they can work with your budget. You may present them with your theme, the venue, the number of people, and your budget, and they will try to work things out with you. Please note that there is a minimum requirement for their party packages.

Bacolod party favors
Balloon ceiling for a magical wedding by Gigglebugs.

Aside from kiddie birthday parties, Gigglebugs can style anniversaries, weddings, and adult birthday parties.

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