Secrets of Professionals Products Available in Bacolod at Angel-A Skin Care

This is what I am using–Rejuvenating Set. Photo from the company.

Many people have noticed lately that my facial skin has greatly improved. It does not have the whitey-pink appearance, but it does glow, has become more supple, with the pores getting minimized, and the skin renewed. I actually like it because during the day, after I put on my sunblock, I just apply some pressed powder and I love how it appears flawless.

Well, to tell you the truth, for two months now, I have been using the Rejuvenating Set by Secrets of Professionals. It has a soap, toner, bleaching cream, and sunblock and comes with an instruction sheet on how to use it properly to get the best results. In Bacolod, it is being distributed by Angel-A Skin Care, located at The Porch, 2nd Level, Lopue’s East Centre. I use it night and day and will be using it for another month (for a total of three months, I was told) in order to cleanse my face and renew the skin. Afterwards, they will assess my skin and maybe recommend another set of products to use.

What I like about it is that my skin did not undergo obvious peeling. The peeling happened gradually, so it is not painful and awkward. Sometimes, I do feel some stinging, so I just skip the bleaching part for a day or two and resume using it after the rest. Actually, there are days and nights that I miss using the products except for the soap because it’s either I am in a hurry or I would sleep early and forget about it. Nevertheless, the change is really apparent.

Angel-A SkinCare is an exclusive distributor of Secrets of Professional Products & Authentic Professional SkinCare Formula in Bacolod City. Located at The Porch at Lopue’s East, 2nd level Lopue’s East Centre, Burgos St. Visit them for a free consultation. They are open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm, and during Sundays, 10am to 5pm. Mobile No. 09179975180.

Angel-A Skin Care at Lopue’s East Centre. Photo from their FB page.

They have many sets available for different skin types and different needs. You may also purchase the products individually. All I can say is that, they work and my skin has definitely improved. And many people have seen the obvious difference.

Here are some of the sets available. You may also ask Angel-A Skin Care for dealership and reselling opportunities. Since their products are very effective, you can easily sell them, too. And you can be the walking model.

Body rejuvenating set. Photo from the company.
Triple Whitening Set. Photo from the company.
The 8-in-1 Maintenance Set. Photo from the company.
Hair Loss and Scalp Disease Treatment Set. Photo from the company.
The Complete Collagen with Elastin Set for Face and Body. Photo from the company.
The Anti-Melasma Set. Photo from the company.
The Slimming and Fat Burning Set. Photo from the company.
The Body Peeling Set. Photo from the company.
For Underarm Whitening. Photo from the company.

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