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Invest in lumbar support pillows for better posture and to prevent back pains.

Pillows for Lumbar Support and Ease Back Pain

Invest in lumbar support pillows to prevent bad posture and chronic back pains.


There are different types of pillows. The most common type of pillow is the one that we use when we sleep at night–under our heads or as a huggable comforter. Then we also have those decorative cushions for our sofas and divans. Then there are also those pillows for lumbar support. Read more about them.

What are Lumbar Support Pillows?

Lumbar support pillows have a medical or therapeutic purpose because they help make us feel better, prevent back problems, and maybe even heal existing backaches that are just caused by bad posture. You see, lumbar support pillows support the back by filling in the gap made by the arch of our spine and the chair. People who have chronic back pains from sitting for long periods have found that these pillows have helped ease the pain.

~ Lumbar support pillows come in different kinds and qualities. These pillows help correct your posture and prevent back pains. Photos from the internet. ~

Aside from the sitting position, some people find that putting a lumbar support pillow under them while they sleep relieves them of stress on their backs, thereby waking up fresh and ready to face the world.

If you do not get a good night’s sleep because of bad posture while sleeping, you wake up cranky because your sleep is not comfortable and then it gets worse because you have neck and back pains and it’s hard to function the rest of the day. You end up needing a massage or to take a pill.

Sitting Down at Work

These lumbar support pillows are perfect for people who work in places where they have to sit down most of the time, such as in call centers or offices. They are also good for people who drive long distances, like sales agents or official drivers, or commute for long periods to and from work or school.

The pillows come in different materials and workmanship. There are even those inflatable lumbar support pillows that you could easily bring along anywhere and inflate when needed. Some have straps so that they stay in place on the back of your chair and you don’t have to keep picking them up when they fall off the chair.

Make that Investment on Lumbar Support Pillows

If you are suffering from back aches and you are always required to sit down, then this product may just be what you are looking for. If you can’t find it in your local store, check out specialty shops and online suppliers for this product. You are more likely to find them online.

Swollen Legs (Edema)

Meanwhile, another problem of those who work long hours sitting down would be swollen legs. Edema happens when there is not much movement on the legs and the fluids gather there, causing pain and discomfort.

One of the best ways to counteract this is to stand up and move around regularly throughout the day. Do just keep sitting down for long periods. For me, I drink a lot of water so that I would be reminded by my bladder to go to the bathroom. Then stretch in the process of taking a bathroom break. Drink more water afterwards.

Moreover, there are products also products that can help you be unswollen and pain-free. There are compression stockings that help in the circulation on the legs as well as relieve pressure. That way, your legs won’t endure poor circulation and edema.

2 thoughts on “Pillows for Lumbar Support and Ease Back Pain

  1. Happy to stumble upon your blog. Been looking for ways on how to manage chronic back pains and I am happy to know that these pillows for lumbar support can help.

    I usually sit for long periods of time during work also, so, this is something that I am interested in. The idea of inflatable ones is also great. It’s easy to carry around, like if you decide to work in a cafe or co working space.

    Thank you for sharing this helpful blog, Sigrid. 🙂

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