j.co doughnuts bacolod - alcapone

j.co doughnuts bacolod - alcapone

J.Co Donuts and Coffee Now in Bacolod


J.Co Donuts and Coffee Bacolod

The Alcapone–the bestselling variant at J.Co Donuts.

Metro Bacolod welcomes the opening of J.Co Donuts and Coffee at Ayala Mall’s The District North Point in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. J.Co is the newest international brand to open up shop in sugarlandia.

It’s hard to take your pick from their array of unique and delicious doughnuts.
My daughter is enjoying this.

J.Coffee Handcrafted Coffees

J.Co is known for its best-tasting coffees that go oh-so-well with their delectable and quirky doughnut varieties. Now, they bring to Negros their delicious coffee in the form of its “J.COFFEE” handcrafted beverages. Their special blend of Italian-roast Arabica coffee beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi used in its espresso shots “offer a full-bodied, low acidity profile with a nutty and chocolaty flavor that makes for a perfect base for hot, steaming cups of coffee,” a press release from the company said. Incidentally, J.Co also started from Indonesia.

This little girl is munching on her Alcapone with gusto!


“In the side of the world where coffee production is less than the other half of the world, the Indonesian regions of Sumatra and Sulawesi stand out for their unique coffee bean characteristics. Sumatra coffee beans are picked by hand and processed using the wet-hull method, which removes the outer skin of the coffee cherries mechanically, and storing it up for a day, which results to reduced acidity and increased body, making the caffeine rustic and strong. Sulawesi, on the other hand, is a southeastern highland where multi-dimensional coffees are grown and could be distinguished by their expansive flavor with full-bodied richness. Similar to Sumatran coffees, the cup profile of Sulawesi has been called deep and brooding, with muted fruit notes and often an overpowering spicy quality,” according to the press release.

Don’t miss their heavenly J.Cool Frozen Yogurt when you visit the J.Co store.

After a long hiatus from caffeinated drinks for a while, I especially enjoyed my special Jcoccino Frappe today at the media tour before the opening day. It is a must-try for frappe drinkers and for those who just would like a refreshing drink.

A dozen J.Co doughnuts to take home to your loved ones.

Apart from their high-quality coffee beans, J.co also takes pride in the skill and creativity of their trained baristas who are called “Coffee Experts”. Supported by their Coffee Specialist counter-parts from J.Co International in Indonesia, these Coffee Experts are equipped to prepare J.Co’s unique coffee blends and also visually beautiful coffee beverages in the form of latte art. Enjoy their coffees in any form, from espressos to iced flavored coffees to their refreshing blended coffees. A Glazy donut is served free for every J.COFFEE purchase.

The J.Co Club sandwiches that I enjoyed with my special Jcoccino Frappe.

Visit J.Co’s newest branch at The District North Point and enjoy their signature coffees and doughnuts. It is the only J.Co Doughnuts Bacolod branch. And make sure to bring home some for your family, too. 😀

The J.Co at The District North Point at the boundary of Talisay and Bacolod cities.
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