#GetFitWithSigridSays at Fitness Mecca

#GetFitWithSigridSays at Fitness Mecca

#GetFitWithSigridSays at Fitness Mecca – 3 Winners


Get fit with Sigrid Says
at Fitness Mecca

Who wants to join me in this journey?

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#GetFitWithSigridSays — Let’s take this fitness journey together at Fitness Mecca, Bacolod mommies! All photos on this blog post are by Jerancy Antonio.

There just comes a point in your life when your metabolism becomes sluggish and you pile on the weight. It started when I was 39. I am 42 now, mother of two girls, ages 8 and 4. I would go on a diet but couldn’t follow it through and it seems, the very little that I eat just bulks up on my tummy and sides. The energy is low, I don’t have much strength, and although I haven’t had my blood works lately, I know that I don’t have a clean bill of health. There is one thing that I haven’t done though– that’s to get on a regular exercise regimen at the gym.

Problem Areas

So here are my stats:

Height: 4’10
Starting Weight: 129 lbs.

Based on my starting weight that was taken at the gym, I am 29 lbs overweight. It may not be so bad for some, but the problem is, my weight gain is directed only at my upper body. My legs and feet remain the same size and so they bear the brunt of the extra weight.

What’s worse is that my right leg is longer than my left leg. Honestly, only Fitness Coach Mike Rotas has noticed that during my assessment. I know about the difference but I never thought it was the cause of the pain on my knees, my feet, as well as my back and neck. Well, after all, they are all connected. Honestly, I don’t really care if I’m fat, I kinda accepted that. But what I can’t accept is the pain. It’s too much, especially if I need to stand up for quite some time or walk a short distance. It also troubles me that I keep on taking painkillers just to relieve the pain. Thankfully, I don’t have other maintenance medicines yet. So before it happens, I have to do something drastic.

Fitness Mecca
Mommies, get fit with me! Join me in this three-month journey to jump start our fitness goals at Fitness Mecca Bacolod.

Workout That’s Designed for Me

And with this, Fitness Mecca has partnered with me to support me on this journey to good health–to a quality life. Fitness Mecca is the newest health hub in Bacolod City with the most modern gym equipment. They are located at the Robinsons City Walk, so parking is not a problem.

When I signed up, I was given an assessment. Coach Mike checked my balance, flexibility, and other health conditions. He then designed a program for me for weight loss, something mild that will slowly build up.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
Coach Mike assessing my balance.

I am excited because the program was designed specifically for my needs. Also, I am happy to work with the coaches of Fitness Mecca because they are also happy to help me. While they offer one-on-one coaching services for a different fee, they will still help you even if you don’t. The staff will make sure that you know what you should be doing. They also make sure that you don’t hurt yourself.

Aside from their customize fitness plan, there are also group classes that you can join, too, such as Zumba,Β Cycling, RIP 60, Yoga, Bodymax, Omnia, Functional Circuit Training,

Fitness Mecca Bacolod
Assisted lunges to straighten my right knee that’s already pointing outward to compensate for its length.
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
You may want to alternate on doing boxing.
Fitness Mecca Bacolod
You may opt to join yoga with your children.


Now, while I journey to get fit, I know there are other mommies like me who need to jump start their fitness journey. So from the generosity of Fitness Mecca, three mommy-readers of SigridSays.com will get to share this journey with me. Yes, three (3) mommies will getΒ 3 months worth of FREE MEMBERSHIP at Fitness Mecca and get a chance to join me in this journey! That’s P7,500 worth of membership for each mom! This contest is open to mommies of any age who live in Bacolod, Talisay, and Silay.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod
I forgot the name of this exercise. But it’s also for improving balance.

Here’s how to #GetFitWithSigridSays:

1. Like Fitness Mecca and Sigrid SaysΒ on Facebook. – 2 entries
2. Share the FB post (https://goo.gl/n3bNg6) with the hashtag #GetFitWithSigridSays (Make your post public so I can sheck) – 1 entry (share ng share for more entries)
3. Comment on the FB post (https://goo.gl/n3bNg6) why you wanna win and tag 2 friends. 1 entry

4. Comment on my blog post below – 5 entries

Open to mommies of all ages in Bacolod, Talisay and Silay. Contest will run from October 1 to 14, 2017. Winners will be randomly picked and announced on October 16, 2017. Some conditions may apply during the course of the three-month program.

Let’s go, mommies! Let’s do this! Let’s #GetFitWithSigridSays!!!

Fitness Mecca Bacolod
Doing leg raises.

About Fitness Mecca

Fitness Mecca is a world-class fitness center that occupies 700 sq meters of space at the Robinsons City Walk, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. They offer monthly memberships that includes unlimited access to cutting edge gym equipment and to a wide-range of group class workouts including indoor cycling. Since it’s inside the mall area, clients have access to the parking facility provided for my Robinsons Place Bacolod. They are open daily, from 6am to 9pm.



27 thoughts on “#GetFitWithSigridSays at Fitness Mecca – 3 Winners

  1. I want to feel and look good after being the chubby cuteness overload mom… but most of all I want to be fit and healthy especially for my family..πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. Oh my i really want this! My main prob would be my schedule. I badly need to lose 20lbs before i reach 40. Hahahhaha.

  3. I hope im the lucky one..never been in a gym ..always on my own to get fit,and i think when aging strike this will be my one of the habits to get rid my insomnia.

  4. Long overdue Sig! Always wanting but never doing. This may be the needed push to make it happen (going public,lol!). Hoping to make this journey with you to wellness. πŸ™‚

  5. Omg! I badly need this Miss Sigrid! Time to burn all the Merzci Pasalubong that I’ve consumed. Haha!

  6. This is what I like about meeting people in a gym. We have different reasons for doing this, yet, we meet at 1 point and keep each other motivated. I want to be part of fitness mecca team. 😍β™₯️😘

  7. Getting fit is hardwork, I’ve done home workouts, it would be great to experience gym workouts naman 😊

  8. I hope to win so I can join you, Boots. I’m tired of being niwang, I want to gain 10 lbs at least!πŸ˜…

  9. I want to get fit because I want to motivate other moms to stay fit and healthy not only for their self but also for their family. Giving time for your self is not hard, you just need to manage your time. I hope i will be the lucky winner in this entry.

  10. Motivation is a key. I’m energetic but I don’t have the stamina. Early signs of menopause can already be felt in my system. Insomnia, anxiety attack . I need a new environment – outside my home. I need to focus my attention on other things, like exercising or going to the gym ,perhaps. I hope I will win, I wanna try kickboxing! (Do they have?)

  11. I badly need this. Im so overweight right now and I really need this can i please win something here hehe…. im so sad of my weight

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